Poets Corner: Rebuilding takes time


Rebuilding takes time

By Mutryce A. Williams

Patience they say, patience, patience,
We’ve all been impacted they say,
It was not one but two catastrophic category 5 hurricanes they say,
Massive destruction to our economy and infrastructure, they say,
We have never dealt with anything like this, is what they say,
A nightmare is what it is, they say,
So have some, patience, patience, patience,
Please we beg you have some patience,
Because rebuilding takes time,
Rebuilding takes time,

We have all suffered loss, they say,
It will be like this for a while they say,
Things will not happen overnight they say,
It’s unrealistic not to expect, not to expect,
To endure some hardship, some kind of hardship,
Well to be quite honest, a considerable amount of hardship,
For quite a while, for quite a while,
Because rebuilding takes time,
Rebuilding takes time,

Patience, our economy is in shambles, they say,
Damaged, ruined, not sure when we will come back,
Come back from this, they say,
We are doing our very and utmost best, they say,
Realize that rebuilding will take time,
Rebuilding will take time,
It will take time,

Be grateful; give thanks for life they say,
Other people have it worse,
They have it worse than you, they say,
So stop your cantankerousness,
And practice some gratitude they say,
We are all in this together, they say,
Look on the bright side you have health and strength they say,
Things could have been much worse, they say,
Don’t be so hard on us they say,
Do realize that rebuilding takes time,
Rebuilding will take time,
It will take time,
Rebuilding will take time.



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