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Commentary: Dominica: Skerrit must go
Published on April 13, 2017 Email To Friend    Print Version

By Rebecca Theodore

Skerrit must go because he has betrayed the will of the people of Dominica. Skerrit must go because he has disturbed global peace and security with the sale of diplomatic passports to scoundrels, fugitives, and money launderers fleeing justice. Skerrit must go because after nearly two decades of economic and political dysfunction, the people of Dominica are sinking deeper into oppression and poverty. Skerrit must go because he is a detriment to the cohesive bonds of Caribbean history and the long-held freedoms enjoyed by the people of the Caribbean.

Rebecca Theodore is an op-ed columnist based in Washington, DC. She writes on national security and political issues. Follow her on twitter @rebethd or email at
And while the frenzy of Dominica nationalistic voices pervades the gloom, the despotic regime of Roosevelt Skerrit in Dominica is resolute on destroying peace and security in the region and the world at large. This time, the corrupted administration has hired a crisis management team and seized the free independent press as a vehicle to their propaganda, to further confuse the poor and illiterate people of Dominica that his government is working.

According to Dominica for the Defense of Democracy, the Dominica government is refusing to deliver a full justification of the large sums of money paid to them or third parties for the issuance and the names of the holders of diplomatic passports under the Citizenship by investment program; and for setting up a commission of inquiry to consider the matter of passport sales. The Dominica government refuses to pass a Foreign Service Act to govern the running of Dominica's foreign affairs and appointment of personnel for foreign service. The Dominica government refuses to issue voter identification cards to ensure electoral reform. The Dominica government continues to arrest and threaten opposition and civil society activists who demand integrity in governance and seek to preserve and promote Dominica's democracy.

More significantly, the Chief of Police acting under the auspices of the Dominica government continues to suppress the democratic rights of the people to peaceful assembly and protest.

Indeed, the Skerrit administration on the Caribbean island of Dominica has evoked the clauses of fascism with the oppression of civic autonomy, thereby rendering civil society the main enemy of his dictatorship.

In addition to the bribery of money and gifts in exchange for votes that continue to pervert the democratic process in Dominica, new research presents a frightening picture. Humanitarian relief to assist Dominica and Dominicans by friendly governments, NGO’s, and other philanthropy organizations in its recovery from damages suffered by tropical storm Erica about two years ago, is now used as a ploy to garner votes in a snap election by the ruling regime.

Clearly, the Dominica labor party continues to default on the principle of freedom and reform of the electoral process. In turn, the Dominica populace is being tuned into generational beggars instead of being an equipped citizenry with a means of sustainable development for progress and independence.

In all truism, the incompetence and corruption of the Dominica government, the mishandling of Citizenship by investment funds and the refusal for electoral reform undermines economic growth in Dominica. It also impends human welfare and thwarts social development and now poses a threat to all democracies in the Caribbean region.

Given this concern, democracy must be understood as a political system that allows freedom of expression, freedom of information and an increased awareness of human rights. However, the blatant demagogy and shrill chauvinism of Roosevelt Skerrit and his cronies, easily sacrifices democracy into a frightening form of fascism in Dominica.

The channels of public information in Dominica are poisoned by the deliberate perversion of truth and facts. Increasingly, the Dominican people are forced to believe the Orwellian drama of doublespeak and doublethink as their only truth. Increasingly, Dominicans are silenced and forced into submissiveness with the fear of lawsuits for using their first Amendment rights within a democracy under the backings of a senior counsel who repeatedly refers to Dominicans as cockroaches.

On this note, it must also be seen that this deliberate attempts to stifle freedom of expression by the actions of this senior counsel is damaging to the principles of freedom and democracy in Dominica. Not only are such action aimed to preserve the status quo of colonialism and slavery but it clearly accentuates the deep ambiguities created in the Dominica Constitution by this very senior counsel who resides on American soil and who cares very little about the poor people of Dominica.

And for this, the President of Dominica need to be called out.

President Charles Savarin is equally guilty of the violation of Constitutional law in Dominica and the unscrupulous falsifications that he has allowed to manipulate the voters list. It is activities like this that further aids the criminal administration of Roosevelt Skerrit in further positioning the electoral system, thus reigning in an era of ignorance and poverty on the Dominican people.

Through all of this, it is evident that if politics is a process by which groups of people make collective decisions then Dominica’s prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit refutes this political principle through partisanship, corruption, and deception within the political process. As Dominicans go to the polls, the problem of the electoral commission in Dominica is still not fixed. Imbalances in constituencies continue to show the unequal representation of the electorate in Dominica, and full disclosure on the source of funding in campaign spending are still not brought to the fore.

Surely, if the Organization of American States (OAS) is to continue working to strengthen the democracy of Caribbean islands, then, immediate recommendation in the reform of the electoral commission on the island of Dominica must be enforced.

For, it is from here that the national struggle of the Dominican people aims to take back control from the undemocratically fixed demagogue and tyranny of Roosevelt Skerrit.

It is from here that the people of Dominica attempts to win back power by sending as much backing as possible, through the means of democratic protest.

It must not be forgotten that the Caribbean island of Dominica is a small country within the Caribbean archipelago and is still a voting members of the United Nations and other international organizations. The island of Dominica is a destination where hundreds of American citizens travel for pleasure or business and where hundreds of American citizens go to school.

Therefore, the concern for peace and stability in Dominica should not be overlooked.
It is now time for the international community to engage in political dialogue and stand in strong defense of Democracy and the clauses of human rights and press freedom in Dominica. After 17 long years of dictatorship and oppression, the Dominica people demand that Skerrit Must Go.
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Herbert Volney:

Clearly this writer is a mercenary with doubtful attachments with Dominica. When I read this letter I immediately wondered if this person knows anything about Dominica at all for the factual matrix on which opinions that follow are to my knowledge far removed from reality. Au contraire Dominican is a thriving democracy with so much freedom of speech and the press that persons opposed to the government readily

Scandalise and slander upright and law abiding citizens merely for their support of the ruling Labour Party. The fact is that there is a cadre of Washington based people from the diaspora who want to enjoy political power without facing the polls in Dominica and rather than return and contest, which they will never do, sit on their cushy armchairs abroad and write the kind of rubbish that I read in this article. They seek to trash not just the Prime Minister and his government but all hard working public officers from the President of the Republic down. I say shame on you for this letter for you are seeking to destroy a country that has in my life time proven difficult to govern by dint of hurricane and weather challenges, unfavourable market places in an American dominated world economy, debilitating crop diseases in the agricultural sector, and brain drain by virtue of most of the young people failing to return home after qualifying overseas in order to contribute to national development. Talk is so cheap and the writer and the writer's motivators need to take a trip home to see for themselves that Dominica, for all adversity, has made significant strides in its development and that is the reason that the incumbent party in power will continue to win at the polls in elections that have consistently been certified as free and fair.

A very sick, utterly laughable article from an obviously deranged individual who must be only attention-seeking. The only person who needs to go anywhere is you Ms. Theodore. GO find something productive to do with your time, since it's obvious that you seem to have too much on your hands.


Absolute garbage, is what this article is. The DDD group is a political sham. Rebecca and the likes are using big words to fool people, trying their best to portray our country as a run down dump. These bandits are the true embodiment of false prophets! This Skerrit ust go talk will end soon enough, because YOU can't keep a good man down!

Burton C:

Unfiltered Garbage by this writer. Even Dominicans opposed to Skeritt will find this letter total BS.

Burton C:

Unfiltered Garbage by this writer, it is clear that she knows nothing about Dominica but the garbage she is been fed by the operatives of the opposition.


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