Jamaican ice cream comes to the US


NEW YORK, USA — A Caribbean ice cream maker in New York is introducing the US to the unique fruit flavours of Jamaican ice cream.

Marlon Davis has secured a $12,000 business loan he’s using to increase his storage space by more than 50 percent and to buy ten new freezers for supermarkets and restaurants all across New York State.

Davis was born and raised in Jamaica. Upon moving to the United States, one of the items he craved most was ice cream, specifically the fruity flavors he was accustomed to eating and enjoying in Jamaica like Grape Nut, Jamaican Stout, Soursop, Passionfruit and Guava.

"I bought my own ice cream maker and everybody at the office thought I was crazy," said Davis. "They just didn’t understand the cravings and how much the flavours from home meant to me and how they helped bring a piece of the Caribbean and my home to me."

Nesberrys started out as a passion to satisfy Davis’s own cravings, and turned into a new business that satisfies his cravings as well as those of other Jamaicans in the United States.

Starting the business was easy and fun. The difficult part came in finding the money to grow the business. That’s where Lendio came into the picture.

Lendio is a free online service that helps businesses find the right type of loan within minutes. Lendio works with small business owners across the country to help them find the financing necessary to grow their businesses and succeed.

"I needed to buy additional freezers for restaurants as well as additional storage space to accommodate the growth," said Davis. "Once I got on Lendio’s website it was so quick and easy. It was pain free and bam, bam, bam I was connected with a number of banks to start the process of securing a loan."

"We take great pride in helping small business owners like Marlon get the financing they need to grow their business," said Brock Blake, CEO of Lendio. "We realize that 75 percent of all new jobs created in the United States are the result of small businesses and are proud to be doing our part to help fuel the American Dream and stimulate the economy."



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