Montserrat signs MOU with Antigua-Barbuda to promote eco-tours

Signing of MOU to promote eco tours to Montserrat: Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Investment (Antigua and Barbuda), Walter Christopher (L); and Permanent Secretary in Office of the Premier (Montserrat), Daphne Cassell

BRADES, Montserrat (GIU) — The governments of Montserrat and Antigua and Barbuda have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to include passenger eco-excursions to Montserrat, as part of the list of activities offered to cruise line clients who visit Antigua.

The MOU was signed in Antigua and Barbuda by the permanent secretary in the Office of the Premier (Montserrat), Daphne Cassell, and the permanent secretary in the ministry of tourism and investment (Antigua and Barbuda), Walter Christopher, on behalf of their respective governments.

The MOU will take effect from August 1, 2018, for a period of two years. Under the agreement, cruise lines that regularly visit Antigua will promote the six- to seven-hour ‘Eco-excursion tour to the Caribbean Modern Day Pompeii’ on Montserrat along with a list of other excursions in Antigua.

Cassell said, “The signing of the MOU will be instrumental in advancing the premier’s vision and the efforts of the tourism division for an established tourism partnership with Antigua and Barbuda and is expected to result in an increase in the number of day tour passengers to the island.”

Christopher noted that there has been a strong relationship between Montserrat and Antigua and Barbuda over the years.

He said, “We will continue to facilitate this cooperative relationship between Montserrat and Antigua through this tourism partnership for eco tours to Montserrat. Historically we have had a good relationship with Montserrat and we will continue to do what it takes to nurture it.”

The excursions to Montserrat will be facilitated by the Montserrat Ferry Service, which will be made available for this purpose, as required.

The signing of the MOU follows recent discussions between Premier Donaldson Romeo and Antigua and Barbuda’s minister for tourism, Charles Fernandez. On Thursday, July 26, Romeo met with Fernandez to discuss actions and plans in train for partnerships in tourism between Antigua and Barbuda and Montserrat.



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