Antigua-Barbuda appoints new authorised citizenship program representative from Indian sub-continent

Dr Hussain Farooq is the president of HF Corporation, a consulting firm that is specialised in providing services for residence and citizenship by investment programs, around the world, to high net worth individuals. The firm also runs a government-advisory practice to liaise with the different governments to build up strategies that could help in boosting FDI in their respective countries.

ST JOHN’S, Antigua — HF Corporation, a citizenship and residence advisory firm, has become an authorised representative of the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program. HF Corporation advises affluent families and high net worth individuals, from Pakistan, Middle East, Africa and China, on second citizenship and residence strategies.

Currently having head office in Pakistan, a country where every other high net worth individual wants to acquire a second citizenship, the firm said it understands the needs of the globally-mobile affluent individuals for whom the international borders sometimes become boundaries.

Founders of the firm started providing immigration advisory services approximately 25 years ago and this is the second generation in the immigration-advisory business.

“Coming from such a country, which has the second lowest-ranked passport in the world, we can very well understand the needs and desires of the high net worth individuals and investors from diplomatically-fraught or less-privileged countries,” said Dr Hussain Farooq, who is the president of the firm and has advised some of the top 20 richest families of Pakistan.

“Individuals from such countries face the hassles of going through visa-applications every time they intend to travel to a Western country. Second citizenship is not just about opening the international borders for such individuals but it also opens the doors for a better lifestyle, better educational & health facilities for their children and families. It also acts as a hedge against uncertainty in times of politico-economic turmoil such as the one we observed in so-called Arab Spring. We also receive inquiries from citizens of Western countries but for different reasons, such as tax planning. Factors like US elections and Brexit are also causing affluent individuals from these countries to think of second residence options in Southern European countries like Spain, Portugal or Malta through their residence by investment programs,” he added.

Becoming an authorised representative of the Antigua and Barbuda’s citizenship program will enable HF Corporation to promote the program in an effective way. The firm believes that the demand for the economic citizenship and investor immigration ‘golden visa’ programs will continue to increase.

However, robust due-diligence standards, pricing befitting the offered benefits, smart processing and effective channeling of the foreign direct investment for the economic development of the countries, by the recipient governments, will determine which programs will outperform in this competitive marketplace.

The firm also runs a government-advisory practice, involving lawyers, citizenship and immigration experts and tax specialists, within the group, to liaise with the different governments to build up strategies that could help in boosting foreign direct investment in their respective countries.

HF Corporation is also eying some other Middle Eastern cities for expansion of its physical presence in the region as most of the clients of the firm come from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. In addition to this, the firm is also planning to open up an office in a European jurisdiction, which will enable it to cater its discerning clientele from a key European location.



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