Letter: The wall that always existed


Dear Sir:

Many will remember that famous movie about the Second World War, related to the activities of espionage, deception and deception, whose title was “The man who never existed”. In the same one, an operation was organized so that a series of documents that indicated the place where the allied troops would disembark in Europe fell into German hands, which was not true, but the German high command and especially Hitler, believed it. The bearer of the documents was a dead man, dressed in the uniform of a high officer of the English military, with a false identification, a man who never existed.

With the famous wall on the border between the United States and Mexico, which many call “The Wall of Trump”, something similar has happened, another operation of deception and deception, which some also repeat without knowledge and analyze the reality of the matter.

The border between both countries has a length of 3,200 kilometers, in which there is already a part of the wall that measures a little over 1,200 kilometers.

As shown in the map, in some border states the wall is finished, thanks to the initiative of administrations prior to Trump’s, beginning with Clinton’s. Except for the border crossings and the odd stretch of the wall that had not been built, it could be said that the wall is present in the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and where very few segments of the wall have really been built in Texas, where there is a stretch from the sea to Laredo and a segment near the city of El Paso.

As stated by Ronald Vitiello, current Deputy Commissioner of Customs and Protection of the United States Border, the first works to be carried out related to the wall, according to the approved money of $1.6 billion, will be the following:

Build 33 miles of a new wall and replace 35 miles of previous one in the Rio Grande Valley area of Texas. Thirty-five border crossings will be added to the 55-mile-long wall.

The height of the wall will be raised to 8 meters, in 25 miles of the existing one in Hidalgo County, Texas.

Eight miles of a new wall will be built in Starr County, Texas.

In San Diego will be replaced by another steel, 28 miles of a wall almost destroyed.

An existing pedestrian barrier in Calexico, Arizona, with an extension of two miles, will be replaced by a 30-foot-high barrier. Later, work will be done in Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

The purpose is to try to build 100 miles of border wall in the state of Texas, which according to the corresponding authorities do not assure the purpose of the construction of that section, especially to reduce the costs that arise with these repairs and replacements.

The wall, whether it exists or not, requires other expenses, such as television cameras, lighting, guards patrolling it, vehicles to cover it in all its extension, helicopters, drones, alarm system and other proprietary techniques, which if not approved separately, will also affect the money available for its construction.

If everything goes well for Trump, you can build 100 miles of wall and then it will have about 1,400 miles.

Who do we grant the paternity of the Wall?

History tells us that in places where the different US administrations prior to Trump had not built the wall, it was due to construction difficulties because of the terrain and in some cases even legal, because the US government would have to seize lands to build this barrier, which is opposed by some owners.

Other opponents of the wall would create environmental problems and a very important group has proposed that while the wall divides the hunger for subsistence, there will be no barrier to stop the hungry, however high and sophisticated it may be.

Dr Néstor García Iturbe



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