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Vexit: Venezuela to quit OAS
Published on April 28, 2017 Email To Friend    Print Version

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez

By Caribbean News Now contributor

WASHINGTON, USA -- On Wednesday, the same day that a majority of member countries of the Organization of American States (OAS) approved a resolution to convene a meeting of ministers of foreign affairs of the region to consider the situation facing Venezuela, the South American country said it was quitting the bloc in protest at pressure over the government’s handling of the violent political crisis.

Breaking Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) unity on the issue of Venezuela, Saint Lucia voted with 18 other member states in favour of the resolution.

The representatives of Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis, and St Vincent and the Grenadines were among those voting against. Grenada was absent from the meeting.

In a statement on Thursday, Saint Lucia’s foreign minister, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, said her government is concerned about escalating violence and political tension in Venezuela, and the loss of life and the democratic process there.

So far this month, 28 people have been killed, several of them shot, in anti-government protests that have erupted into clashes with riot police.

Meanwhile, Venezuela’s foreign minister Delcy Rodriguez said her government would launch a two-year process to pull out of the OAS.

“Tomorrow, as President Nicolas Maduro has instructed, we will present a letter of complaint to the OAS and we will begin a process that will take 24 months,” she said in a televised address.

Rodriguez called the OAS an “interventionist coalition” led by Washington.

“Venezuela will not take part in future in any activity or event where there is an intention to take a position of interventionism or interference,” she said.

Predictably, Cuba issued a statement in support of Venezuela, referring to “another infamous and immoral decision of the discredited OAS”. Cuba was itself excluded from the OAS in 1962 but invited to rejoin in 2009 in “a process of dialogue initiated at the request of the government of Cuba, and in accordance with the practices, purposes, and principles of the OAS”.
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C. ben-David:

"See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" is the despicable guiding proverb of those OECS countries who voted against the resolution, all of them bought and paid for puppets of the evil Venezuelan regime.


Congratulations to CNN and “contributor” for sharing some “good news” for a change, concerning Venezuela. In the past we have had nothing but bias and negative reporting concerning Venezuelan issues.

Venezuela’s decision to exit OAS is a well founded decision based solely on “principle”, including the world-wide belief and longstanding accepted democratic norm of “non-interference in sovereign countries domestic affairs”.

OAS has proven to be complicit in a number of instances in its handling of the situation in Venezuela far removed from anything resembling impartiality, and the issuance of any resolution promoting “authentic dialogue” and “peaceful resolve”.

In agreement with spokesperson Geng Shuang of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, "We sincerely hope and believe that (Venezuelan) society can properly manage its internal affairs, maintain national stability and continue to achieve economic and social development".

On the question of St Lucia "breaking unity" in the ranks with other OECS members…, I can only surmise by saying “they must be under some outside pressure..."

H. James:

The way of the dictator is never a pleasant one especially when the money runs out! When the street begins to fill up with angry soles and hungry bellies cry out for food, the end for sure is very nigh!

So as “Venezuela formally notified the Organization of American States on Friday of its intention to leave the regional body amid sometimes violent protests at home and international calls for its embattled government to hold delayed elections and release prisoners” we witness the Venezuelan tragedy as it unfolds.

( )

The outcome as with all outcomes of this nature becomes extremely predictable as the death toll on the street rises. Fear ceases and indolence too is abated, giving rise to a primordial imperative for a collective response. As teeth are gritted, nostrils flared, sinuses stiffened with freedom sensed and recognised.


There can be no impartiality when Venezuela is starving and murdering its citizens whilst Maduro and the Chavez family along with the military hierarchy stuff their accounts with billions of dollars.

They should be suspended or chucked out of the OAS quick time never mind about giving them a two year process period.

As for what Peter would describe as the scum brigade chuck them out as well let all the arse creepers the Gonsalves of this world go join them.

Thank God that at least Lucia has now got a PM with some right wing spunk. No Vinciman it's not outside pressure it's inside common sense and decency.

Let the Caribbean drug cartel rot in hell together.


C. ben-David:

Sandra-cum-Peter, nice to hear from you from the land of the dead. I agree with your message and only add "good riddance to bad rubbish."

James H:

As the crowds march to a military jail in Venezuela, demanding the release of political prisoners and an opposition leader, Nicolas Maduro visits his old pal, perhaps to learn of “the comrade” some of his tricks of how to stay in power. Yet the Venezuelan mass would have none of “the old comrade’s” tricks.

Nicolas Maduro’s critics are accusing the President of moving towards a dictatorship, although many Venezuelans do say that they are already under his dictatorship and want him to resign. But Maduro says the opposition is conspiring with foreign entities, specifically the US, to destabilise the country.

Now, where have we overheard that before? When oppressed people rise up because of their oppression, it is never they, we are told, who are the prime mover for change, but some foreign enemy. Yet “he who feels it knows it”!

Shouting “socialism” and “foreign enemies” do not put food on a hungry man’s table, nor put right the wrongs perpetrated by grubby dictators and their discredited regimes, nor does those shouts corrects a failing economy that is in a sharp tail spin to nowhere.

