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News from St Vincent:

St Vincent & the Grenadines
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Letter: St Vincent's Spring, Bowman, Francis, Rose, O'Garro and Palmer's little secret
Published on June 9, 2011Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

A political development took place in St Vincent and the Grenadines on Sunday night May 29, 2011, which no NDP supporter is speaking about. Those leading the charge in favour of the NDP on this forum have been Markie Spring, Dane Bowman, Ricardo Francis, Sean Rose and Allan Palmer among others. The observation of note here is that the silence of these individuals on this matter is absolutely and deafeningly loud.

These individuals aggressively whip the Vincentian (ULP) government at every turn, but dishonestly withhold their criticism when the opposition performs poorly.

1) Whenever the NDP attempts to overturn firetrucks they say nothing.

2) Whenever the NDP throws bottles at police vehicles, they say nothing.

3) Whenever the NDP is disrespectful of the Speaker of the House of Assembly, they say nothing.

4) When the NDP illegally disrupts the traffic flow in Kingstown against police guidelines, they say nothing.

5) When NDP officials assault police officers, they say nothing.

6) When the only answer the NDP has for the progress of our country is to protest, protest, protest, they say nothing.

7) When Sir James refused to support this "protest" tactic and St Clair Leacock was critical of it as well, they said nothing.

8) Now that Sir James has spoken out against Arnhim Eustace's continued "leadership" of the opposition NDP, these individuals are silent. They are still saying nothing!

When I charge these misguided individuals with dishonesty (which is lying) they become defensive, and want to know which planet I am observing their reprehensible behaviour from.

I am the "truth police" for St Vincent on this forum, and will tolerate no lying or untruthfulness whatsoever.

The ULP as a party, and as a government, is not perfect, and I have recently constructively criticized their functioning. However, they are at least three times as good as the opposition. As a result, when anyone tells me that they have no political party affiliation, I have to ask which planet they are living on? There is no viable alternative to the present ULP government in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Sir James Mitchell agrees with me... And Sir James not only created the NDP, but he also hand-picked Arnhim Eustace to lead the NDP as well.

I am not saying that Arnhim Eustace was a bad choice. Rather, I am saying that Sir James was right at the time in selecting Eustace to head the party, since Eustace was the best choice at that time. In my opinion, (and there are many in the ULP who do not agree with me) Eustace is still the best choice to be party leader.

Here is the NDP's problem: If Eustace was, and still is the NDP's best choice, then they have a serious, absolutely critical problem regarding their selection of a capable and qualified party leader. There is no one with the required ability to replace Eustace, and according to Sir James, Eustace is crap! So if crap is the best you have, then where do you go from here?

On Sunday night, Sir James Mitchell, founder-leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) launched an amazing offensive against Arnhim Eustace, on IK-TV. This politically devastating interview was conducted by NDP sympathizer Jerry George, himself.

In one hour, Sir James made thirteen basic points in a political case against the man he himself selected to be political party leader of the party he founded. This must have been terribly painful for Sir James. It is like publicly, criticizing and chastising and whipping your child in public!

What did Sir James say about Arnhim Eustace?

This is what Sir James said!

A) Eustace is, at 67 years old is a senior citizen, and should step down as NDP leader, especially after his triple electoral defeats in 2001, 2005 and 2010 at the hands of Ralph's ULP.

B) The NDP has lost its way due to poor political leadership and is adopting the wrong political tactics and strategy, especially after its defeat in the elections of December 2010.

C) There is tremendous disrespect for him (Mitchell) in the NDP, which has been engendered by several persons including Allan Cruikshank, Mrs Jennifer Eustace and Arnhim Eustace himself over their radio station.

D) Mitchell said that Ralph Gonsalves is a practical man and is on his way to a fourth term as prime minister.

E) Mitchell admits that Ralph Gonsalves respects him and that he also respects our prime minister.

F) Mitchell admits that he still loves the NDP, but a change of leadership is necessary in order for it to get back into office.

G) When Mr Eustace and Mr Friday refused to cooperate with him, or attend meetings on the cocoa project, he (Mitchell) had no alternative but to directly approach the prime minister himself.

H) Mitchell advised that the NDP should accept its defeat, analyze the reasons for that defeat, must not look for excuses, and must organize themselves properly for the next elections.

I) The NDP had lost its way under Arnhim Eustace and that Eustace must examine his conscience and listen to the people.

J) Mitchell was concerned that much of the party leadership was spreading lies about him. (Does that word lies sound familiar?)

K) In criticizing his opposition to the NDP's "protests" against "The Bills," Mitchell advised that the NDP should not rely on using the law courts to win them political office. He said that elections should be won on election day.

L) Mitchell pointed out that he "made" Eustace. This is true, since Mitchell appointed Eustace to become the youngest Permanent Secretary in the country at that time. Mitchell actually made Eustace party leader and prime minister upon his departure from the political scene.

M) In calling for Eustace's resignation, Mitchell pointed out that when he lost the elections, he told the party that he did not want to be prime minister at the age of 70, and that since Eustace cannot now be prime minister, he (Eustace) should similarly bow out and allow someone else to be party leader. (Here is an opportunity for Ricardo Francis and Markie Spring.)

One week has already passed and Spring has been silent. Bowman and Palmer, who worship Eustace, have not had a comment on this matter. The clueless ones, Rose, O'Garro and Francis, have not had a comment either... But the problem still is, who should replace Arnhim Eustace?

