Five SCCL 2018 rising stars


MIAMI BEACH, USA — Since the beginning of the re-formatted 2018 Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League (SCCL), young footballers have become one of its most distinctive features. An unexpected high-level performance of the youth made SCCL veterans step out of the spotlight. Here is the list of five under-20 footballers playing in the ongoing tournament to be watched.

1. Jimmy Marin, Herediano, Costa Rica

The first one to mention is a 20-year-old forward Jimmy Marin, who played 45 matches in Costa Rica’s Liga Nacional, mostly appearing for Herediano. Being a left-wing player, he is known as Jafet Soto’s critical strike as he prefers to play rough. Despite having a poor season under Hernán Medford’s coaching with only three appearances in 483 minutes of playing time by the end of Clausura 2017, he has already managed to make five appearances in 359 minutes since the Clausura 2018 season started.

2. Tyler Adams, Red Bulls, New York

The second is 18-year-old Tyler Adams. He got the attention of Major League Soccer observers in the 2017season. According to, the deep-lying midfielder made 22 starts for NY and proved to be quiet an efficient player. Adams is known for his accurate and timely passing skills — the Red Bulls attack usually launches right after another efficient pass from the 18-year-old midfielder. However, ball handling skill is not Tyler Adams’ only advantage, as he is quite as good at tackling and knows well how to stop an opponent’s attack.

3. Roberto Dominguez, Santa Tecla, El Salvador

The 20-year-old centre, Roberto Dominguez, played four matches in SCCL for Santa Tecla during the 2015/2016 season and took part in more than 100 matches in Salvadoran football throughout his career. Being rather tall and athletic, Dominguez became one of the most sought-after footballers from El Salvador.

4. Edson Alvarez, Club America, Mexico

By the age of 20, Edson Alvarez already has 33 starts with Club America in Liga MX regular season and managed to get to the Mexico 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup team. Alvarez is known as a versatile player who is not only good at keeping the ball on the ground, but also strong in the air.

5. Nouhou Tolo, Seattle Sounders, Seattle

The 20-year-old Cameroonian had an incredible season in Major League Soccer last year having played in 24 matches. Nouhou Tolo also took part in five playoff outings for Seattle Sounders during their run for the MLS Cup Final. Despite being very young, the left-back seems to be absolutely confident, as he is always ready to play offensively, without forgetting about the defence.

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