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Letter: The new city - Part 2
Published on March 18, 2017 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

After proper planning, we must put in place proper and basic developmental infrastructure that will facilitate ready habitation. Infrastructure such as: roads, electricity, water, human waste disposal system and cater for the nearby solid waste disposal site to be upgraded to handle the expected added volume of waste that a development of this magnitude the new city will create. Or if there is an appropriate parcel of land to make a new waste disposal site, the parcel of land of the current solid waste disposal can be included into the new city.

Land zoning and use:

It is important for a new city to incorporate proper land zoning of the lands to be developed and a separate building code should be developed to accommodate this venture. There must be specific areas that are designated living or domestic, commercial, recreational use, etc., as well as if there is going to be a multipurpose area and the location of such area.

i. The building types: residential, commercial, recreation,

ii. Type of business to have there and type of buildings and a strict adherence to the building code should also be developed for the buildings that will be a part of this new city. In other words, uniformity.

iii. Type of government service available: post office, police station, hospital or clinic, etc.

It is important to note that the first part of any city is the designation and the making available of land for housing. As long as there are residents, the business community will then began to invest to satisfy the needs of the community.

To save you the time and the headache; I have took the time to do the needed research and I have prepared a drawing (drawing is not to scale) to simplify the information and the critical things that one should consider when planning a new city.

Because we are working with about 281 acres of land and the topography of the land is relatively flat and somewhat rectangular, it makes planning this city a fairly simple one. There are things we must consider when we are laying out the city blocks. We must take into account block size; a pedestrian friendly block is about 260 feet to 480 feet long. Anything over 480 feet is considered unfriendly to pedestrians. The smaller the blocks, the more roads that must be put in, the higher the infrastructural cost, and the less land will be made available for sale and development.


Given the topography of the area it is estimated that there will be approximately 45.3 miles of road to be constructed. These road should be constructed prior sale of the land begin. It is important that these roads be constructed at a gradient that will facilitate consistent water runoff; thus eliminating the flood problem. These roads will be two lanes, ten feet wide per lane, curbside parking space of seven feet wide on each side of the road, with a six-foot sidewalk with a one-foot surface gutter on each side to aid the easy run off of surface water.

On the issue of road construction please consult the article: Are SVG government ministers becoming rich from road construction and repairs? It is important that these roads meet proper road construction stipulation, because they will be left for a long while unutilized. I say again, it is also important that the road contractors build such road with a gradient that will facilitate proper water runoff that will alleviate the possibilities of flooding and regular damage to property during the rainy season. The sidewalk lay should be followed by new city code that will not allow developers to construct any permanent structure within six feet of the preexisting side walk. This is to facilitate future and new development.

City blocks, volume of land and land dimension:

This city will consist of approximately 37 blocks with an average of 4.32 acres of land per block to be developed. There will be five roads stretching north to south and eleven roads stretching from east to west. This layout will see the best utilization of the land space while producing pedestrian friendly block size of approximately 444 feet by 423 feet diameter, fairly large but pedestrian friendly block size. This size block will reduce the amount of roads to be constructed and greatly reduce the infrastructural cost of the developers.

The width of the passage way (road, sidewalk, and curb side parking) is to facilitate future development of this city; to cater for the development of this area with 30, 40 or 50 floor building and more without creating an alley effects. It also provides the opportunity to widen the road to accommodate an increase in vehicle traffic, without interfering with the permanent structures.

Connecting old village and existing road:

Another thing we must also consider is the opportunity to properly connect the new city with the existing neighbourhood in and around the new city. This can be done by connecting the new city by Cassan Hill extensions as well as by connecting the new city with Vigi Highway South. In the case of connecting the new city with Vigi Highway will see relocations of some residents in order to construct roads and bridges. There should be at least two new bridges; as it is clearly shown in the plan.

In service to my county (St Vincent and the Grenadines).

Allan H. F. Palmer

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I must commend you for taking time off to put together this informative piece. This is one of the most positive essay I've seen in a long time coming from Allan H Palmer. At least, you've came up with a developmental plan, unlike C.Ben David, the man with no vision. I have nothing good to say about Ben.

Right now, Ben has become the laughing stock on CNN. The man has absolutely little or no support. How could you called yourself a social critic, and never offer positive feedback on anything. In my opinion, this man is a lost case. Take for instance newspaper Editorial, they critique, but offer positive feedback. They often come up with an alternative, or solution. I may not like Markie's politics, but the man seems to be a bit more supportive. All of Ben's work reduced to zero. Here's a man who've spent a considerable amount of time, pulling down the AIA, bashing our tourism product, sallying SVG's name, and yet his message haven't resonated.

