Letter: Comrade Gonsalves, I want to talk to you about your sexual behaviour


Dear Sir:

Comrade, it is rather strange is it not that many women have complained that you have sexually attacked them? You declare such allegations as untrue, why would women make such accusations against you and not other men.


For instance a man may have a woman complain about him, but it’s rare unless it is true that a whole lot of women make such claims against one man. Then to make your situation worse, Comrade, you have been charged for sex crimes but never appeared before a court to clear your name. Your friend, partner, colleague, and appointed by you director of public prosecutions, Colin Williams, just considers each complaint himself and declares them not to be allowed to go forward to prosecution.

I reread this recently where the DPP put a good word in for the comrade.

Then, Comrade, you or one of your close ULP group go out of the way to expose the names, addresses and all personal details of these women who complain. If they are really victims they may be further traumatized by the release of their details on social media – where the details of an proven or unproven assaulted victim can “go viral.” While this is an un-researched issue, a number of high profile sexual assault cases have drawn attention to this relatively new and disturbing dynamic.

Comrade, now you are accused of being a telephone wanker [masturbator]; some taped telephone conversations that are believed to be you have gone viral, many who know you agree it’s your voice. I have listened to them and more recently your cousin Douglas played them on Nice Radio but didn’t include the dirty parts. I must say I am totally convinced it is you, so is everyone who I have discussed the matter with, which is probably several hundred persons.

Comrade, I have heard it said that girls and young women go to your office to be interviewed for the award of a scholarship. I have heard it said that you inappropriately touch those girls and make sexual suggestions to them. I know you have heard such remarks also, Comrade. I do not believe these remarks, Comrade, and I am sure no one else does but, just to give some comfort, would you please confirm that you do not sexually molest women and girls that visit your office at the Financial Centre.

Fortunately for you, Comrade, if you lose the election you will be able to return to a somewhat lesser pressured life and will have the time and opportunity to clear your name in all or at least some of the accusations and the charges brought against you, including those by the Canadian lawyer lady that claimed you did something to her at your office in the financial building.

What is also great for you, Comrade, that unlike the US law we have no statutory time limits for rape and sexual molestation, and murder. The DPP declaring your cases not to be continued is nothing like being acquitted or found not guilty, the door has been left open for you, Comrade, to clear your name, you will be able to be charged and tried. I hope that will take a weight off your mind to know that at last you can get a fair trial before Vincentians, what a privilege, Comrade, what a privilege.

Comrade, even your role model Fidel Castro was said to be a molester and sex machine in his heyday. According to writings, Castro had sexual affairs with many young women and in particular with two female supporters, Naty Revuelta and Maria Laborde, each conceiving him a child.

Castro considered himself to be widely recognized as a sex symbol in Cuba. But he was unable to form a lasting sexual relationship with any female, which probably whet his taste for prostitutes and young university students.

Castro often engaged in one night stands with women, some of whom were specially selected for him while visiting foreign allies. Castro loved to picture himself as a Don Juan. He openly boasted about being a Casanova with so much sex appeal that he sweeps girls off their feet without even trying.

But the truth is that the strutting Red dictator got his way with women only by using the same methods he employed when he seized power in Cuba. These methods include lies, force and deceit. The world knows Fidel as a ruthless butcher of innocent people. It can now be revealed that his private life is even more shocking. Castro is a degenerate, alcoholic sex fiend. Of all Fidel’s orgies in the raw, the most disgraceful and criminal sex exploit involved a beautiful 18-year-old brunette who accused him of raping her. One thing he never did was masturbate whilst using a cell phone, because there was no such thing as a cell phone at that time.

So, Comrade, you are sometimes called the copycat prime minister. Because you are known to use other people’s ideas, you have very few of your own but often introduce the ideas of others as your own. I sincerely hope that you have not decided to steal the ideas of Fidel Castro’s sex status.

By the way, Comrade, you are well known the world over as a liar that is also a trait of Castro he is recognized as a serial liar. So there are some similarities, you have nearly made it comrade; unfortunately you just cannot make the grade that is required of a true Marxist revolutionary such as Castro. You are still regarded as a third rate revolutionary.

Peter Binose



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