Former political leader arrested during protest march in St Kitts



St Kitts riot police block off Church Street in Basseterre

BASSETERRE, St Kitts (WINN) — People’s Action Movement candidate and former party leader Lindsay Grant was detained by police on Friday, during a march through the streets of Basseterre in St Kitts to protest the six-month delay in hearing a motion of no confidence brought against the Dr Denzil Douglas-led administration.

Grant and others were reportedly standing at a heavily guarded barrier at the top of Church Street, challenging the decision not to permit them to march past Government headquarters.

Eyewitnesses say that Grant was struck by a police officer. He was reportedly taken away from the scene in a police vehicle.

However, there are conflicting accounts of the incidents. Some people who claim to be eyewitnesses told WINN that Grant was pulled over a police barrier on Church Street. Others say he walked past the barrier and was confronted by police. The police have not issued a statement on the arrest.

Grant’s arrest sparked a public demonstration in front of police headquarters in Basseterre on Friday night as protestors marched to the police station.

Riot police gathered in front of the station as hundreds gathered demanding Grant’s release. The security forces gradually moved the crowd back and secured the perimeter. There was no reported injury.

Deputy chairman of the Christian Council archdeacon Valentine Hodge appealed for calm as political tensions heighten in Basseterre. The archdeacon said he prayed that violence would not erupt as people sought what they believed was a just conclusion to the issues.

Grant was later released on bail.

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