Jamaica issues cultivating licence to grow medical cannabis

Medical marijuana cultivation. Photo: Breanna Descourouez

By Caribbean News Now contributor

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Global Canna Labs Limited (GCL) has now formally received its Tier 3 cultivation licence from the Jamaican Cannabis Licensing Agency, which allows the company to cultivate organic medical cannabis at its 270,000 square feet facility within its 6.23 acres site in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The company was founded in 2015 and engages in cultivating, manufacturing, import, export, distributing, and sell cannabis for medical and recreational purposes in Jamaica.

Pursuant to its licence, GCL has commenced planting 8,000 seedlings for its first cycle. The first harvest is anticipated in Q4 2018. GCL has also started the expansion of its current growing facility in Montego Bay. GCL is committed to achieving its GGAP (Global Good Agricultural Procedures), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GMP EU (Good Manufacturing Practices – European Union) certifications in months to come.

GCL is also working towards the acquisition of an additional 300 acres of land in Jamaica.

Paul Glavine, president of GCL stated, “I would like to thank the GCL team for their dedication and hard work. I am excited about what the future brings as the real work begins now.”




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