Antigua-Barbuda set to launch new investment programme in New York


NEW YORK, USA — The Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority (ABIA) is set to launch its ABIA and Diaspora Investment Partnership Programme. The programme kicks off with a three-day multifaceted initiative to coincide with New York’s Labor Day festivities.

The ABIA delegation, led by chairman of the board of management, Dr McChesney Emanuel, will unveil the ABIA and Diaspora Investment Partnership Programme that is especially geared towards bolstering foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows to Antigua and Barbuda.

The chairman emphasized, “The ABIA Diaspora Investment Partnership Programme is integral to attracting FDI and presents an opportunity to reach out to the estimated 30,000 nationals residing in the Northeastern United States, many of whom will certainly welcome the opportunity to investment in Antigua and Barbuda”.

According to acting executive director Henderson Fields, “We at the ABIA recognize the Diaspora as an untapped reservoir brimming with investment opportunities and are prepared to work hard to bring those investments to Antigua and Barbuda.”

The ABIA has invited Antiguans and Barbudans residing in the Northeast, along with over twenty community organizations and associations, to launch the ABIA Diaspora Investment Partnership Programme.

On Friday August 30, ABIA will lead a series of scheduled face-to-face meetings with potential investors. ABIA has also partnered with organizers of the popular Caribbean Splashdown, where it will operate an information booth at Marcus Garvey Park in Manhattan on Saturday, August 31.

Director of marketing and business development, Sascha Mercer noted, “These activities in New York give the ABIA a valued opportunity to discuss investment opportunities and programs such as Construct Antigua and Barbuda Initiative (CAB-I) and Outsource Antigua and Barbuda.”

New York City is first in a series of planned marketing campaigns ABIA plans to host in the United States and Europe.



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