First edition of Ius Pecuniae Index presents new perspective on citizenship


LAHORE, Pakistan — HF Corporation, and Ius Pecuniae Research Centre, last week presented a new perspective on citizenship with the launch of the first edition of Ius Pecuniae Index.

The index, which will be updated periodically, has been created and designed to comprehensively analyse the important topic of citizenship by investment, or ius pecuniae, with a research-driven and transparent approach.

Five countries from the Caribbean have been included in the index, namely, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Lucia. The index is not just a comparative ranking of the countries included; rather it provides a new perspective on citizenship. Each of the countries included in the index is unique in its own way and has much more to offer than just the naturalisation rights. Some countries make great tourist destinations while some offer good economic freedom. From the ease of doing business in these eight countries to the travel convenience afforded to the passport-holders of these countries, the index provides a broad analysis.

”We live in a globalised and inter-connected world. Although the countries are separated by geographic boundaries yet the countries of the world remain dependent on each other, thereby creating a global economy’’, said Dr Hussain Farooq, president of HF Corporation, the citizenship advisory firm which is known for its client-centric and research-driven approach.

”Some countries have great healthcare and educational facilities while others don’t. In some countries, it may take as little as half a day to register a new firm while the median duration for registering a new firm in certain countries may be as high as seven months. Some countries have 350 days of sunshine, while some have polar nights.

“The citizens of certain countries, regardless of their own talent, have the convenience of traveling around the world without obtaining prior visas while the citizens of some countries need to wait for days, or even weeks, to first get an interview appointment from the embassies of certain developed countries and then have to wait further for the decision on their visa applications before they can commence their journey. The citizens of certain countries even have the right of establishment in other countries while the citizens of some countries can’t enjoy this privilege.

“This discrepancy in the quality of life among different countries of the world, along with the differences in the external value of citizenship of the nationals of different countries, and the increasing trend of globalisation, creates a desire for acquisition of second citizenship and/or an alternate residence”, he added.

The use of ius pecuniae helps somewhat, if not completely, in reducing inequalities among the nationals of developed and underdeveloped countries. Although there are different ways of acquiring another citizenship including, but not limited to, migration to another country, the Ius Pecuniae Index, however, compares and provides a comprehensive analysis, on the basis of quantifiable data, on eight countries in the world that have legal and established citizenship by investment programs thereby granting citizenship, or naturalisation rights, to foreign individuals if they meet certain pecuniary (monetary) requirements.

The index is an insightful and indispensable tool for anyone who has an interest in learning about ius pecuniae, or citizenship by investment, an increasingly important topic of interest; be it individuals wishing to actualise their global dreams or their advisors, immigration practitioners and lawyers; fiduciary service providers who need to advise their discerning clientele or the inward investment promotional agencies of the governments which are either running such programs or wish to develop efficiently-structured investor programs to attract foreign direct investments in their respective countries which can, in turn, be used for the betterment of their indigenous population.

The index may also be of interest to the indigenous population of some of these countries who could learn about some interesting facts, and unique powers of their passports, and their citizenship.

The index will be available for download here.



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