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News from OAS:

Organisation of American States (OAS)

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Letter: Immunity from prosecution doesn't stop the OAS giving evidence if it chooses to do so
Published on June 20, 2016Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

With regard to the SVG general election on December 9, 2015, the OAS representatives commented on irregularities at the Layou recount and mentioned so in their report on the elections. It cannot be right and it cannot be democratic to refuse to give evidence before a court of enquiry into the matter. Why do we use such an organization if they can do and say what they want without any questions being asked of them from within a court hearing?

It is certainly part of their terms that each state grants them immunity from prosecution. But that immunity does not stop them giving evidence in a court on election matters if they choose to do. They can elect to give evidence and that evidence they give cannot be used against them at any later hearing. So refusing to come to court is probably a matter of being nobbled by the directors, the foreign ministers or even prime ministers of each member state.

Another reason that springs to mind is that the OAS representatives acted improperly in their reporting and are frightened to stand before a court and be questioned. We know they failed to comment on the bribery of constituents with building materials, they turned a blind eye to that.

So if the OAS and/or their observers cannot be sued why are they being stopped from giving evidence? Why is the OAS acting in an undemocratic manner? Well I suppose I can answer that myself, it’s because it is partially run by a bunch of undemocratic island leaders. All talking to each other and agreeing to protect each other from the truth.

I thought organizations such as the OAS are there for the people but they most certainly are not; it’s a kind of big boys club where to a certain degree the independent government members make up the condition of play as they go along.

Well I declare that it stinks, particularly seeing that the OAS action is protecting a government that has had the claim of election fraud laid against it. The government of St Vincent and the Grenadines has done everything within its powers to try and stop the election petitions from being heard before a judge in open court; why would it do that if it did nothing wrong? Then the OAS supports that by giving notice that it will not allow its representatives to attend such a hearing.

Now, the ULP government led by Dr Ralph E Gonsalves wants to push a Cyber Crime Bill through parliament in an attempt to gag the media and online bloggers on such matters.

Such a Bill will also go a long way to gagging both personal comments about PM Gonsalves' past rape charge and the other charge of sexual assault and also all those other ladies who complained according the DPP Collin Williams when he was quoted in the LA Times.

So a further attempt to destroy democracy is underway and democracy in SVG is under serious attack. This I believe is the continuance of the work of Maurice Bishop as claimed to be the right of Ralph Gonsalves.

See also this important historical timeline.

Maurice Bishop did not have the problem of the internet, but he closed down all the newspapers and allowed them to reopen with serious gags that made reporting impossible. Even church newspapers and magazines were subject to gagging. Church sermons had to be submitted and approved before being read to the congregations.

Under the hold and instruction of the Cubans, he also took control of the airwaves and the Cubans built a massive transmitter that could relay propaganda to the whole Caribbean. At the same time just about every phone on the island was tapped and listened in to. Thousands of innocent people were imprisoned under the order of Maurice Bishop who signed almost all detention orders. The people held in prison were tortured and Bishop himself took part in many of the reported torture cases.

It’s my considered opinion that, because of Gonsalves' closeness to the Cubans and Venezuelans, St Vincent and the Grenadines is at serious risk of following the nasty regime controls of the people of those countries. Having said that, the OAS is now seen as a great support of such governmental behaviour, the proof of that is shown when the OAS secretary general tried to take to task the behaviour of President Maduro of Venezuela the body disallowed such an action. Which is further evidence that the OAS is antidemocratic?

Do you realize that the new proposed Cyber Crime Act would exclude me from writing this or similar articles, from media publishing it, and from you reading it? That to me is very Marxist, very Cuban and currently very Venezuelan. What say you Comrade Gonsalves?

Peter Binose
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Hey Binose, is it still ”fishing season”? The last time I passed by the OAS, the post read, “NO FISHING!” then right next to that another post read, ULP WON! ULP WON! Is there a connection here? Maybe so, Maybe so! Binose can’t read and therefore don’t understand?

On the other hand did I hear Binose say, “the OAS representatives commented on irregularities at the Layou recount and mentioned so in their report on the elections.”

Irregularities? You lie again! Lying again! Binose stop tell lies!

Binose are you referring to the following OAS post?

“The report further states that, while the conduct of the election was without any major incident, the Mission identified some areas where the election process could have been improved. Specifically when it refers to the final count of votes witnessed in one constituency—Central Leeward—where they identified some challenges, the observers noted some disquieting issues at this particular constituency, mainly referred to the incorrect application of seals, the absence of the Presiding Officer’s stamp and initials on some ballots and the possible partiality of the returning officer who conducted this recount. In that regard, the Mission’s recommendation is to ensure better training and stricter guidelines and procedures for poll workers in conducting the Final Count at polling stations.

Notwithstanding these concerns, OAS Observers did not discern any fraudulent or other activities at the final count “which could have materially affected the outcome of the vote.”

I read “disquieting…”, nothing about irregularities mentioned here. Then the last sentence rounded everything off.

“OAS Observers did not discern any fraudulent or other activities at the final count “which could have materially affected the outcome of the vote.”

The words are as clear as daylight “NO FISHING!” I repeat, “NO FISHING BINOSE!” ULP WON! I repeat, ULP WON BINOSE! The “fishing expedition” is over… IS OVER BINOSE! Put up your rod and throw wey yo bait. Nothing to catch here!

P.S. The issue with the NDP petition can be summed up in three words. “Bound To Fail”.
Have a not so nice day! And enough is enough with that Bishop crap shit.


Tek yo licks like a big man ah ha!
Tek yo licks like a big man ah ha! ULP BULL PISTLE! Tek yo licks like a big man ah ha! STOP CRY WOLF!

Allan H. F. Palmer:

Spot on Peter, I also wondered why, this Regional organization who often make themselves available as election watch dogs, after submitting a report will not allow their on the ground rep to give evidence as to their observation.


Great one Vinciman we must destroy this hornets nest of so called opposition. Only one man is born to lead SVG and that is the comrade and the sooner we are a one party state the better things will be.

Jennifer T:

The most important part of this letter is the link just below the video marked "timeline" which takes you to

One of the most remarkable pieces of Vincention history that should be read by everyone and given to their children to know the truth of the past and its affect on today and the future. It's no wonder that Vinciman failed to comment on it.

Peter Binose:

GT thank you so much for exposing the truth regarding you and Vinciman, the one party state.

Its strange because this opinion was made to me by a Taiwanese agriculturist some years ago who told me that Gonsalves had made that view point to him and the Taiwanese telling me he agreed with him. Telling me that Vincentins would be better off with a one party state headed by Ralph Gonsalves.

Well we are not far off that with the vote rigging during the last 3 elections.


Binose you believe you can wiggle yourself out of any or everything by conjuring up your phantoms and genies,indulging in mimicry to bamboozle and to "expose" Vinciman nah tru? You must be joking! Don’t try dat! (Lol). See you around PUNK!

Peter Binose:

Now Vinciman you have just exposed yourself by using the word punk.

I know its hard for you to fight against right all the time, fighting on behalf of evil must be tiring for you.

Your last comment means nothing to me and I am sure is confusing for the readers, so why not explain exactly what you are referring to.


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