Feng shui expert to speak at Saint Lucia retreat


SOUFRIERE, Saint Lucia — The revered art of feng shui will play a key role in the 21st century as more people explore life mysteries hidden in the unseen realms around us, predicts William Spear, an expert, lecturer and author on the ancient art form.

Spear believes this unique method of understanding the relationship between the external environment and our consciousness will be realized through new training programs, seminars and websites appearing each month. In addition more than 100 feng shui books will be available in print as well as a wide variety of related publications on newsstands.

Spear, whose book "Feng Shui Made Easy" has been translated into 13 languages, will join motivational speaker Dr. Stephen Brewer and John Schumaker, the respected Iyengar Yoga specialist, as headliners of the Saint Lucia Health and Wellness Retreat for soul, mind, body and spirit in the former French colonial capital of Soufrière from November 17-20, 2011.

Explaining the feng shui method a bit further, Spear points out that "feng shui principles, from sound macrobiotic dietary recommendations to unique elements of interior design, can be used to integrate the ancient wisdom of traditional cultures with modern world demands, where people are still the most important of all sources."

Featured around the world as a speaker, Spear sees the timeless principles of feng shui, "evident in the changing society around us where a shift is in place, not just in the economy but also in the direction of our common journey, and in our destination. We want our homes to be retreats, sacred spaces, places of safety and refuge from the intensity of modern life. Adjusting the outer environments where we work and live can help to stabilize the changes through which we all must move in the years ahead."

Featured extensively on television and radio expounding on feng shui, he served as the first honorary president of the International Feng Shui Society in London. In 1991 and 1992, he delivered the well-received popular lecture on feng shui at the International Interior Design Exposition held in Toronto.

"We are encouraged by the positive response to the retreat and are pleased to have William Spear here with us on island to discuss such a unique and interesting topic," said Senator Allen Chastanet, Saint Lucia’s Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation.

"As William Spear mentions the importance of home life, the island of Saint Lucia is also being recognized as a retreat and refuge for visitors seeking a dramatic change from the daily pressures of modern life," he added.

Spear disclosed that Pierce Brosnan, otherwise known as James Bond; Michael Ovitz, the former Disney president; Tommy Hilfiger and Sir David Tang; Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson; Richard Branson of the Virgin Group and Anita Roddick of Body Shop fame each embrace feng shui principles; along with highly respected financial institutions, including the Royal Bank of Canada, HSBC and JP Morgan Chase & Co.

He recalled after the Royal Bank’s world headquarters in Toronto was fully refurbished following feng shui principles, high praise from customers who felt more welcome and comfortable in the new space was matched by the gratitude of the bank’s employees, who experienced less fatigue, better attitudes and an overall feeling of peace in the workplace.

Many banks have followed the Royal Bank’s lead by redesigning their teller lines, softening edges and brightening once-cold steel and marble halls by bringing in warm lighting, beautiful bright fabrics, original artwork and natural materials.

"These are elements that support people’s lives, their energy and health and well-being," said Spear.

The retreat in Soufrière, home to several world class hotels and resorts, is supported by the Saint Lucia Tourist Board and the Soufrière Foundation.



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