Antigua-Barbuda PM names new senatorial team


ST JOHN’S, Antigua — Newly elected Prime Minister Gaston Browne has submitted to Antigua and Barbuda’s Governor General Dame Louise Lake-Tack his appointments to the government’s senatorial team in the Upper House of Parliament.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

“I have opted for a combination of youth and experience in keeping with the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party’s philosophy of ensuring that we have an across the board representative force in the decision making process in government. Our youth are very important to achieving our goals in rebuilding Antigua and Barbuda and therefore I am contented that the individuals selected will represent our aspirations well,” noted Browne.

The complete list of senators recommended to the governor general for appointment is as follows:

1. Senator Lennox O’Reilly Weston — minister of state within the ministry of finance and corporate governance;

2. Senator Maureen Payne-Hyman — parliamentary secretary in the ministry of legal affairs, public safety, immigration and labour;

3. Senator Londel Turham McAlister Benjamin — parliamentary secretary in the ministry of social transformation and human resource development

4. Senator Colin Lesley Anderson James — parliamentary secretary in the ministry of trade, commerce, industry, sports, culture and national festivals

5. Senator Alincia Toshiba Harriet Williams-Grant

6. Senator Cheryl Mary Clare Hurst

7. Senator Michael Nathaniel St Patrick Freeland

8. Senator Wigley Franklin Nathaniel George

9. Senator Shenella Mary Shadida Govia

10. Senator Osbert Richard Frederick

11. Senator Adrian Lee (prime minister’s nominee from Barbuda)

The new senators will take the oaths and receive their instruments of appointment at a ceremony at Government House on Monday.

The senators will take their oaths of parliament on Wednesday, when the Upper House convenes at 1:30 pm. The Lower House of Parliament will convene at 9:30 am, also on Wednesday.



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