Mexico introduces registration system for Mexicans in Belize


BELMOPAN, Belize — The Mexican government has made available for Mexicans in Belize the Registration System for Mexicans Abroad (SIRME). The objective of this system is to assist Mexican citizens abroad and to provide them consular assistance in Belize or in other countries in case of emergency.

Any Mexican in Belize can register at, or through the Mexican Embassy’s webpage Those registering will receive an email including the corresponding Mexican embassy or consulate details in their place of residence or destination, as well as useful information about Belize or the country that they are visiting.

Should an emergency or other unexpected circumstance arise, including a natural disaster, those who have registered an address in the affected area will receive bulletins and practical recommendations from the Mexican government. All information will be used to provide more effective consular assistance.

The registration is voluntary and free. For registration purposes, the user’s passport or consular ID card is highly recommended, as it will allow verification of the user’s nationality and identity. All personal information provided will be confidential and is protected by Mexican Federal Law, its rules and regulations and relevant guidelines.

The SIRME website and the participation of all Mexicans who register will enable the Mexican government to increase its ability to assist its citizens abroad regardless of their immigration status.



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