Woman arrested in connection with murder of Curacao political leader


WILLEMSTAD, Curacao — Police in Curacao have arrested a 43-year-old woman in connection with the murder three months ago of Helmin Wiels, a popular local politician and, at the time, leader of the largest political party, Pueblo Soberano.

The late Helmin Wiels

The woman was arrested on Saturday and she is the second suspect to be linked to the politician’s assassination.

The first suspect was 30-year-old Raul Jacinto Martinez, who was found dead a month after Wiels’ murder. According to sources, Martinez provided a getaway car for the killer(s).

Police also carried out two raids, assisted by the Criminal Investigation Team. A prosecutor was present at the raids. During the investigation at the homes, police seized items relevant to the investigation.

What connection the woman has with the murder is not known and the police are not giving out any information.

Republished with permission of the Curacao Chronicle



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