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Ruling party wins historic fourth term in St Vincent and the Grenadines
Published on December 10, 2015 Email To Friend    Print Version

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves wins historic fourth term in office

By Caribbean News Now contributor

KINGSTOWN, St Vincent -- The ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) led by Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves retained its slim majority of eight seats to the New Democratic Party (NDP) opposition’s seven in general elections held in St Vincent and the Grenadines on Wednesday.

However, the ULP has called for a recount in the North Leeward and South Leeward constituencies, both of which were won by the NDP.

"I am humbled and honoured that the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines embraced our bold vision for the future and rejected the politics of hate," Gonsalves said.

"We are looking into various issues in North Leeward and South Leeward and we are also calling for an immediate recount to ensure that all the votes are counted in those constituencies. There are more rejected ballots than the margin and those ballots should be examined closely to determine the intent of the voters,” he noted.

The leader of the opposition Arnhim Eustace won his seat against the ULP candidate Luke Brown by fewer than 50 votes.

Eustace said on local radio that many irregularities took place in his constituency of East Kingstown, including illegal voting, and contradictory voters list to agents.

Gonsalves called for national unity to address developmental challenges and move forward.

"We ask Vincentians to celebrate this victory in peace and maturity. Now is the time to come together as one nation to address our developmental challenges and move forward to uplift our nation and its people,” he said.
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Congratulations to the comrade PM the Honorable Ralph E Gonsalves, the ULP government and the wise electorate of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) for another magnificent "four consecutive win", despite the downright "despicable nasty vicious behavioral tactics” of the opposition NDP seeking to carry out once again a bound to fail “slanderous campaign of filth and lies”, all be it in an attempt to win the seat of government in SVG.

The opposition and its supporters have proven once again that they lack "moral substance" and the very basic requirements needed to persuade and or convince the people of SVG to hand them the mandate to govern. They lack modesty and decorum; they lack political wisdom, economic sense, and a social philosophy geared towards the understanding of the legal, moral and cultural questions, and to the development of novel theoretical frameworks, based on scientific principles and the study of human behavior, leading to a more gentler Vincentian society, like the “labor love” that was/is often displayed by the ruling ULP party and its supporters, that has proven once again that “love is the key”, even when “strategically” shared as in this election campaign with and between our ULP government and supporters to show how much we love and appreciate one another. FOUR IN A ROW!

Well I can go on and on expressing my joy, my sentiments and happiness for a fourth ULP win, a fourth term, but I’m also aware that my Caribbean News Now “fiends” would like to jump into the fray and ‘cuss’ me out, (and they are quite welcome) for being “oh so right and oh so strong” despite their cheap attempts at persuading their devils to block my every path, to stifle my voice, to take away my democratic rights, my freedom of speech and expression, to BLOCK MY IP ADDRESS thereby preventing me from entering Caribbean News Now web site, to silent Vinciman and to discourage or stifle dissent during the final days of the election campaign, so they can parade as usual on this Vincy page, in their anti-Gonsalves, anti-SVG manner, and not be worried by da Vinciman the best and the most effective so far to come along, to upset and prevent them from spreading all their lies, all their biasness, all their slander, their shameful "littering" which they call “letters” and “commentaries”, with the sole intent to belittle and destroy my beloved St Vincent and the Grenadines but to no avail. No can do punks, no can do, ever!

Well so long Punks (you know who you are) until 4 ¾ years when I shall return to “kick ass again”.

Until then continue writing, nay braying like a bunch of jackasses like you all are, losers all…

‘Lemma go an collect me reward’ for a job well done… nah tru? God is good!

“Singing in the rain, I’m singing in the rain,
Skipping to the bank, gonna ease my pain… ha! ha!ha

Eat all yo hearts out”!

C. ben-David:

1. As they have done in all previous elections, the opposition NDP immediately claimed that the vote counting had been rigged and that they had actually won the most seats. This is just a face saving ploy to keep the base energized by deflecting attention away from the failings of the party, especially its leadership and election strategies.

2. The positive policy message of the ULP resonated more with the electorate than the negativity emanating from the NDP.

3. The role of social media such as this site and Facebook were negligible, contrary to the pre-election opinions of many pundits, myself included, mainly because most voters do not access the Internet or are not moved by social media opinions however well they may be articulated or substantiated by evidence.

4. In poor countries like SVG, money counts a lot in winning elections. The ULP clearly outspent the NDP.

5. Rejoicing by ULP supporters will be short lived as the fowls come home to roost: the election promises will be broken one by one; few new jobs will be created; the national debt will keep piling up; government bills will continue go unpaid; the airport at Argyle will remain incomplete; no new hotels or resorts will be built; the cost of living will keep going up; aid from donor countries will go down or dry up; agricultural production will continue to stagnate; health care will still deteriorate; and the crime level and murder numbers will keep going up.

Sooner or later the populace will awaken from its drunken slumber and face the reality of a declining society and economy.

Dr. Dexter Lewis:

The Gonsalves Family dictatorship has not yet begun.

Serious claims of fraud against Gonsalves ULP have been made in the North Windward and especially Central Leeward seats.

Even ULP supporters appear stunned that they "won" as everyone can tell you of many prominent and non-prominent former ULP people who switched to the NDP, including one former chairman and 2 former ULP representatives.

In Central Leeward one poll box disappeared entirely and others were tampered with.


Start of the Gonsalves Family dictatorship will need to wait.

Peter Binose:

Hold on major fraud alleged that may stop Gonsalves from being sworn in.

Dr. Dexter Lewis:

Did the ULP try to do A PAPERWORK COUP D'ETAT in SVG?

It appears the ULP provided the tv people false returns then went on tv to claim victory.

The PM said he would be sworn in today at 1.30 pm. But the ULP were not declared winners by those responsible for conducting the polls. Nor had the responsible official (the Governor General) said anything about a "swearing in".

The same thing might have occurred last time. But this time the NDP was awake and waiting.


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