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Letter: Why was this meeting kept secret from the Vincentian people?
Published on March 10, 2017Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

When I read this article on the Cuban Granma website I was surprised that we were told nothing about it in the St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) media, newspapers, online, or any government press releases. It is an important matter, be it positive or negative. So why was it not published? Perhaps because the Vincentian people would see it in the negative. I have shortened the notice but you can read the full thing via the link at the end of this important news piece.

This notice has been published in every other ALBA state, and in all the other Latin and South American countries, so why not SVG? According to Ralph Gonsalves, we are committed to integrate with Venezuela and Cuba. Do the Vincentian people want to integrate? Or only Gonsalves? [integrate = combine (one thing) with another to form a whole]

Author: GI news staff | March 7, 2017 10:03:16
March 5, 2017, Venezuela: Leaders from ALBA member countries reiterate commitment to regional integration and solidarity

Photo: Estudio Revolución

President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro


Alba is the foundation for the construction of a new America, which is why we must tend and value it, stated Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, March 5, upon inaugurating the 14th ALBA Extraordinary Summit in honor of Bolivarian leader Hugo Chávez, on the fourth anniversary of his passing.

Maduro recalled that the regional organization was born at a historic moment at the beginning of the 21st century, as a space to coordinate strategies in defense of progressive movements worldwide.

Alba emerged at a time when it seemed impossible, seemingly a dream of two greats that were Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro, he stated.

Later the Venezuelan leader noted that the bloc is the result of the convergence of progressive political forces in the region and has proven that it is possible to place human beings at the center of our complex power structures.

“The decade of the 90s could be called the decade of social disaster across the entire continent,” he stated, going on to note that ALBA also gave way to Petrocaribe, an extraordinary and revolutionary project, stated Maduro.

Regarding late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, he noted that he was the child of Bolívar's ideas, and described his passing on March 5, 2013, as a devastating blow for the country.

Chávez must however be remembered with joy, fighting for happiness, with an embrace of solidarity. If Chávez represented anything it was boundless joy and optimism, said Maduro.

He continued by noting that on March 5 four years ago, the right wing believed that the time to destabilize the Bolivarian Revolution had arrived.

Four years after his death, and the Bolivarian Revolution of a triumphant Chávez is still here and looking toward recovery; these are new times with new challenges, stated the Venezuelan President. He went on to explain that people around the world continue to love and defend Chávez, as well as Comandante Fidel Castro, whose ashes rest in a tomb in Santiago de Cuba, added Maduro.

With these two greats we will continue to face any situation. After almost 60 years of Revolution, it has cost heroic Cuba a great deal; cost the country a great deal to have an educated and conscious people. Here stands Cuba, undefeated and intact, making its way along its own path, he stated.

I can imagine Chávez saying to Fidel: We are not plowing the sea. We continue to reap the fruits of the good harvest planted by two great presidents, stated Maduro.

Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph E Gonsalves


Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves repeated the call for unity among all peoples and nations which make up the Bolivarian Alliance for the People’s of Our America (ALBA), noting that Saint Vincent and the Grenadines remains firm in its commitment to the integration process.

He also emphasized the importance and reiterated his country’s support of the Summit’s final declaration which establishes the strengthening of the ALBA Bank and fund supporting migrants from Latin America and the Caribbean.

During his remarks, Gonsalves paid tribute to Comandante Hugo Chávez, recalling the leader’s efforts to strengthen Latin American and Caribbean unity.

President of Bolivia Evo Morales


March 5 is a day to remember forever, as four years ago we cried and suffered, after hearing the news of the death of Hugo Chávez, Evo Morales recalled.

However, four years later, March 5 is a day of “strengthening and reflection.” The best tribute we can pay to our brother Chávez, who taught us to stand up against imperialism, is unity, stated the Bolivian leader. “Latin America is anti-capitalist. We are Fidelistas and Chavistas.”

It is very important to defend basic services such as human rights, which is why we must oppose privatization, stated Morales.

Ecuadoran Foreign Minister Guilaume Long


We encountered Chávez in the late 1990s. It would have been extremely difficult for the people of the region to carry out the liberation processes currently unfolding across the continent, if it weren’t for the path he charted, stated Ecuador’s Foreign Minister.

