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Letter: Caribbean Unity
Published on August 22, 2017Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Please permit me to pay tribute to the government and the organizers of the CARIFESTA 13, towards Caribbean Unity.

To have been a Barbadians in attendance at the official launch of CARIFESTA 13 on Sunday, 20th August was to take part in an event where you witness representatives from across the Caribbean standing with Barbadians and singing of the National Anthem of Barbados. I doubt if this was the same experience in 1981 when the festival was held here, that Barbadians were asked to sing both verses of the anthem. Most likely one verse of the anthem would have been played by the Police Band. On Sunday evening it was difference. For our visitors to have heard from Barbadians saying the words; “these hills and fields beyond recall are now our very own” sounded different for me, and when the second verse started; “the Lord has been the people’s guide for past 300 years and with Him still on the people’s side we have no doubts or fears”, those words had deeper meaning to me than before.

Barbados is the only CARICOM country that can use such words because it is the only one that does not have a native indigenous people who owned land. All the land in Barbados was owned by white people for the Crown – The Royal Family. In 1966 the Lyrics of the National Anthem of Barbados were written by Mr Irvin Burgie who was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA, in 1926 of a Barbadian mother and American father.

M. Burgie would had to have been aware of the island’s history and be inspired by God to write those words that have such deep meanings. All that is needed now is for the Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Freundel Stuart to keep to his words and to move the country to “Real Independence”, thereby giving the words and inspiration of Mr Burgie “these hills and fields beyond recall are now our very own” true meaning.

Rev. Buddy Larrier
Reads : 1991

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