Letter: Venezuela – more impetus for Maduro


Dear Sir:

On August 4, the enemies of the Venezuelan revolution made a grave mistake; they tried to assassinate the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

Despite all the conflicts and maneuvers that the Venezuelan opposition, in collusion with the Colombian oligarchy with Santos at the head and Yankee imperialism have organized in Venezuela, Maduro’s policy has always been to try to solve the problems peacefully and with the utmost respect for the constitution.

The enemies, nevertheless, consider that violence is the formula to solve the problems that they have in Venezuela, I say, because the majority of the Venezuelan people do not have those problems, it is a remarkable difference of focus on the problems of each other.

While the Venezuelan opposition, the Colombian mafia and the Yankee empire have as their objective the return to the past, the repression of the people, the control of the riches of Venezuela, mainly oil, and again to turn the country into a puppet of the United States, the objectives of the Venezuelan people are totally different – to advance the revolutionary process, to improve the living conditions of the population, to control the natural riches of the country and to maintain the independence and self-determination that they have enjoyed in recent years.

The measures announced by Maduro related to fuel control and the new focus on the economy of the country will obviously be a blow to all the enemies of the Bolivarian Revolution, who in the midst of their despair, try actions like those of August 4 , because mistakenly they consider that the elimination of Maduro would be a mortal blow for the process that takes place in Venezuela.

Another error of appreciation, to which the CIA has accustomed us. In Cuba they considered the invasion at the Bay of Pigs would be an action that, with a majority of the population, would overthrow the Cuban Revolution. The reality showed the opposite, the majority of the people closed ranks with the Revolution and the action radicalized the revolutionary process even more.

The mistake made in Venezuela will surely bring similar consequences, the strengthening of the people’s support for Maduro and the radicalization of the process. Now there will be more revolution, because the criminal action will become an incentive to give more impetus to Maduro and the Venezuelans in achieving their goals.

Those of us who listened to Maduro on the night of August 4 could see a calm, reflective statesman who, despite the events, continued to speak of peace as the true Venezuelan solution, the application of the laws in force, the future of the nation and of the independence of the country as the only formula for this to go forward.

As Maduro said, God cares for him, but the Venezuelan people also take care of him and with that protection he hopes to continue living for many years, because everything he is doing is solely for the benefit of the people.

It is evident that the failed attack will serve to give more impetus to Maduro.

Dr Néstor García Iturbe



  1. (Dr.)? Néstor García Iturbe.
    Hard to believe this guy has a doctorate in any discipline. How someone can support a regime that has so harmed a previously beautiful and economically stable county is beyond belief. A disciple of Chavez, Maduro has personally dissolved any semblance of democracy in a country rich in both oil and people. No mention is made of the weight loss of the overall population due to the lack of food. How in any measure is this progress from 20 years ago when the country was riding on top of the world with its oil production and the ensuing financial bonanza. The shame is the people of Venezuela allowed this to happen. They were guilt shamed into taking this road with the promise of equality for all. Isn’t that the usual Socialist agenda which has never succeeded anywhere it has been attempted? If there is to be any hope for the people of Venezuela the fight needs to come from within and not with the assistance of Colombia or the U.S. It is much the same with Cuba. The choice is simple, it’s fight for the benefit of self and country or suffer the consequences.


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