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Marketing Strategies Today: Ten digital trends that you need to know
Published on March 7, 2016 Email To Friend    Print Version


By Mitch Carson

When it comes to the success of your online business, it is vital for you to keep up with the latest trends. While you may or may not incorporate them into your future business strategy, too many online companies fall by the wayside when they ignore digital trends. Here are the ten latest trends that are currently having a major effect with online businesses.

Mitch Carson has been a pitchman on Home Shopping Network, CBS Radio host, and is the CEO of Impact Products Marketing in Los Angeles, CA. Reach him at or
Video is King

The explosion of video ads that has occurred over the past few years is only growing and today many social media sites like Facebook actually feel like video platforms. With video ads outperforming traditional static ads, it’s little wonder that it is seen as the king of marketing trends.

While it does take considerable effort to get into creating video ads, the payoff is considerable and growing thanks to the public appetite for video and what it delivers. Today, creating the viral video that reaches millions of potential customers is the goal of many online businesses and one that will only grow in the foreseeable future.

Going Mobile

Over the past several years consumers have been switching from computers and laptops to mobile devices to surf the web. For online businesses that do not have a presence either with a mobile or responsive website, they are missing out on the future of the internet. With mobile traffic now exceeding that found on computers and laptops, it is imperative that online businesses find ways to reach these new customers.

However, it will take more than just having a responsive website. Online businesses will have to take advantage of mobile marketing trends by thinking mobile first and developing the experience for these users. Otherwise, they risk being left behind.

Segmenting Customers

Studying customer data is one of the trademarks of online marketing trends and that will only continue in 2016. However, one method that is growing strong is segmenting customers according to the data collected so that you can better direct your marketing efforts. The good news is that there have been several tools developed in the past few years that allow businesses to better understand the type of customers that they serve.

Overall, it pays to use the data to segment your customer base so that you can direct better marketing efforts at each group for better results.

Creating a One-to-One Relationship with Customers

The idea of creating one-to-one customer relationships is nothing new. However, thanks to recent advances it is now easier than ever. Email campaigns that used to have general titles can now be personalized by incorporating the name of the person that you are reaching.

The more you can personalize your advertising, the better you can reach potential customers or get repeat business. This is one of the hottest marketing trends for a very good reason in that it separates your business from the rest.

Tougher Competition

It seems that every year the competition gets tougher and that is especially true when it comes to online marketing efforts. Today, more businesses are focusing their advertising in the online world, which means higher costs for keywords and less efficiency from the marketing techniques that you have used in the past. Facebook for example is being invaded by larger companies and corporations that make advertising more competitive.

Fortunately, there are several new digital trends that small online businesses can take advantage of in their niche marketing efforts.

More Reliance on Podcasting

It may seem that podcasts peaked a few years ago with so many comedians using them to help promote their careers. However, podcasting is still one of the strongest digital trends thanks to lower costs and greater penetration of the world market. In fact, podcasting is now becoming quite popular thanks to the intimacy that it brings much like radio when it is done correctly.

Growth of Paid Content Distribution

Creating great content is one thing, but having people see it is another challenge. This is why paid content advertising has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years. This form of distribution does require money upfront, but the benefits can be considerable thanks to the conversion rate if you can provide the best content for your site.

More Automation

Automation is a trend that has helped businesses since long before the internet came around. Today, there are more aspects of your online business that can be automated, which is why it is one of the most popular digital trends for 2016. This is particularly true for marketing automation which helps you reach more customers. The best way to start is seeing what aspects of your business are causing the biggest holdups and adding automation from that point.

Become More Interactive

Interactive content may have arrived in 2016 as arguably the most popular of all digital trends. This is the type of content that allows customers to fully engage in what is being presented and not just reading it. From quizzes to surveys to infographics and more, you will want to create more interactive content to help fully immerse your customers in the content that you are providing.

It is important because it not only provides better engagement, but also better value for your customers that they will appreciate.

The Growth of Hybrid Advertising

This form of advertising has grown considerably and may be one of the most prominent marketing trends of the past few years. Many successful companies have managed to create content that is part information and part advertising which is a concept that goes back long before the internet was created. Today, media sites are creating this type of content faster than ever and the lines between what is an ad and what is content are being blurred to an even greater degree. For your business, taking advantage of hybrid advertising helps channel customers through your sales funnel and makes it one of the best digital trends of 2016.

Overall, by following the new trends in the online marketplace, you can get a step ahead of your competition and find new ways to reach potential customers.
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