Letter: Missing family members


Dear Sir:

I writing from Melbourne Australia in the hope you may be able to help me find my son and his girlfriend who were due to travel to Cuba from Mexico on Tuesday 19th September just prior to the earthquake.

We have had no contact with them since Monday 8pm Mexico time so are unsure if they have actually made it to Havana or not.

Sadly immigration are unable to confirm this to us.

I am sure if my son knew of the earthquake, he would move mountains to contact me to say they were safe as he did two weeks ago when the first earthquake hit!

I’m hoping they are safe somewhere totally oblivious to the situation but won’t rest until I know they are safe. I know it’s a long shot containing you but don’t know what else to do.

Thank you for reading.

Karen Allen
Melbourne, Australia



  1. Letter: Missing Family Members — What are their names? I would highly recommend that you republish your letter with that information. Godspeed.


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