Mexico to host CARICOM and ACS summits


MERIDA, Mexico — The third Mexico-Caribbean Community (CARICOM) summit and the sixth summit of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) will take place on April 29 and 30 in Merida, Mexico.

The double-summit will be attended by 14 heads of state and government, two vice presidents, five ministers of foreign affairs and two ministers of state.

Among the highlights of the summits will be announcement of the entry into force of the regional cooperation agreement on natural disasters, which was signed by all 25 members of the ACS, including Mexico, in 1999.

One of Mexico’s goals during its term in the presidency of the ACS was ratification and enforcement of the two agreements that guide ACS cooperation in sustainable tourism and improving management of natural disasters.

As a result of this commitment, the Convention Establishing the Sustainable Tourism Zone of the Caribbean took effect on November 6, 2013, and the Regional Cooperation Agreement on Natural Disasters is also in place.

During the summits, Mexico and CARICOM will evaluate the results of the fifth technical cooperation program (2012-2013) and will outline the cooperation activities for the next two years, in the areas of Spanish language training, non-communicable diseases, business incubation, agricultural development, and management of natural disasters.

All CARICOM member states belonging to the ACS will be represented at the summits in Merida.



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