Commentary: A new set of postulates for the American conservative movement



By Tiberiu Dianu

1. Resetting the Values

The advent of the new administration (Trump, on January 20, 2017) will mark the functioning of some principles and beliefs totally different from the ones applied by the previous administrations (Obama’s in particular, but not only). The time has come for a reset of values for the conservative movement on its whole.

2. The Premise Situations

Tiberiu Dianu has published several books and over 100 articles in law, politics, and post-communist societies. He currently lives and works in Washington, DC, and can be followed on Medium.

It is the time for all conservative factions (paleoconservatives, traditionalist conservatives, neoconservatives, and alt-righters) to all pull together and apply a new set of postulates, based on the following premise situations:

(1) The Right believes in a Higher Authority (God), which is different than the Human Self.

(2) The Left believes that the Highest Authority is the Human Self.

(3) The Right believes in Universal Truth, which is absolute, that is higher than the Personal Truth, which is relative.

(4) The Left believes that Personal Truth is more powerful because it is concrete, while Universal Truth is inapplicable because it is too abstract.

(5) The Right believes in a predetermined set of Higher Moral Values that are constant and perpetual, and therefore eternal, throughout the course of time.

(6) The Left believes in a changeable set of personal or group-related values that are variable and temporary throughout the course of time.

3. A New Set of Postulates

The last half of the century in the United States has mirrored a constant attitude of justification, on behalf of the Right, by reporting its values to the ones of the Left. This attitude must stop.

Consequently, the Right should abandon the position of justification of their stance and values by constantly reporting it to the set of values of the Left. The Right should adopt the following New Set of Postulates:

(1) The Left does not truly believe in God.

(2) If the Left does not believe in God, the validity of their concrete concepts of "good" and "bad" will be variable in essence, limited to individuals and groups of people, and temporary.

(3) The Left promotes its own concepts of "good" and "bad" but, since they do not emanate from God, they are to be ignored and/or combated.

(4) The Right promotes the concepts of "good" and "bad," which emanate from God.

(5) If the Right promotes God’s concepts of "good" and "bad," they will be absolute in essence, applicable to everybody, and perennial in time.

(6) Therefore, the concepts of "good" and "bad" of the Right are more powerful and opposed to the concepts of "good" and "bad" of the Left.

4. The New Commandments

Consequently, the Right has to turn the New Set of Postulates in New Commandments and apply them accordingly.

The New Commandments are to act as refreshers of the Biblical Commandments. The Biblical Commandments have been ignored and not being applied completely for longer periods of time. Therefore, they run the risk of turning into pure theoretical statements, and consequently ignored.

It is the duty of the Right, especially in the years to come, to revive and apply consistently The New Commandments following The New Set of Postulates.



  1. The author captures with subtlety the major change in society brought by President Trump and his administration. There are new principles, new directions of action. We are entering a new era, where nothing seems to resemble what it was.

  2. The time has come for a change in the American conservative values, too. The Republican Party will go through a period of doctrinal clarification. The article presents in a very succint way a series a new postulates to be put in practice.

  3. The right-wing movement believes in the Divine Power, the left-wing believes in humans’ own strength, advocating that people are stronger than an abstract God or that God does not exist. Conservative principles emphasize the superiority of abstract moral values, while progressives point out the value of individuals. On most, if not all, levels of the two stances there are fundamental contradictions and radical differences.

  4. The author urges the members of the conservative movement(s) to apply the new set of postulates to the old, abstract, concepts, which are in danger of becoming obsolete because people have stopped applying them with persuasion in their daily life.

  5. The role of conservative values in rising the American society is very important. The Trump administration has marked a fundamental change of principles, completely different from the previous American administrations.

  6. The Republican Party must become again the holder of the American conservative values. There is a need of unifying conservative principles in one, larger political group, so that one can reach harmonization and understanding.

  7. The right and the left have major differences in philosophies and ways of thinking. The left believes in personal ego and its own hedonistic universe, while the right believes in absolute truth and its visions are larger than its own self. The right has the task to re-enforce its visions and apply them accordingly.


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