Explosive found in Jamaica-bound luggage could be used to make ammunition


by Caribbean News Now Staff

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Security experts are claiming that the type of explosive powder found in the luggage of a man destined for Jamaica from the Miami International Airport this week is one of the main ingredients in locally made ammunition.

The Jamaica Gleaner newspaper reported that authorities had been tipped off from as far back as 2000 about the local use of a small machine, called the Dillon Automated Reloading Press, to create ammunition.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Green, who is in charge of the Investigation Task Force told the Gleaner on Wednesday that it was quite possible such a machine was being used in Jamaica.

"But we are not aware that this is being done illegally at this time," Green stressed, noting that the local production of ammunition can be done legitimately as well.

The Dillon Reloading Press is used to reload the powder into spent shell casings along with a primer and bullets.

“You put it (the spent shell) in the machine and it is cleaned and reloaded and works just as effectively," a source told the Gleaner. "It would have to be put together and you can’t put it together with your hand. You have to use this specific machine."

The source, a security specialist, who did not wish to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter, added, "A little reloading Dillon press can make 1,200 rounds per hour by itself. Can you imagine a man with two of that in his garage?"

He complained that senior police officials under successive administrations have refused to listen to firearms experts in the field.

He claimed that, earlier this year, the Organised Crime Investigation Division found other components that are added to the explosive powder to create thousands of rounds of deadly ammunition.



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