Taiwan assists Belize farmers affected by Hurricane Richard


BELMOPAN, Belize — A cheque for US$25,000 was on Monday presented to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries by the Taiwanese ambassador in Belize.

Ambassador David Wu explained that his Embassy has followed closely the developments after Hurricane Richard and the damage left behind. It is for this reason, he explained, that Taiwan thought it would be most appropriate and helpful to make a donation to the farmers who have suffered losses to their crops and livelihood. The funds are specially labeled for the purchase of fertilizer and seeds.

Wu also revealed that Taiwan is monitoring the developments in the sugar industry. He stated he is confident that the government of Belize is fully capable of handling the situation very smoothly, but, that if in the future there is any need for any assistance, his country stands ready and able to help.

For his part, Rene Montero, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries expressed thanks on behalf of the government and people of Belize to the government and people of Taiwan for the assistance given on Monday. He added that as soon as the field assessment from the extension officers is in, the funds will immediately be distributed the qualifying farmers so that they can get back into production at the very earliest.

He echoed Wu’s offer of assistance in terms of improving the quality of sugar cane produced in the north. He confirmed that his technical team is immediately preparing the request for the assistance.

This would mean that a Taiwanese technician would be coming to Belize to assist the sugar industry. Based on that assessment, the Ministry will further make a request so that the farmers can be assisted to improve their productivity in the north.



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