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News from St Kitts-Nevis:

St Kitts & Nevis
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Commentary: When Eastern Caribbean nations give passports to Iranians, global security is threatened
Published on February 7, 2017Email To Friend    Print Version

By Kenneth Rijock

When the nations of the Eastern Caribbean issue passports to Iranian nationals, only to gain clearly excessive fees, not all of which have been accounted for, the United States, and indeed the free world, suffer increased threats to national security, as those passports have facilitated more effective oil sanctions evasion and covert purchase of dual-purpose goods to be used in prohibited WMD and ballistic missile programs.

Kenneth Rijock is a banking lawyer, turned career money launderer for ten years, turned compliance officer specialising in enhanced due diligence, and a financial crime consultant. His autobiography “The Laundry Man” was published in the UK on 5 July 2012
Every time an Iranian national uses his economic passport in furtherance of Iran's WMD program, the world gets just a little bit closer to nuclear war, which does not seem to be a concern to the leadership of those Eastern Caribbean countries who sell passports for cash.

All you have to do is look at last week's developments, for clear examples of the problem:

(1) Dominica's scandal: Due to the incestuous friendship, between Prime Minister Skerrit and Alireza Monfared, a known Iran oil sanctions evader, Iran was able to evade international sanctions and sell its oil, earning profits that certainly contributed to expanding its WMD and ballistic missile programs.

(2) St Kitts and Nevis' latest passport black eye, the latest among many which it has experienced: Kambiz Rostamian, an Iranian national known to be participating in ballistic missile development, since 2011.

When Iran moves closer to nuclear capability, the world become less safe. With respect to the United States, it represents a clear and present danger, even an existential threat, and one cannot expect the US to sit by and allow economic passports sellers to benefit.

In Dominica, the opposition has estimated that $50 million in illegal profits is somewhere, in the hands of those who are selling diplomatic passports. Over in St Kitts, questions have been raised, regarding certain grants of CBI funds to Kittitian businesses.

The lure of corruption, caused by these lucrative programs, appears to be too enticing for those who have access to funds.

Finally, do not think that the United States, under the new Trump administration, will not respond. Do you really want to see more correspondent relationships with New York banks, disappear? Retain these dodgy programs at your own risk, Caribbean leaders. While we will not see another Grenada invasion, expect a response that could severely affect the local picture, which is already bleak, and may further injure the people you are supposed to be guiding towards economic progress.
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Anthony W Astaphan:

Dear Editor

I have never read such crap before. So permit me to ask. Does the right of free speech permit me to say on CNN that Rijock writes a lot a speculative and unadulterated crap? If yes, please let me know so I can post my precise sentiments.


Michael Davis:

Mr. Kenneth Rijock:

I repeat - Six questions for you:

1. Are you being paid by UWP or any of it's agents or representatives?

2. Are you being paid by anyone whom has an interest in Dominica politics?

3. Do you have an interest or want to get the "job" to conduct due diligence on behalf of any CBI program?

4. You seem to have a relationship or acquaintance with several Opposition activist in Dominica - what promises have they made to you or your company if they are successful in entering government?

5. You have mentioned Iranian national Alireza Monfared many times; why did you not done the same with the fact that the US Treasury Department has announced that the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has imposed sanctions for the violation of the prohibited ballistic missile program, against an Iranian businessman who holds a St Kitts and Nevis passport? He is CEO and Director Of MKS, Mr. Kambiz Rostamian, the holder of SKN Passport # RE0003026, who resides in the... " PRIOR to this current article?

6. why do your articles read like a regurgitation of UWP talking points?

I await your answers.


I have read with interest ( and now increasing anger) the articles in CNN by this 'covert racist imperialist ex-criminal' Rijock who it appears might very well be a CIA operative tasked with the propaganda responsibility of American inteference in Caribbean politics and right now with the racist President Trump and his administration in power I suppose his role is to ensure the continued slavery of independent black nations in the Caribbean and the suppression of any form of economic advancement by its peoples.

Surely, this guy could not be taken seriously when he comes here ranting and raving about corruption and money laundering in the Caribbean when it is a known secret that his country, the great old USA is the mecca and haven of such illicit activities. The fact that the Caribbean countries are engaged in an activity that the very same USA has promoted and continues to promote for a long time (i.e. the citizen by investment program) doesn't seem to matter at all to this guy. Anyway, I wish you well Sir, I hope with all your scare mongering rubbish talk insinuating or encouraging an American invasion on our shores, that you first give some advice to your President Trump since it would seem that your concept of world dominance and fascism is getting the better of you. I think you have much greater things to worry about such as messing with China (just remember with all your country's military and economic might you have yet to truly comprehensively win a military conflict, remember Vietnam, Korea, even Iraq and Afghanistan where you are still engaged after so many years). Just keep in mind that over time many great empires reigned for a while then crumbled. The Caribbean, sons and daughters of former slaves, have seen and been persecuted by your kind before, yet still we survive. Keep on writing your garbage sir. we are not afraid!!

Brian Connell:

Everything is crap for that moron ASS-Taphan and the punk Michael Davis - lawyer he calls himself?

What are you concerned about really? The well being of your pocket and Roosevelt Skerrit? What did Dominica get from all this after 17 years wasted in our government. Toney charge money for every case he pushes the PM to file against the UWP for speaking truth to power.

This Dodgy stuff is coming to an end and this criminal Prime Minister in Dominica will have to go by the hook or Crook


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