OECS explores nuclear technologies to foster agriculture sustainability in the Eastern Caribbean

Meeting with representatives of IAEA and FAO in Saint Lucia

CASTRIES, St Lucia — A delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),), in response to a request from the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Commission to support the sustainable development of livestock and plant production systems utilizing nuclear energy, mounted a fact-finding mission to the OECS as a precursor to the development of a technical cooperation package to the region.

IAEA plays a critical role as a specialized agency of the United Nations and the world’s International Centre for Cooperation in the nuclear field. The organisation seeks to promote a safe and peaceful use of nuclear technologies.

Consequently, support is provided to countries through IAEA Technical Cooperation in many areas such as health and nutrition, food and agriculture, water and the environment, energy planning and nuclear power, industrial applications and radiation technology, safety, and nuclear knowledge development and management.

Participating countries benefit from scientific visits, training courses, workshops and seminars, expert assistance, and the provision of equipment and materials.

IAEA is also collaborating closely with FAO through the Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture which encompasses many sub-programmes including the Animal Production and Health sub-programme. The sub-programme intends to enhance global food security through the implementation of sustainable plant and livestock production systems using nuclear related techniques.

The OECS Commission solicited the assistance of IAEA and FAO in seven strategic areas:

• Capacity building to veterinary diagnostic and plant health laboratories;
• Improved animal and plant nutrition;
• Improved animal reproduction strategies;
• Improved plant breeding techniques;
• Improved plant pest risk analysis and surveillance;
• Improved epidemiological surveillance of animal diseases; and
• Improved methods and techniques of technology transfer.

Saul Pérez Pijuan, section head of the Division for Latin American and the Caribbean at IAEA, and Giovanni Cattoli, head of the Animal Production and Health Laboratory in the Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture visited Saint Lucia where they met with Dwight Lay representing the office of the director general, programme officer of agriculture, George Alcee and staff of the OECS Commission.

While in Saint Lucia, the delegation met with stakeholders from all sectors and conducted a virtual meeting with other OECS member states and institutions. The IAEA delegation also visited the new diagnostic lab and other labs in Saint Lucia. Delegates pursued visits to Grenada and Dominica.

That first mission provided stakeholders with an opportunity to acquire knowledge about the IAEA and to discuss areas of development and technical cooperation to the region.

Discussions to finalize a regional implementation plan for the sustainable development of the region are underway.

IAEA and FAO support is timely as agriculture management remains vital for populations of the Eastern Caribbean, especially in a context of post-hurricane revitalisation.



  1. Atomic reactors, are you kidding us. Most of the islands are volcanic and suffer earthquakes. With Kick em Jenny ready to explode any day and cause a tsunami that will flood every island in the Caribbean. And idiots would come here and discuss atomic power.

    For instance Saint Vincent is ruled by a maniac who cannot even service the infrastructure of the roads and buildings, everything, but everything is falling apart. Give him a reactor and he will be more dangerous than he is with a white elephant airport. The airport will follow everything else with low or no maintenance, give it a few months and it too will be falling apart.

    Most of the OECS members are associated with Venezuela and Iran as members of ALBA. And someone would consider trusting such a bunch of ill fitting misfits who call themselves governments with atomic energy.

    SVG already sell their UN vote to rogue countries and then support them against sanctions, they do that for for money, imagine giving them atomic fuel to guard and protect. The fuel and fuel rods will be for sale to the highest bidder.

    They cannot even be trusted with a plumbers blowtorch and some of them are currently installing thermal power systems. Which alone may prove to cause dangerous eruptions because of the volcanic activity and the closeness of magna to the ground surface. And someone would even come and talk to them about atomic energy, are they crazy.

    SVG installed two new generators a couple of years ago that were obsolete before they were installed. Powered by diesel which is expensive when they should have been powered by heavy oil units which fuel costs half the price.

    The problem with the islands is they are so corrupt that the only reason to build anything is to be able to suck funds out of the side door whilst the front door is being watched.


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