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Letter: Modern day slave master: The Willie Lynch syndrome
Published on February 12, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

The gruesome period of slavery was stained with the blood, sweat, and the tears of the Negro race. I speak of the period of African slavery. During this time of history, Western owners of African slaves saw an escalation of slave insurrection which was becoming a common problem; as a result, the slave owners were using stringent measures to gain a handle on the situation; measures that made the slaves less productive, such as amputation of body parts or death. These measures were designed to discourage the dangerous and costly occurrences, such as revolts, sabotage, etc.

This was a dark period in black history and this era saw the rise of a slave owner whose personification was constructed of pure hate for the black race and an uncanny desire to protect and maximize the profitability of his investment (slave and the other benefits of owning a plantation). This man was William Lynch but he is better known as Willie Lynch. In desperation for a solution, the slave owner Willie Lynch stumbled upon a solution. This plan was instrumental in dismantling the unity and common goal of freedom that lent cohesiveness and secrecy to the plans and execution of the actions of rebellion and sabotage by the enslaved blacks.

Lynch went about sowing the seeds of distrust and betrayal as he created an atmosphere of disunity among the enslaved. He took advantage of every difference he found among the community and he used them to his benefit but to the African captives’ detriment. Lynch used simple and insignificant differences to divide the community; he put the tall negro against the short negro, the light skinned negro against the dark skinned negro, the negro who worked in the house against the negro that worked in the field; the male against the female; as a result, total chaos ensued on the plantations among the Africans.

The masters developed new method of punishment to complement the brutal order that was prevalent. Therefore, acts of disloyalty were not only punished with amputations, castration, death, etc. that was common; but other subtle means of punishment were implemented. The enslaved that were considered disloyal to their masters and his management system were also punished with demotion, they were sold to plantations that were more cruel than the one on which they lived, while the slaves who betrayed the movement to gain freedom and better treatment were rewarded with a promotion.

As a result, this system saw field slaves who betrayed the cause of freedom given cushy assignments in the master’s house; these slaves were not willing to trade their new life of ease for anything; while the enslaved that worked in the house or in some other position of ease, who were believed to have been disloyal to their masters but loyal to the cause of freedom, were banished to the agonizing toil and maltreatment of the field, they were separated from their family or sold to plantations with a greater level of cruelty.

Because of the total lack of trust that became prevalent within the Negro community, the black captives lost sight of the big picture of freedom, a right they once had and wanted again; if not for themselves but for their children. Unfortunately, the state of disunity and betrayal that existed in the community was instrumental in changing the objective into one that saw the enslaved community becoming preoccupied with attaining a life of ease for themselves rather than freedom they once held dear. As a result of the prevalence of betrayal that existed, It became dangerous even to be seen consulting together, for to be so seen was an opportunity for some desperate slave to fabricate a story to attain for him or herself a life of ease.

When Willie Lynch saw the effectiveness of sowing seeds of division, divisiveness and betrayal among the enslaved and the fruitfulness such had, he became the champion of the control of the enslaved race; as a result, during 1712, William Lynch went on a tour of the Caribbean, North America, Central America and Europe, teaching the art of that which worked well for him.

Unfortunately for Vincentians who were deceived by one who holds fast to the ideologies of and have been partially successful in implementing the oppressive system of slavocracy in a modern era, and one who spares no effort in publicly reminding us of his proud protégées descendants (the race who crafted the slaves trade), this person is none other than the prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines: Ralph Gonsalves.

Gonsalves is no doubt a student of William ‘Willie’ Lynch, who with care has tactically implemented the very concept of Lynch’s technique within St Vincent and the Grenadines. Yes, Ralph Gonsalves has intentionally destroyed the mentality, independence, and integrity of an entire nation to accomplish a selfish and hateful purpose.

Lest Vincentian associated with the NDP, after reading this document, come to the conclusion that the poison that was administered by Ralph E. Gonsalves was only fed to, ingested and digested by the members of the Unity Labour Party and all who support them, I would like to shake you out of this belief by letting you know this is not the case.

