Letter: Nobel peace prize for Trump would be a mistake


Dear Sir:

There is a lot of talk going around that, if the president of the United States, Mr Donald Trump, and the leader of North Korea, Mr Kim Jung Un, should reach a deal for North Korea to denuclearize during their planned meeting, Mr Trump should be given the Nobel Prize for Peace. However, assuming that the meeting even takes place and an agreement is reached, I think that giving Mr Trump such a prestigious prize would be a grave error.

The Americans have been boasting that their policy of leading a worldwide sanctions campaign against North Korea that it claims has crippled the communist nation is the main reason why North Korea is now willing to talk. Of course, there may be some truth to that, but I really don’t think any amount of sanctions could have forced the North Koreans to do anything.

North Korea’s recent announcement that it will destroy one of its main nuclear test facilities and suspend missile testing is seen as evidence that the sanctions are working. However, I have my doubts. That nuclear test site where North Korea tested some of its most recent nuclear weapons was badly damaged by the last hydrogen bomb blast some months ago – in fact, so badly that is has become unusable. Plus, most experts now agree that North Korea does in fact now have the missiles it needs to hit the American mainland.

So, from where I sit, North Korea doesn’t really need to test anymore missiles anyway, nor can it use that nuclear test site anymore – so they really haven’t given up anything.

No one really believes that North Korea will give up the one weapon system that it has to deter an American attack. North Korea was determined to make its people eat dirt to develop these systems. So, why should they give them up now? The point I am making here is that it seems more likely that North Korea is willing to talk now, not from a position of weakness – but strength.

Anyway, even if North Korea does sign on the dotted line to denuclearize, they will no doubt consider that agreement as nothing more than a scrap of paper. They have done so before, why should they change now?

As for Mr Trump, he too has shown a willingness to tear up past agreements. Look what is happening with the one that his predecessor arranged with Iran. Mr Trump has vowed to end it – calling it “the worst deal ever”. Unlike the previous American regime, Mr Trump is more willing to support Israel’s combative policy towards Iran – to the point now that a war between Israel and Iran is more likely, with all of the devastating consequences.

The recent crisis with Russia over Syria was only averted, according to reports, because the Pentagon convinced Mr Trump to scale down those recent air strikes that he ordered against Syria. Had Trump had his way, we probably wouldn’t even be here now.

Plus, Mr Trump recently agreed to send anti-tank missiles to the Ukraine, to help that country fight off Russia’s “little green men”, in a move that has infuriated Moscow. Also, Mr Trump has told China that the South China sea is off limits to Chinese expansionist plans in the area – greatly angering China. His recent banning of Muslims entering to country, simply because they are Muslims and his plan to “protect” American industries are also very telling of this extreme right-wing president.

So, whatever happens between Mr Trump and Mr Kim, I really don’t think that Mr Trump should get any Nobel peace prize.

Michael A. Dingwall



  1. Mr. Dingbat, I won’t begin to refute each and every point you make because to do so would be futile. You are obviously a Trump hater who if Trump found a cure for cancer, you would claim that he is interfering in the natural order of population control. If the agreement with NK does occur I can assure you it will not be business as usual and will require total destruction of all missiles as well as any remaining nuclear sites or there will be no deal at all. We have a President who is not afraid to walk away from a deal. (Read his book) First rule of negotiation is “never fall in love with the deal” and “don’t ever be afraid to walk away”. Our President wrote the book and is very good as practicing it. As to the Nobel Prize, while I think it would certainly be in order should this deal go through, I would love to see our President refuse it on the grounds that he doesn’t want to share a prize with the likes of Obama. Obama’s receipt of this prize totally negated its value. It certainly is not a group in which I believe our President should be associated.

  2. Trump is a total disgrace to everything that the U.S. stands for. He is like a cancer that spreads a little more each and every day. From his “grab them by the pu$$y” comment to his derogatory comments about other countries to his plan to build a wall to keep certain “darker people” out, this moron just can’t stop spreading his hate, His tax plan scam gives his rich friends and corporate buddies big monetary wind falls at the expense of everyone else. This from the so called “fiscally responsible” GOP, another Republican lie. His threat to “freedom of speech and the press” is another threat to our U.S. Constitution. He lies about everything and wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on his behind! Everything he disagrees with is “fake news” even if the story is true. He lied about paying a prostitute $130,000 for an encounter with her only to have one of his “henchman” admit it was the truth. He did this while married even though his wife was pregnant! The religious perverts love him despite his being married multiple times. So much for the sanctity of marriage. Trump is a real “class act” who just can’t stop running his mouth on twitter. The sooner he is removed from office, the better off the rest of the world will be. It can’t happen soon enough!

  3. Money is the only thing that President Tump has over President Obama, nothing else. Look at the amount of energy Mrs Sanders has to put in on a daily bases as she struggles to defend the President.

  4. Richard is far better informed of all the inconsequential so called facts you bring up. Most of them are without basis or proof but we’ll not bother to debate those with you because they don’t make a bit of difference and nothing I can say or produce will change your mind. Using the same point of reference, (Faux News) you would have preferred a woman who sold out our country repeatedly for financial gain, abandoned our brave people in Benghazi, embezzled millions from her charitable foundation, destroyed women who truthfully accused her husband of various sex crimes, committed treason by storing classified documents on a private server………. I could go on but the point is we, (over sixty million of us) elected a successful businessman to take over a country in financial trouble and to put it on the road to recover while defending himself against false accusations, dealing with idiotic international issues such as North Korea, Iran, China etc.. How the man does all this is simply amazing but then again you wouldn’t give him credit if he found a cure for Cancer. We elected him and I predict based on his climbing approval ratings, he will be re-elected easily and the Conservatives will retain control of both houses in the upcoming elections. I happen to follow all this quite closely and with my background in sales and management I can tell you that President Trump is in full control and has all of you completely baffled with his style which has been quite effective so far. Those of you who are predicting his failure and downfall, are delusional.

  5. Recently, a reporter on Fox News called out the President, basically, he is saying down with Trump lies. Financial troubles, really? The man inherited a sound economy, low unemployment, sound polices etc, why are you so gullible? President Trump is a chronic lair. Explain why the world hates him? John Macain doesn’t want him at his funeral whenever he passes. Why is he fighting with Jeff Bezos? Why is he taking credit for everything? It seems like American got started when Trump became President. You’re sounding like a charlatan Richard.

  6. All the bigoted Trump bashing shows what a lot of political lunatics there are in the US. If you are ready to hang Trump if he has done something wrong, something real that is. You should be ready to allow one and all to honour him for achievements whatever they are.


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