Trinidad newspaper ad outrages local activists


By Caribbean News Now contributor

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad — A full page ad published in Trinidad’s Sunday Express newspaper titled ‘What you should know about homosexuality’ has outraged local activists, who are calling for any further ads to be blocked by local media standards bodies.

Local activist Brendon O’Brien said in a letter to the newspaper: “They looked at this… and thought it was okay to publish? Not that something is wrong with publishing a religiously slanted ad, but one that openly discredits a community, questions their movement towards rights and even, in a sense, undermines their actual existence is definitely a problem. And this tried to do just that, and in a respectful and pseudo-scientific way as well. The publisher should have seen this and seen that it would’ve caused a problem.”

A similar ad was published in a Jamaica’s newspaper on World AIDS Day.

Another Trinidadian activist Colin Robinson said of the apparently coordinated anti-gay efforts in the Caribbean: “The region is in the cross-hairs of religious groups in the north who think their battles for Christian dominion ought to be waged on the bodies of Caribbean gay and lesbian men and women, just like they have done on the corpses of our Ugandan brothers and sisters.”

However, Robinson also pointed out: “In Trinidad, however, just like happened when Phillip Lee from His Way Out Ministries came a year ago, what’s happening is that heterosexual people, especially young ones, are mobilizing to say: ‘This is wrong and harmful, and we will stand against it’. They are doing a much better job than we are of creating advocates for GLBT rights.”



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