Accountability sadly, often comes with the oppressors hanging from nasty gibbets.

C. ben-David:

Vinciman, adherence to the principle of “non-interference in sovereign countries domestic affairs” has never been a rigidly accepted or practiced principle of global politics but has long been tempered with the more immediate principle of "popular sovereignty" -- that a nation must be governed by the will and consent of the people.

The current regime in Venezuela while popularly elected, has now lost the permission of the majority of the people to be governed by the Maduro clique.

The people of Venezuela desperately need our help in ridding their country of this repressive, corrupt, and incompetent regime by any means necessary, including the violent overthrow of the government by a combination of internal and external force.

James H:

Venezuela is a country in severe crisis where Human rights has been ignored! A time bomb in the waiting and where the street deaths there can only increase before the will in its Dictatorship breaks! The call went out for a “Recall referendum” What recall Maduro ask, as the people takes to the street with their demands?

We see here that Maduro’s Venezuela is just yet another in the long line of “failed states” due to collective incompetence and personal greed of these so-called socialist.

Nicolas Maduro regime like his friend’s Ralph Gonsalves in SVG, has no idea what so ever as to how to run or grow an economy but relies on nepotism, cronyism and intimidation in their discredited rule.

Imaginative and creative Socialism they tell us will deliver wealth but all that they have given the hard pressed people is “sky high taxes” and even more and more poverty to our oppressed peoples.

How long, how long indeed before the M18 Claymore comes out, the RPG’s are held high, the crack of prolong gunfire fills both day and night and blackened bodies be seen swinging from wooden gibbets.


David you support the “meddling cartels” and think them worthy by your own admissions, as you would say “...proclivities” (I would say ruthlessness).

You say, “The people of Venezuela desperately need our help in ridding their country of this repressive, corrupt, and incompetent regime by any means necessary, including the violent overthrow of the government by a combination of internal and external force”. Really? You can’t be serious!

Article 1 of the OAS Charter says that the organization does not have the authority “to intervene in matters within the domestic jurisdiction of member states.” Who gives OAS (or you) this right then? I imagine if “the [your] people” really had their shit together they wouldn’t need any help from outsiders.

Moreover, (a) “The call for a regional response against Venezuela is not only a violation of the country’s sovereignty. It also shows a weakness of the opposition, notwithstanding its violent tactics and dangerous threat to the Bolivarian process.

(b) “The opposition has failed to present a viable program of economic and social stability and well being for the vast majority of Venezuelans, because what the right-wing opposition seeks is a return to the time when they, the 1%, ruled with complete domination”.

(c) “The intent is to disregard President Maduro’s “democratic legitimacy” and the constitutionality of his administration, and try to pave the way towards his removal, by engaging in violent demonstrations, misinformation, demoralization, and destabilization of the Maduro government”.

(d) “The governing coalition still has grassroots support, as noted by the massive pro-government turn out which you wouldn’t see on CNN, Dailymail, the Washington Post etc".

(e) According to a recent poll (Apr 9 2017) by the respected Hinterlaces organization, amidst the unfolding division within the opposition factions, support for the Maduro administration appears to be rising. “The PSUV remains the main political, social and cultural force of the country, and therefore capable of restoring the necessary backups for its continuation and strengthening” the report says”.

I made note about this grass root support in one of my articles entitled “Letter: Speaking about Venezuela: In SVG, we know who our friends are”.,-we-know-who-our-friends-are-29803.html

Unlike you, I would never advocate, interfere and or support the violent overthrow and or removal of any democratically elected government.

On the other hand, Venezuela isn’t a threat to anyone, not OAS, SVG or any country I can think of off the top of my head … can you?

Staying within context and a frame-work of common democratic decency when there still exist in Venezuela’s living experience, in a countries historical relevance “democratic legitimacy" and a people’s right to rule”, a minority cannot dictate the social economic and legal code prioritizing their own needs, to the detriment of the majority.

PSUV and the Maduro administration commands the majority and is still the “legitimate” government of Venezuela.

James H:

Just what is wrong with you Vinciman, stop sticking your head in the sand, facts are facts for sure. Here was a once very rich country that is so incompetently and badly managed by so-called socialists, it now has the highest inflation rate in the world, with its people seriously starving, food shortages and riots every, and every day god sends them, as the catastrophe unfolds so clearly to be seen by any onlooker.

Therefore, can we ask you, what planet are you living on Vinciman? Just watch and listen to the starving people themselves who are now on the street asking for a change in government!

These people are rioting and protesting with some now heading for every border that there is, earnestly looking to escape the unfolding disaster now befalling Venezuela.

Further, we see how normal it is for the elite who are not affected, to deny the starvation as a reality taking place in the country. Yet the street tells a different story!

The question for everyone Vinciman is, why would the dictatorship not concede to the recall and avoid the shooting and deaths, and go to an election?


I remember reading a series of articles over the years by Peter Binose when he looked into the future he saw all this already.


Whilst the Caribbean politicians get fat Venezuelan children starve

then see this and read the comments by Vinciman the ULP scum monger.

Sandra XXX


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