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Letter: Dominican inquiring minds want to know!
Published on May 8, 2017Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Recently, the disgraced former judge and former MP of the government of Trinidad and Tobago Hubert Volney inserted himself into the Dominica political landscape. Very few Dominicans had heard of or knew anything about Hubert Volney. He is of Dominica parentage, born in Montserrat, and has been a naturalized citizen of Trinidad and Tobago. This man has not shown any interest in Dominica, and does not visit Dominica, although he has friends like money laundering convict Julien Giraud in Dominica.

Hubert Volney came on the scene bashing and denigrating Lennox Linton the opposition leader, who he knows nothing about, but his reason is simple, the Hon Lennox Linton is challenging Hubert’s new found idol Roosevelt Skerrit. Why would Hubert idolize Roosevelt Skerrit one might ask? Some will say that it is because they have a lot in common, as the saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Hubert’s record in Trinidad is nothing that any Dominican should be proud of, just as many Dominican are not proud of Roosevelt Skerrit, despite the common perception. Roosevelt has the masses of Dominicans following him, just like cult members follow a cult leader. He has deliberately and systematically put the people of Dominica in this peculiar situation by making them mendicant and dependent on him.

He has portrayed himself dictator style as Dominicans’ saviour, by using state resources, to entice and buy people’s loyalty. As their slogan goes, “Better be Red than Dead.” Despite all the serious allegations about Roosevelt Skerrit, and there have been many, 15 years of it, no matter how egregious they are, Hubert has some defence and or justification for it.

Right thinking Dominicans know that it is not because of Dominica’s interest, but because Hubert wants something very badly, and he knows that with Roosevelt’s record of giving rejects and crooks whatever their heart desires in exchange for something “quid pro quo” he is very likely to get what he wants, but what is that thing that Hubert wants? Dominican inquiring minds want to know.

On May 7, 2017, Roosevelt will be having a distraction rally, where he brings all the people he has kept in economic bondage with no hope for themselves and the future of their children to show the world how they love, and Hubert will be at the podium addressing people he knows nothing about, and know nothing about him, and or his record in Trinidad. Yep, Hubert, the like bird as Roosevelt, will be flocking to him to tell the clueless people how great fuehrer Roosevelt is and why they should keep him in power ad infinitum, at least until Hubert gets what he wants.

Hubert, the people of Dominica are asking, what do you want from Roosevelt? Do you see Roosevelt as an avenue to regain some kind of stature? Why now, Hubert? Why Roosevelt Skerrit, Hubert? Do you have one iota of decency left in you, Hubert? What do you want, Hubert Volney? Please be aware that Dominicans do not see you as anything more than a water carrier for the most corrupt government that Dominica will see in a life! You are not redeeming yourself on Dominica’s back, Hubert Volney, you are sinking deeper in the abyss. Shame on you, Hubert! Shame on you!

Shirley Allan
Reads : 6690

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Herbert Volney :

