Letter: Let calm heads prevail


Dear Sir:

I was delighted to have read the message of peace by the Free National Movement’s candidate for Killarney, the Hon. Hubert Minnis. He wrote about allowing calm heads to prevail this election season and beyond.

It’s a point worth repeating by all responsible politicians in the land, as the temperature is truly rising among the people across the political divide. I have never experienced such touchiness, itchiness, and angriness among Bahamians of different political perspectives in The Bahamas until now.

If things continue on this course, we could be in for something violently new in our electoral process; and it will be a direct reflection of our 21st century political leadership in The Bahamas.

Respect should always be our password; and with it – comes responsibility and love for one another. The political disrespect that seems to be out of control in our country today is a part of the wider disrespectful culture that’s slowly tearing us apart.

We cannot be serious about a prosperous future as one people, if we hate one another because – we support different political parties, or we see things differently.

If the invasive contempt for one another continues through the upcoming general election, then what kind of results do we expect at the end of the day brothers and sisters?

Yes, the assault incident in Grand Bahama this weekend involving a candidate’s daughter, is one worthy of serious note and action. Nip it now or be sorry later.

I have noticed that so called responsible politicians and political leaders in our country are first concerned about winning by hook or crook. Well, Mr and Ms Politicians, you all better change that outlook before you don’t become a victim of your distorted philosophy.

Let’s all watch and see who will follow Doctor Minnis of Killarney, and denounce all forms of violence in this election season and onwards; because only real leaders will do so.

Step up to the plate, brothers and sisters, who seek our vote.

Dennis Dames



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