Crime and violence dominate media coverage in the Caribbean


by Caribbean News Now Staff

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Two regional surveys have found that crime and violence are the main subject areas that get coverage from the media in the Caribbean.

The surveys, the Jamaica Observer reported, conducted by the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) and the Women’s Media Watch (WMW) of Jamaica, also pointed to the gender disparities in the subjects covered in the news, as well as those covering the news.

Taitu Heron, a board member of WMW, speaking at a function in Kingston, Jamaica, said that, of the 840 stories sampled in 11 regional territories for the GMMP, reports on crime and violence accounted for 27 percent. This was followed by the coverage on politics, government, legal issues and the economy.

"The Caribbean has a higher proportion of stories on crime and violence compared to the global average of 20 percent," Heron said.

However, on the other hand, the Caribbean has a lower proportion on stories on the economy than globally.



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