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Commentary: Your sexuality is your choice not your DNA
Published on May 29, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

By Kendia Laramore

I'm sorry to the people that will be offended by this note, but honestly I need to get this out.

Homosexuality has become the new epidemic disease and it needs to be addressed.

A friend of mine sent me an article today from the UK about the a petition being circulated on the internet for the same-sex union of two notable children’s character figures of Sesame Street, Bert and Ernie. Let's take a minute and read that again, then think. This world needs to stop and take a minute and look at who we have allowed to have a voice.

Kendia Laramore is from The Bahamas and she is very passionate about writing. Her ultimate dream is to become a successful author and share her characters and stories with people. She may be contacted at
Being gay is a choice. Not one human being that was ever created from the earth's inception, neither from "man's conception was born gay. There is no genetic "homosexual trait" that is, or ever was passed on. A being chooses their sexual orientation based on what they have allowed themselves to be exposed to or enriched their minds with. I will repeat this: homosexuality is a choice; no one was created that way.

In the first book of the Bible, aka the first book of Moses, God created Man. When God saw that Man was lonely and that he needed to nurture his desire for companionship, he gave him a Woman. He did not give him a man, nor did he ask him whether he wanted someone genetically made like himself; God gave Man Woman for the purpose of reproducing in his likeness. It is genetically impossible for a man to reproduce.

It bothers me to know that human beings now want to instill in the minds of children that it is an accepted concept for same sex unions to be optional or alternative to what God's blueprint for mankind’s sexual orientation is supposed to be. This is sick. Children are impressionable and if we want to allow children to watch their fictional characters engaging in these immoral acts, then why is it not okay for the world to accept pedophiles?

By definition, a pedophile is an adult with sexual desires for children. Okay, what if the pedophile is a homosexual? You already want your children to think it’s okay for same sex unions from a television, why not let an adult teach them? Why not let a 30-year-old man a babysitter perhaps rub on the parts of your five year old son and then "prepare the buttocks" of your five year old son and show him that this is "okay"? You know why not; because for the most part human beings tend to justify everything to suit their own needs and actions.

Of course, that won't be accepted because it's wrong. What is the difference? Clearly there is none. The theory and the practical are all of the same contextual subject. Do we not understand that tomorrow's children are the change hoped for today? Why is it that we are so blind to the devil's work? If we corrupt the change of the future then we remain stagnated in our present state, and there will be no change.

In Matthew, God specifically says, woe to them that suffer his little ones. I don’t know about any of you, but the word "woe" does not predict smiles, parties, or anything delightful happening. Where are the saints? Where are the Christians? It is our duty to be heard.

It is our duty, as the "Rainbow Alliance" and other such parties vocalize their "rights" and demands for equality and other such ludicrous demands, to be advocates for what is morally correct and what God says is acceptable in his sight.

It is absurdly ridiculous to ask a Christian nation to accept same sex marriage. Have these people really become so entangled in their own web of deceit that they believe that this can be accepted in God's eyes?

It’s as if the world has become inebriated by this immoral condemnation of spiritual values and precepts.

I can't say enough how sick I am of this topic and these people. The Bible is and will always be the truth. God destroyed two cities and we all know the age old story of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19). If homosexuality was "okay", why did God destroy them? They were human beings, right? They were his creations, right? Yes and yes, but that is not what he said was supposed to be their sexual orientation.

But we ignore one little tiny factor that is also a part of that story. The angels instructed Lot and his family to not look back. In other words don’t regret leaving this filth; don’t desire to stay a part of a people that grieves God. But his wife was sorrowful and she didn’t want to leave; she was "comfortable" living amongst them so she had to see it one more time. God made her into a pillar of salt. It’s that serious. God hates homosexuality.

Another point "these people" like to make is that "we are all God's children". Listen to me very carefully, homosexuals, you are not a child of God unless you have repented of your sins and have asked him to be your saviour. Until that is done, you are and can claim to be his creation.

