CARICOM team observes Venezuela elections

CARICOM election observers

By Caribbean News Now contributor

CARACAS, Venezuela — A six member Caribbean Community (CARICOM) election team was in Venezuela on Sunday, observing the country’s presidential elections. CARICOM was the second international organization to receive an invitation from Venezuela’s National Election Council (CNE) to monitor Sunday’s elections, along woth the United Nations.

According to Anthony Liverpool, permanent secretary in Antigua and Barbuda’s ministry of foreign affairs, international trade and immigration, “To date the preparatory process for the elections is going well. The Venezuela National Election Council has confirmed that it is ready to conduct professional and fair elections.”

He noted that there are approximately 300 observers representing 86 countries monitoring the elections.

“The electronic voting system was viewed by all observers on Friday, May 18, and the procedures and rules governing the elections are very transparent and highly secured,” he said.

The other members of the CARICOM team are Ellsworth John of St Vincent and the Grenadines, who heads the mission; Felix Gregoire, ambassador of Dominica to CARICOM; Senator Chester Humphrey, president of the Senate of Grenada; Edmund Leilis, state advisor of Suriname; and Renuka Raghoe, member of the Independent Election Council of Suriname.

There are four candidates participating in the presidential elections, representing over 14 political parties The CNE has indicated that there are approximately 20 million registered voters.



  1. All opposing candidates dead or illegible to run as opposing president those remaining are part of the same rigged system, maybe even hand picked to make it look like a fare election and try to give some sense of a Fairly won election. Kinda like the was Putin does it in Russia.


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