This most likely would not happen, but it certainly would be interesting to see if Eustace would resign his seat in East Kingstown, then Markie Spring and Ricardo Francis decide to return to St Vincent and contest elections here. I would want to be the candidate for the ULP in that case.

Would the NDP permit either of these two newcomers to represent them? Which of these individuals would be selected to contest the available seat on behalf of the NDP, if one of them happens to be chosen? A greater and better possibility is for them to return to St Vincent, form their own political parties, and run in that constituency in an effort to fill this void.

Anyone who is politically tuned into political development in St Vincent and the Grenadines must have a comment on what Sir James had to say about Arnhim Eustace and the NDP. I am not saying that these individuals must criticize either Eustace or the NDP, but these individuals must have an opinion. They normally do.

Here's the million dollar question: Why are these individuals silent on this matter?

Simon Anderson
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Jason Edwards:
Simon, you've hit the ball right on top of their heads.

Allan H. F Palmer:
Fortunately for me but unfortunate for Simon Anderson, I did not see it fit to read this letter for I cannot afford too and it is also a waste of time to expose my self to the lies and speculations (fart) of someone that is as negative as Simon is. I know he has nothing new to share but to glorify his God Ralph E. Gonsalves, and like any other Satan/Devil worshiper; he resort to the use lie, deceit and other dishonest means to do so. It is with this in mind that not even the fact that Simon R L Anderson, saw it fit to mention my name in this letter, can entice me to read this crap.

So with that in mind I will once again say:

When Simon Anderson woke up this morning, he looked at a photograph of Ralph E. Gonsalves and said; my lord Ralph Gonsalves, thanks for waking me up this morning, tell me how I can best glorify your name today? Who can I put down, insult or lie on in order to lift you up my supreme master? And then he began to write, slandering everyone who in his mind is a threat to Ralph E. Gonsalves.

Palmer, that's a bit immature, don't you think?

Lenford O'Garro:
I took a little hiatus or a little siesta and all of a sudden this "Royal Chihuahua" is nipping at the heels of this sleeping Reeves House Lion.

Do you truly realized how ridiculous you are? No one is taking you serious.

Are you out of "Hush puppies"? Here is another.

Who was Sir James speaking about when he said (let me paraphrase), "he is like a stray dog barking at your car; you stop and give it the wheel and the dog urinate on it." Nuff said!

Woof! Woof! You ninja of the dark!

Simon Anderson:

Rather than address the mater at hand, Palmer again does not sufficiently understand it and goes off on a tangent.

The letter above is addressing the deafening silence of the individuals concerned, when an important development takes place in the country, which is not complimentary to their political party.

Possibly no other political issue of this magnitude has occurred since our elections on December 13th, and Spring, Bowman, Francis, Rose, O'Garro and Palmer have not uttered one single word.

CONGRATULATIONS GENTLEMEN, keep your heads buried in the sand, and pretend nothing ever happened. Let's see how far that will get you.

James Mitchell, founder of your party has torn the party leader Arnhim Eustace (whom he installed) to shreds, and you have nothing to say?

Mitchell has declared that the NDP has lost its way due to poor political leadership, and you have no comment?

Mitchell has said that the NDP is adopting improper political tactics and strategy, and that is of no concern to you?

Mitchell has recommended that Arnhim resign. What is your response?

Ricardo Francis:
For the record, I am not a member of no political party in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I am an independent thinker who believe that each and every individaul should and must be respected for his/her political believes and principles. The Political party and the ULP government that you support, Simon Anderson infringe on Vincentians' constitutional and legal rights. You support a bunch of vagabonds and organised criminals whose home should be at her Majesty's Hotel in Kingstown. I know why they built Belle Isle Correctional Facility, now. It was built as their retirement home for when their is Prime Minister Ricardo Franics of Saint and the Grenadines that is where some of them will spend their last days. The evidence exist but few are willing to speak and produce the documentation for fear of prosecution.
Well, I am not afraid to speak and I AM NOT AFRAID OF RALPH GONSALVES and his cronies.

Simon Anderson:
RICARDO FRANCIS - I am actually beginning to feel sorry for you in that delusional state of mind.

Francis do you really believe that Vincentians will vote for a man who cannot even pass the second year at Law School?

Let's not even go there. JUST LOOK AT YOUR POST ABOVE!

BASICALLY, it is just one long paragraph with faulty punctuation, atrocious spelling, etc.

I know this is a small matter, but life is composed of many small segments, and the same goes for being the Prime Minister of a country as well. I have drawn your attention to this before, but look at your writing above, from a grammatical point-of-view.


1) "I am not a member of NO political party." (DO NO USE a double negative).

2) "I am an independent thinker who believe..." (that should be BELIEVES).

3) "....his/her political beleives..... (spelling - that should be beliefs).

4) "...infringe on... (that should be INFRINGES on).

5) ...for when their is a Prime Minister Francis..." (that should be THERE is a...).

6) "The evidence exist..." (that should be EXISTS).

Here's my point Francis, if you think you will be "elected" Prime Minister, and you cannot even write one paragraph, then you are even sillier that I gave you credit for.

You wrote 15 lines, and there are 6 grammatical errors. Francis, you remind me of Allan Palmer, did you two go to the same school?

Come on Ricardo, STOP drinking that stupid juice!


SIMON ANDERSON, 'A' typical of the Marxist scum mode of operation. Dress the truth with a whole lot of lies and twisted truths. You are obviously one of the leading Marxist scum spokes people. Throw a load of crap and see how much will stick.

You are little more than a scoundrel and scallywag.


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