Fourty seven pieces of thrash. Go and feed the poor, shelter the homeless, that would have make more sense than writing crap.

In spite of his negative attack, we've seen increased tourist arrivals. More Foreign Direct Investment. AIA has gotten more support than one would have expected, not only that. They've gotten more likes, viewed thousands upon thousands of times. Business houses have been more supportive of the airport, in terms of commercials. Today, I read in the newspaper Easysky airlines, based in Honduras, recently held discussion with AIA official, to construct a hangar at AIA, and to train people. They also exploring the possibility of daily flights to several South American countries. Starting from the end of March, 2017. According to the news item, based on positive feedback on February 14, 2017, most of the folks, that came in on that flight, were Cubans. They've purchased a number of items to take back home, among them flat screen television etc. The Guyanese onboard also spent up to $5,000 US dollars on that day.

Hold on Ben, more work in the pipeline for AIA. This is just the beginning of what's to come.

We will make you look small.

Allan H. F. Palmer:


I notice you have took the attention from the content of this document and you put it on C. Ben-David. What did Ben-David did to you why you are trying to bully Ben-David? Is it because you are aware that Ben-David have a PhD and he is more intelligent than Ralph Gonsalves and his PhD and his intelligent surpassed that of Ralph Gonsalves and he will be taken more serious than and he will uncover the dirty panty Ralph is wearing.

So the big question is what did C. Ben-David did to you that you are trying to bully him into silence?


Allan, I am not trying to bully anyone. Let us not go down that road. Say what? Brighter than whom, PM Gonsalves? Must be joking. You are being bamboozled by Ben.

Ben kept saying nasty things about my country, and don't like it. I have no problem if he attack government policies/projects. Take for instance, if you have your kids, and someone maliciously bothered them, how would you feel? Wouldn't you step in and say something? I am not going to sit idle and allow folks to pull down Vincy, and stay silent. Allan, it seems like you have personal beef with the PM. Gonsalves is more focused on the country's development, than to be wasting time.

If I have my last dollar, I would rather bet it on Ralph Gonsalves,day or night, than Ben David. Thrust me.

Ralph is an intellectual, has his weakness, and his strength. Written a couple of books, lectures to Colleges, Universities etc.

Bring it on. Please give us some insight on Ben David? Rest my case.

Allan H. F. Palmer:

The comparison of the child just do not do justice to the comparison you are trying to make. In that C. Ben-David has as much rights to St. Vincent and the Grenadines are you have. So that make your child Ben’s child also. So it make you and ben as well as every Vincentian home and away co-parent of that bastard child.

On the issue of intelligence, I am not fooled by C. Ben-David and I am sure not deceived by Ralph dunce-man Gonsalves. I know without a doubt C. Ben David is a much more intelligent man than Ralph Gonsalves. Gonsalve have master the art of speaking and saying nothing. Ralph Gonsalves is even weak in writing the English Language. Go back to the published Articles of Gonsalves on this forum and see how poorly the man writes, he mash up the Grammar bad, bad, bad. Observer if you are not Ralph E. whom I really think you are you are deceived by Dunce man Gonsalves


This would be my last input on this particular subject, I'd complimented you on an excellent piece, but instead of acknowledging this you pivoted the discussion on Ben. David has disrespected my country on a continuous basis, that why I'd taken this approach. Where were you when he'd uttered these words: "Vincentian Passport is not good enough to clean his wife a**"? He went on to call Vincentians, backward among others. That's disrespectful.

Allan, your fixation on Ralph is not helping your cause. I am a sailor, working for the second largest cruise company within the cruise industry. I always make it my business to walk with a couple of Inns and Outs magazine, along with a couple of bouchers to distribute.

On my Facebook page, you'll see lots of videos, photos, of SVG. No one told me to, but I choose to out of love for country. That's why I can proudly say I'm a PATRIOT! I only used pictures of my country as background profiles.

I rest my case.

Allan H. F. Palmer:


In all honesty you cannot love your country and support Ralph Gonsalves. We all talk patriotism but our actions says other. Patriotism is more than putting up picture and video of SVG it is forgetting about preference and friendship and be willing to kick even your friends in the balls for what is good for your country. It is doing what is good and right in the face of monumental opposition.

My thing is not about Ralph Gonsalves, my thing is about strength and doing what is right and in the best interest of our country. At this time Ralph is no good for and is destroying little S.V.G and I will not be quiet as long as he holds a post of authority.

You don't understand what it is meant to be a patriot. However you have learnt and you are good at being a fan and a supporter. There is no one that is as blind as the one who refuse to see. Observer have a good day. Until the next article.


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