Prime Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis Timothy Harris


This has been a very productive meeting, where various issues regarding ways to improve the lives of our peoples have been discussed, noted the Caribbean leader.

Head of Antigua and Barbuda’s delegation Nicholas Melford


The Caribbean representative noted that the question of cultural exchanges was among issues discussed during the Summit. He highlighted that now is an important moment in this regard, given that a large part of the history of Latin America has been presented through the lenses of U.S. corporate media.

Head of Grenada’s Delegation Oliver Joseph


ALBA has been a key piece to integration, stated Grenada’s representative, who also recalled that the bloc’s 14th Summit was held on the fourth anniversary of the death of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez. “This is a tribute to him and to Fidel Castro.”

Special Envoy on behalf of the President of Suriname, Winston Lackin


Lackin expressed his full support for the Declaration and thanked Venezuela for its assistance offered through Petrocaribe. Regarding the private meeting held prior to the Summit, the regional representative noted that a lack of political will on the part of governments can create obstacles to establishing cooperation projects.

Head of Dominica’s Delegation, Reginald Austrid


Austrid recalled that many forces wanted to destroy ALBA and Petrocaribe, and thanked Venezuela and Cuba for their support after Hurricane Erika hit the region, two years ago.

We are aware of the challenges facing Venezuela and all ALBA and Petrocaribe member states, but their leadership has been exemplary in these circumstances.

President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega


Both Chávez and Fidel are the eternal Comandantes of Latin America. We can tell both of them that we have not given up, stated Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.

These are times of crisis for the tyrannical model that has been imposed as part of neoliberal globalization, which seemed to be unstoppable and untouchable; and has now entered into crisis, Ortega noted.

Now read the full thing

Sandra Bynoe
Reads : 7465

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Peter, ah mean Sandra, or better yet K-Kat, you asked, “Why was this meeting kept secret from the Vincentian people?” Who said it was/is?

The ALBA XIV Summit that opened on the 5th March 2017 is a ten (10) day affair, which is expected to conclude on March 15, 2017. Thereafter, as is always the procedure and policy of our esteem PM the Honorable Ralph E Gonsalves, a press conference will be held to update the citizens of SVG as to the significance of the event, and any such information that might be of interest to the region in general and SVG in particular. So why the rush to judgment?

You also mentioned that “This notice has been published in every other ALBA state, and in all the other Latin and South American countries, so why not SVG”? I vehemently condemn and disagree with that statement!

Of the eleven (11) ALBA member countries, can you provide the proof of this published notice, starting with our very own CaribbeanNewsNow (CNN) country links?

Moreover, and while you’re at it, can you point out where on CNN is there even any mention of the Fourteenth ALBA Summit, “a summit set to honor the late Hugo Chavez, former president of Venezuela and leader of the Bolivarian revolution”?

Gee! I wonder if our good friend “contributor” missed this important summit event, seeing he is always up on everything Cuba and Venezuela? He could not have missed this one. Well, whatever!

Peter, sorry Sandra I can't wait for the proof of evidence.


It's my contention that Gonsalves and the other cronies wish to turn the Caribbean and South Americas into a type of old Soviet Union system.

Gonsalves in his silly red shirt hopes someday to be president of or even create it for his son.


By the way Vinciman stop being a silly boy, you cannot make wrong right no matter how hard you try.


Kat, did you say “Gonsalves and the other cronies wish to introduce” a soviet type system in the Caribbean and South America? Are you on to something here?

Well it’s not such a bad idea after all, having our very own Soviet Socialist Amery-Caribbean Treaty Organization. SSACTO will act as a military and economic buffer against threats from the capitalist North and its allies, safeguarding the Amery-Caribbean people from further exploitation of our human and natural resources, particularly our oil.

We will then open up all of our free zones and our pristine areas to friends in North Korea, North Vietnam, China and Russia, inviting all of our African socialist brothers and sisters on the Continents to come over in their yachts and their planes to join us and enjoy our beaches and our cuisines. Kicking you and your cronies out, and keeping you all in check.


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