To my friends and family, I implore you if you have family members or friends that live this "alternative" lifestyle, I ask you the ones that know God to show them the error in their choices and show them that their souls are condemned to eternal damnation to live with the devil and his angels in hell. Homosexuality is a sin and the act of it is repulsive, it’s sickening, and it is destructive to your very soul. I know this because I once knew this lifestyle but I chose to choose God and let him show me the error of my foolish decisions.

God is real, Hell is real, and the devil is real. Homosexuality is a strategy of the devil; there is no part of God in it and he takes no pleasure in the people that partake of it. The Bible is very clear on the way the sexual orientation of man is supposed to be.

I have so much more I would like to touch on this subject, but I think i will save it for my address elsewhere. But I leave you all with this: homosexuality will never be accepted by God and he will never destroy something that he wants to have for himself. Think about that.

God bless you all.
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I felt like I was back in an old church somewhere in deep rural "back-a-bush"...

The author is entitled to her opinions... What was most evident throughout the article was HATE and that in and of it self is sad...

To each his own...Move on...

Neil Mayor:

im sorry to love but everyone dont believe in god or his blueprints

Neil Mayor:

God ,Hell and the devil are all illusions created by man because he has a mind that has made him realise his mortality and he cannot cope with mortality so he has needed to invent an after-life.Religon is a way of controlling man invented by other men to feed into this fear


Hey Neil, not because you don't believe there is a God means that He does not exist. You and me are just a little ant in this huge atmosphere that can be crushed without any effort whatsoever. Your opinion does not really matter when it comes to the power of God. You are nothing buddy. I am nothing. Kendia is nothing. You better watch what you say. My advice to you is, if there is a possibility that God does NOT exist, then there is also a possibility that He does exist. If I were you, I would play the game safe and get to know this God that the Bible talks about. Accept Him into your life. At the end of your life, you would not have lost anything by believing that He exists. As a matter of fact, you will have lots to gain. But on the other hand by not believing in Him and not accepting Him you might find your soul in the same Hell that you don't believe exists. Weigh the balance and think about it. Get on the safe side. If you don't, then one day your life here on earth would be revealed to you when you get to the other side and you will remember this message.


The author of this article is beyond ignorant. If you truly believe that gay people have chosen to be gay, you obviously don't know any gay people. People should be allowed to be themselves without having to worry about ignorant people putting them down because they dont understand and dont want to understand.

How did you ever get published???

Allan Palmer:

GV: the author of this piece is expressing her views as she sees it. Knowing gay people do not mean that you are expose to the turth about their life and feelings. Everyone tells you the things about themselves they want you to know and that is not necessary the turth.

I believe like this author does and I am assuming that the author's believe came from her moral, spirituality and her understanding of her self as a human. So to say that this author is ignorant, is being unrealistic. She wrote a piece base on her knowledge, could it be you are ignorant to her prospective, or to your feelings as a gay person if you are, or could it be you are ignorant of the true nature of homosexuality.

Just saying.

Paco Smith:

I share the author's view on this matter and therefore enjoyed the article.

It was well written and her opinion was expressed both clearly and succinctly.

Inevitably, everyone has an opinion on what is unfortunately becoming a hot-button topic as it appears as though traditional notions of morality are coming under attack, on a variety of levels.

Allen Palmer, you also made several poignant points, especially with regard to what another poster referred to as ignorance.

What struck me the most is the fact that people are actually circulating an online petition for the same-sex union of Bert and Ernie on "Sesame Street". That is mind-boggling and virtually on the level of being beyond preposterous.

What is the world coming to?

Brynx Soogi:

This rant, because it cannot be said to be anything but a rant is unfortunate. It is especially unfortunate that this young woman is so misguided as to use this as a piece of her curriculum vitae with aspirations for becoming a writer. With this one piece she has erased her ambitions. A writer first should develop the habit of doing research. This means going into a library and reading objectively. So write just from opinion shows a deep lack of understanding of what it takes to write professionally. I refer this young lady to a piece that I found more representative of proper writing and research : . I suggest she reads it in order to become more familiarized with the topic she's ranting on, and also see the amount of back work was done in producing this small piece.


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