The administration of this poison of betrayal, jealousy, selfishness, laziness and a desire to attain for oneself a life of ease, at the expense of honesty, dedication, hard work and integrity now runs in the psyche of most Vincentians on both side of the political aisle. Today, the supporters of the ULP are like the house slaves, living a life of ease, daily eating of the droppings of the master’s table, while the supporters of the New Democratic Party (NDP) are like the field slaves waiting in agony on their opportunity to get into the master’s house. Unfortunately for the NDP supporters, such access the master’s house can only be attained in two ways:

1. By betraying the opposition (NDP) party that now provides a community to them in this their state of oppressiveness, hard time and frustration.

2. By waiting until the party they support (NDP) gain the reins of political power.

We have seen people who once stood in bitter opposition to Ralph E Gonsalves and his ULP jump ship and betray the values they once held dear in favour of those upheld by the ULP, the same values they thought were corrupt, oppressive, and unlawful; in the same breath we have seen those within the Unity Labour Party who for one reason or the other were excommunicated from that party, saw fit to be aligned with the field slaves, wishing for that day when they will once again dwell in the house of the master, who ever that master may be.

However, there are a few independent thinkers who refuse to lose sight of the big picture and who are willing to be accused, ridiculed and ostracized for that which is right for all; the freedom to exist and operate based on the dictates of their conscience. Unfortunately, these people are pronounced as enemies of the state, as was declared by both parties and their supporters.

These free spirits refuse to buy into the oppressive ideologies of either party but they hold fast to those plans, policies, movement and thinking that can benefit all of the people and it matters not who presents such, they will give their support and blessing to any such idea if the motives are right, and oppose anything that will take away from the independence of mind and action and the ability to live as their conscience dictates.

Where do you fall? If you are one who holds the party line for no other reason than it is the party’s policy, plans, objective or stance, then you are just a slave trying to make the best of an imposed situation. Or are you one who will endure persecution to do what is right for all, a seeker of justice regardless upon whose head the hammer of justice falls. It is important to note, the people who fall in this (the latter) category, even though they are enslaved, they cannot and will never be slaves.

Allan Palmer
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Vinci Vin:

Dear Mr. Palmer:

While I cannot attest to any machinations of Ralph Gonsalves pertaining to setting Vincentians against Vincentians for political reasons/power, I do emphatize with the thrust of your essay ... what a beautifully written essay! Here is why:

Members of my family tree have benefitted and suffered from changing political times in SVG. If you recognize the names Ordan Graham (cousin from both his mother and father sides), Matthew Thomas (cousin), Phillip Burke (cousin), Selmon Walters (cousin to Matthew, Ordan, Phillip and I, his great grand-mother being the sister of my paternal grandmother)you will understand what I am hinting about. With the exception of Selmon with whom I have only a passing acquaintance, Ordan, Matthew and Phillip figured hugely in my early life as our parents were quite close and the parents were role models in family cohesion for us, the children. So it was no surprise when we collectively took pride in Matthew's academic and professional successes, Phillip of Phillip Business Machines entrepreneurial activities and Ordan's agricultural and other ventures.

Although politics and politicians might have sown seeds of divisiveness among my relatives, I am confident that the familial ties that bind us will endure. In fact, if we, Vincentians would take the time to study and reflect on how our parents, grand-parents, great-grand parents et al operated in decency, industriousness, familial love, close kinship, and general goodwill to all of their neighbors we will foster a stronger nation for the betterment of all. But we must be vigilant to protect ourselves from any force that might covertly or overtly use deceptive practices, be it persons or political parties, to wreak havoc among us for their benefit and to our collective detriment. As Bob Marley highlighted we must work to "Emancipate our selves from mental slavery ... none but us can free our minds .."

My Vincy brother, you are certainly a man of deep thoughts.

Best regards,

Vinci Vin


ALLAN, a brilliant piece, spot on historically factually.

I notice you did not mention that the Portuguese family from Madeira, Gonsalves past family, including Antonio Gonsalves took the first 8 slaves from a beach on the coast of South West Africa.

Also that Christopher Columbus the great slave trader, married into the same Portuguese Madeira Gonsalves family.

So yes your quite right it's probably just like diarrhoea it runs in your JEANS.

Forrest Franks:

Ummm, kind of sounds like here in the U.S. Democratic vs. Republican party. Divide and conquer.


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