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Commentary: St Kitts-Nevis CBI program and the Medellin Cartel
Published on February 11, 2017 Email To Friend    Print Version

By Kenneth Rijock

I see that one of the Astaphans, the one from St Kitts, has written an extensive commentary seeking to discredit me, claiming that I am an instrument of the Dominican opposition. I am afraid that the gentlemen knows nothing about me and my 25-year career, including trips to testify before US Congress, battling money laundering in its many forms.

Kenneth Rijock is a banking lawyer, turned career money launderer for ten years, turned compliance officer specialising in enhanced due diligence, and a financial crime consultant. His autobiography “The Laundry Man” was published in the UK on 5 July 2012
Perhaps he might like to read my autobiography before accusing me of being a hired gun for certain Dominican politicians. Shoot the messenger appears to be the modus operandi for Caribbean lawyers unhappy with the truth.

I call it like I see it, and let me share my personal St Kitts CBI experience with him and the readers.

The St Kitts CBI program

The year was 1984, when the newly-independent Federation of St Christopher and Nevis, more commonly known as St Kitts and Nevis, unveiled the first citizenship by investment program in the Eastern Caribbean. Again, I was a regular visitor; my attorney was the late William Valentine Herbert, Jr., the foreign minister, UN, US and OAS ambassador, minister plenipotentiary without portfolio, and the founder of PAM, the Peoples' Action Movement.

Dr Herbert briefed me on the virtues of the citizenship by investment program and the ability of SKN passport holders to enter the countries of the Commonwealth of Nations, visa free. I took that information to my clients, and soon enough one of them came to my office seeking to qualify and obtain a St Kitts passport.

The passport photographs of the applicants included two individuals whose last name was Ochoa, and who were regarded as “kingpins”, by the US Department of Justice. That did not bother Mr Herbert. Medellín Cartel? No problem; just make the deposits into an escrow account, he advised. I followed his instructions to the letter.

Shortly thereafter, one of the individuals who was an applicant was arrested by the DEA. Dr Herbert, when advised of this incident, said not to worry about the application, just obtain a certificate of good conduct from some local police department somewhere, and submit it.

What I am saying is that the fact that your name was Fabio Ochoa Vázquez was not a barrier to becoming an applicant for a St Kitts passport, according to the country's foreign minister. Had he not been assassinated, reportedly by the IRA, he would have eventually become the prime minister. He did speak for St Kitts.

Fabio Ochoa Vázquez, Medellín Cartel kingpin and Kittitian-in-waiting, is now serving a 30-year sentence in an American prison.
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1. This is an appeal to all journalists in the region to be weary of the false information you are fed from Linton. Yes Linton has been a well established journalist for his entire career and has developed good relationships with the media, but this does not mean the media can falsely and incorrectly report on matters that Linton feeds to his friends at the various news outlets.

2. Let's look at the recent "protest" that degenerated into a riot. The press reported that there were thousands protesting against the Government but if those journalists did their correct fact checking, evidence clearly shows no more than 400 people showed up. Linton fed the media a different story.

3. The media has a duty to bring the correct information to the public - why is this not happening?

4. Linton dabbles with the unlawful and lawless - first, he hires a criminal to write blogs to smear the name of the country. Second- despite false promises of a peaceful riot, Linton finds hooligans and misfits to go around rioting, damaging and smashing up the town.

5. Why does he create all this drama - well there can be no other reason than the fact that he knows that he will never become Prime Minister through a democratic process. He doesn't have a majority or any real power so he knows he can't become PM without taking this approach to demonise the current Government and bring the country to its knees through protests, riots and violence.

6. The resultant effect of this Machiavellian approach is that he is not only discrediting the Government but he is giving every Dominican a bad name. Linton is vilifying the name of the "Commonwealth of Dominica"

7. Mr Linton, if in the unlikely event that you become PM, the continued damage that you are doing now, will be irreparable, even under your leadership.
8. Don't you realise you are shooting yourself in the foot! The people of Dominica should understand this.

9. Dominicans have always been known as the friendliest and gentlest in the region but the way the international world is starting to view the country as violent rioters, is causing damage that runs so deep that it does not only affect our reputation but it effects the investments coming in, and the economy of the country. People of Dominica, You do not have to believe me now- it is only when the black mark is so indelibly on our name that you will realise that no one will be a winner.

10. What is happening now is much worse than the damage caused by Storm Erika

11. The question we need to ask ourselves is " At what cost does Linton want to become PM"

Michael Davis:

Why is Kenneth Rijock avoiding answering my questions? He wrote this diatribe above, dropping names for what purpose?

How did this article by Kenneth Rijock add anything to the discourse ? It only proves that he has worked for criminals. What is the purpose?

Ken spen some time answering my questions - because you going to do so - be it now - or under oath.

Anthony W Astaphan:

Mr Davis,

Rijock disclaims any connection with the Opposition in Dominica. He is lying. We have transparent documentary evidence to show he is lying. More over, he went on a Dominica opposition radio, and made a thorough j-----s of himself. I will share the transcripts with you.

convicted criminal, con artist and very likely being paid to do this smear campaign. But its his ignorance that gets to me. He tries to respond to Dwyer Astaphan by referring to his own criminal collusion with the late Billy Herbert to get St Kitts passports for the Colombian cartel. He does not even know that Herbert was part of the PAM Government of which Dwyer Astaphan was never a part. More profoundly, he fails to acknowledge to fundamental changes to the programs in St Kitts and elsewhere over the last 25 years. [ See].

In my view, Rijock is intellectually dishonest and a con.

Anthony W Astaphan:

Rijock went on Q 95. He was asked the specific question about evidence for the sale of diplomatic passports. The following is the exchange and his answer.

"Matt: Let me ask you a question, a final question. Do you think, sir, that the diplomatic passports that we are talking about were paid for by these people?

Kenneth Rijock: Well, let me just tell you, if you saw one of my recent articles, a Dominican now living in the country called me up and told me that as a public service he called one of the sellers, one of the agents of the Citizenship by Investment Programme the other day and he was told, he pretend to be a British national looking for a diplomatic passport, he was told that he could have one for $500,000 and an $80,000 commission to the agent. And the money needed to go to a bank account in Singapore. If that doesn’t smell like five-day old fish I don’t know what is.

Matt: You know what, I am going to wrap it up here. Kenneth, we will be talking again sometime."

This Rijock has been smearing my country, and when asked for his evidence of the alleged sales of diplomatic this was his asinine response

"Kenneth Rijock: Well, let me just tell you, if you saw one of my recent articles, a Dominican now living in the country called me up and told me that as a public service he called one of the sellers, one of the agents of the Citizenship by Investment Programme the other day and he was told, he pretend to be a British national looking for a diplomatic passport, he was told that he could have one for $500,000 and an $80,000 commission to the agent. And the money needed to go to a bank account in Singapore. If that doesn’t smell like five-day old fish I don’t know what is."

For persons who do not know, Rijock in 2017 was referring to an allegation made against a lawyer in 2011!![ See].

This is the con artist's evidence to support his smear against Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit. I am therefore compelled to ask, just how dishonest can Rijock get??


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