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Letter: Trinidad and Tobago in crisis; a government that cannot be trusted
Published on May 12, 2017Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

The public is reeling from scandal after scandal. The nation feels as if it's at war with its own government.

The Massy deal is starting to stink. The ferry fiasco that destroyed the sea bridge so PNM friends could benefit is already stinking. The $60 million to be spent on a few bathrooms and huts on an already established beach is set to stink even more.

Rumours abound of all manner of underhanded transactions and corruption galore.

Victoria Villas in Diego Martin, built with hundreds of millions of dollars of public funds through the HDC, is about to be stolen and put into the hands of a PNM investor and his wife.

The National Gas Company is being surreptitiously sold to two conglomerates under the most questionable of circumstances, the former chief operating officers of one of those conglomerates is now being paid by the state to broker that deal, literally himself to himself.

The Sandals scandal is starting to fester, with word leaking through the foreign media that the Tobago deal was being concocted as a 'cherry on top' to sweeten the sale of the very hotel chain with which we were dealing.

Nothing is working.

The economy is collapsing. Banks are marauding, advantaging and raping the citizens with impunity, no state oversight, no public protection at any turn. Foreign exchange now an endangered species, citizens forced to buy foreign currency at ridiculously inflated black market prices. The health sector, when it is not killing our people through low voltages and blackouts, is infecting them with terminal diseases such as HIV, and those already stricken with cancer are being turned away for care despite a whopping and record six and a half billion dollars being spent on that same health care system this year.

Education has all but collapsed. The bullying and violence that was brewing is now escalating and no one is quite sure who is in charge. Fights and threats are literally shutting down schools. Students and teachers in fear for their lives. Minister of education obsessed with penis and sex jokes.

Nothing is working.

The Cabinet said the government knew nothing of the Massy deal. The prime minister said the Cabinet did and sanctioned it. Who is lying?

Murder rates the highest in our history is being hidden from the media and the public, distractions abound even as our people are being kidnapped and sold through human trafficking, three ministers of national security failing in harmony.

And if that weren't enough the rot seems to have spread and has infected the judiciary. Questionable appointments that were being rammed down the throats of the public now seem to have disrupted the judiciary to the point that will most likely end in the firing of the chief justice on the heels of the shameful end to the career of the chief magistrate and, worse, the collapse of the very JLSC that has to appoint them both.

There is nothing like real leadership from any high office, the country feels like the Titanic, only this time we see the iceberg coming.

What are the people to do?

Tobago's supermarket shelves will be empty by weekend if the Chamber of Commerce is to be believed, yet the person responsible for that calamity is still gainfully employed and making decisions to the detriment of the country.

We cannot continue like this.

This government has to admit that they have no idea what they’re doing and, worse, that they never did in the first place. What exactly were they red and ready for, to loot?

To many of our citizens the only thing keeping them from pouring into the street to demand an immediate election is the spectre of the grotesque alternative waiting in the wings for another chance at the public trough, salivating and licking its lips.

No one seems to want to even consider a return to a country under Kamla, Roodal and the rest of that bungling and corrupt bunch.

There is no lesser evil from which to choose. Change exchange has never stopped the rape, just changed the rapists.

The nation is stalling. The trust required to hold it together is straining. We need a mature people to see and understand the role of the citizen now in the rescue of the democracy.

We must band together.

We need to drain our swamp, clean our stables, fire these incompetents, round up and prosecute all wrong doers who have raped and pillaged the public trust and bring our nation to order.

This, whatever this is, is not working.

None of it.

Phillip Alexander
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