Caribbean resorts in Antigua, Barbados, St Lucia and the Grenadines are open for business

Pineapple Beach Club in Antigua.

DEERFIELD BEACH, USA — The Caribbean islands of Antigua, Barbados, Saint Lucia and Palm Island in the Grenadines are open for business, and normal tourism activities have resumed. The airports that service these islands have returned to normal operations and are accepting flights from all gateways.

Antigua was largely unscathed by Hurricane Irma, and many other islands, like Saint Lucia, Barbados, and Palm Island in the Grenadines were not affected at all by the storm.

“Now is the perfect time to experience the authentic Caribbean on the charming islands of Antigua, Barbados, Saint Lucia and the Grenadines, with great offers and low airfares from many major US cities. Your support means the world to the wonderful people and businesses of these spectacular islands, and we hope to welcome you in the Caribbean soon,” said Steve Heydt, president of Elite Island Resorts.



  1. Barbados, Grenada, Martinique, St Lucia, Aruba, Curaçao, and Guadeloupe. You’ve been surviving hurricane season well. Please get supplies on a boat and get to Dominica and Barbuda!! Help your neighbors!!!!

  2. Perhaps when you stop insinuating the current weather is a result of “climate change” you will derive more sympathy for your cause. We all understand the climate must change as a result of whatever makes this planet evolve and we should all learn how to deal with it. To attribute the current cyclonic activity to “climate change” is fallacious and it should be pointed out that we have dealt with similar situations in the last century on several occasions. All the fear mongering in the world is not going to change reality nor will any of the attempts at crippling the economy in order to further the lunacy of a bunch of scientist eager to enrich their own pockets. Your concern for these storms while living in a low area on an island is understandable however perhaps you should consider changing your habitat rather than trying to control nature.

    • I think you should have some more sympathy. Who really cares right now whether or not global warming or climate change caused the hurricanes? What’s important is assisting our Caribbean brothers and sisters – not delivering absurd lectures on your scientific points of view to a suffering people.

    • That you do not understand science and have no education in that area does not affect reality. Anyway, why are you bringing that up now? There has been a major disaster in the Caribbean. What are you doing to help?


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