Commentary: Russia and the West can negotiate peace in Syria


By Hudson George

After the breakup of the Soviet Union, most people thought that western style democracy would have spread across the globe and the people in third world countries would have been able to elect governments of their choice in free and fair elections; and to be able to live in peace and unity. Unfortunately, that never happened.

Hudson George has a BA in Social Science from York University, Toronto, Canada. He has been writing since his early teenage years and now contributes letters and articles to a number of Caribbean newspapers

Those rich powerful capitalist countries seized the opportunity and installed friendly dictators in third world countries, where they have economic and political interest to protect. Therefore, the big loud cry they were making about the Soviet Union as the evil empire was not really true. They were against communism because the Soviet Union was preventing them from colonising all the people of the world.

So after the breakup of the Soviet Union, the capitalist countries came up with a new ideology called globalisation. With globalisation taking the place of the old method of capitalism, workers in those same rich capitalist countries lost their jobs. The big capitalists moved their manufacturing companies to China and India, where they can exploit cheap labour in abundance for more profit.

In addition, historically it is a known fact that those rich western capitalist countries have a long history of colonising weaker nations, through bloody wars and ruthless invasions; and by spreading their moral and political values to the colonised people.

On the other hand, they are never satisfied with all the wealth and power they have. They keep on trying to accumulate more and more wealth, by inventing better equipped machines for wars and manufacturing purposes. However, with their hi-tech modern machinery, they have the capability to create wars and grab resources.

Presently, there is a war going on in Syria that has become a hotbed for all sorts of terrorist activities. Basically, it is a war manufactured by those very same rich powerful nations to install a friendly dictator, so that they can control the lucrative Middle East oil industry. But while Syrians are dying every day, the other Middle Eastern countries are divided politically on the conflict, even though they have the same religious values.

However, due to the fact that those leaders of the oil producing countries in the Middle East are dictators, it is very easy for those big rich powerful countries to create proxy wars against the dictators that are not politically friendly to them. Therefore, whenever a dictator becomes a threat to those rich capitalist countries’ interests, he cannot survive as a leader.

Now with the sudden rise of Russia on the global political scene again, as the great superpower as it used to be during the Soviet era, equivalent to the United States, the war in Syria has become more dangerous.

The Russian presence in Syria has become a setback for the rich western nations. Russia has a military base in Syria and it is propping up the Syrian government, while those rich powerful western countries are giving ammunition to opposition forces, with the intention of overthrowing the Assad regime and installing a friendly dictator that will serve their purpose.

Additionally, centuries ago, the spread of Christianity and Islam from the Middle East region to the other parts of the world was not done peacefully. However, it seems as though the old conflict of religious wars is creeping into the conflict, while the big players’ main interest is all about making money from the oil industry and selling weapons.

Now it is up to Russia and those rich western capitalist countries to decide how they will end the bloody war in Syria. They are the ones with the hi-tech military weapons. If they can negotiate a peaceful settlement to the conflict, Syria will not end up as Iraq and Libya, where there is no proper functioning central government.



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