Shirley Allen is not someone the retired judge from Trinidad and Tobago would ordinarily respond to. But Herbert Volney formerly of 4 Fort Lane. Roseau would like to. Under the Constitution of the Commonwealt3h of Dominica I am a Dominican. My mother Rosalind lies in the Roseau Cemetery and is the product of the Shillingford/Royer, and Nicholls families. That is as Roseau as it gets. I was educated at the Convent Preparatory School and the St Mary's Academy receiving a catholic education. I was the elected Headboy of SMA. I learned to swim at Fond Cole when my brothers threw me off the jetty. I knew Underpower and Champaign pools well and I lived at Morne Daniel, New Town, and Goodwill. I know Dominica as well as any Dominican, 'Shirley Allen'. In the last fifteen years I have been back to Dominica on no fewer than 8 times and can attest to what I see with mine eyes. I met Roosevelt Skerrit for the first time on Friday, May 5, 2017. He has never asked me for anything and I have never asked him for anything. I made my life in Trinidad as a lawyer having first been a State Prosecutor and later invited to be a judge. I did not even apply to become a judge. I served my adopted country with distinction as all but a handful of persons will recognize and opted out after 16 years with full pension to enter an even higher court- the House of Representatives being elected in the constituency of St Joseph with near 11,000 votes and over 3,000 clear of a sitting minister of government. Shirley Allen, whomsoever you be, Justice Herbert Volney left the Judiciary with full honors so much so that he was handed a huge mandate by the people. Of course in politics one has to expect any and everything and I lost my job not for corruption or wrongdoing but for moving to proclaim an Act of Parliament that I had piloted that had a lacuna in it. But such is politics. I am a political man and began following the politics of Dominica in earnest in the run up to the 2014 poll in Dominica. In those days I was friend of both sides in the politics on Facebook and I remarked that I thought that the Prime Minister was deserving of a further term. The UWP people in social media, and Lennox Linton on Q95 then chastised me for saying as much and then went about attacking my impeccably good character with falsehoods and malicious innuendos. For my peace of mind I had to unfriend everyone of them for their dirt kept coming. The Prime Minister won a huge victory as I predicted but their attacks continued. By the time that I concluded that Linton was an unstable individual unfit even for the leadership of his party his court woes had begun, losing case after case for libel. He is so unattractive as a politician that so long as he remains leading the UWP my new found politics friend will continue to win elections in Dominica. In fact he invited me to be the guest speaker at the Red Rally in Portsmouth and I was overwhelmed by the size and participation of the crowd. I sought to inspire self belief and pride in the Dominican people deeply bruised by the vicious diatribe coming out of the diaspora. It was a great experience and I am now happy to assume honorary membership of the Dominica Labour Party. Eat your heart out, Shirley Allen.

Abel Mocker:

Shirley Allen's commentary is sad reflection of a sorry person.

Shirley left Dominica because she was being questioned by the police. She went to the US on a tourist visa. Her frustrations at being unable to travel to Dominica is because of her illegal status in the US, which Trump may rectify soon, and, the fact she may be arrested and tried in a court of law upon her next arrival in Dominica.

She thinks a Lennox Linton led government can protect and absolve her of her past behavior in Dominica, and even give her a job. So she regularly trashes upstanding Dominicans on Facebook - and - now on this publication just because they choose to support the party and government which stands in the way of her imagined salvation.

Shirley - whom displays a "mental health deficiency" with her regular live facebook rants & diatribes loves to accuse others of being corrupt in a similar manner like her leader Linton who has lost eight court cases - several of which are for Libel & Slander.

Shirley's excuse & illusions as to why Dominicans overwhelming support PM Skerrit is because the people are beggars ... the likes of Gabriel Christian and other UWP pretenders use their favorite word for the people "mendicant" - Yes - Shirley now uses to describe the intelligent Dominican people - they are in "economic bondage" or "dependent" on Skerrit as the reason they support their government.

Political losers of questionable intellectual abilities - tearing people down with false allegations so as to divide the people, tell the people whom to hate so maybe as a disunited people ... these political losers think they can steal an elections ... from their past behavior and continued actions - you shall know them for what they are ... Losers.

shirley Allan:

Laughing out very loudly at Abel Mocker, you coward, show your real name, be brave like Shirley Allan get out of the shadows with your stupid, ridiculous, CRASS comments. Will not even dignify your Dominica gestapo style comments with a response. Modus operandi, KILL THE MESSENGER! I am still alive after 16 years of it. It takes much more than this to kill this messenger Shirley Allan!

Matthew Cooke:

Oh Shirley. You have truly lost it! After all these years, you still can't return to Dominica because you fear of your inevitable arrest and you're so angry about that. It's eating you from within. Remember Roosevelt Skerrit is not to blame for your deceitfulness. This obsession with him has to stop! I suggest you take a break from social media, the power of 'going live' is getting to you.


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