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Letter: The Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves Saga - part 2: Clearing up ambiguities
Published on April 14, 2012Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

It seems as if the letter that was written by me. captioned The Ambassador Gonsalves Saga: The long and short of it, appears to have been the only voice to express opposition to the ambassador’s actions and declare Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves to be at fault for causing his arrest and by extension acknowledged and deemed the police officer’s actions against the ambassador to be justified.

As a result of that article, many questions were asked, some of the questions were asked not as a genuine search for answers, but to aid in casting a shadow of confusion on the real issue. Apparently, there are those who have saw it fit to help the ambassador monopolize on his newly found status of victim, by hosting a town hall meeting on April 11, 2012, to discuss the event as it relates to the ambassador’s misfortune.

A report states the St Vincent mission had a visit of US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, who was true to her post and reached out to my ambassador and expressed her regrets that such a thing happened to Ambassador Gonsalves.

Lest anyone get the wrong impression, my stance or honest view on this matter is nor a sign that I am jubilant over my ambassador’s experience, for I too am sorry this young man had to experience such misfortune; my sorrow does not blind me to the facts and cause me to indulge in dishonest rambling; my sorrow also does not negate the fact the police officer acted in good faith and his actions were legal and reasonable, whilst Ambassador Gonsalves’ actions were not.

If the New York City mayor and the Police Commissioner thought that the officer’s actions, under the circumstances, were not the actions that could be expected of any reasonable person, and the officer’s actions constituted a violation of the ambassador’s rights, he would have been issued with public apologies from these two officials and, without a doubt, the Brooklyn representative, Councilman Jumaane Williams, would have been the first man working the streets, beating the main cymbal on Camillo Gonsalves’ behalf against the NYPD.

Let me take some time to answer a few of the question that were asked. I will do so in order to lend some semblance of clarity for those who are genuinely seeking to understand this seemingly hairy matter. We must view the questions and answers with the perspective that hindsight is 20/20. We must also understand that the officer in this case did not have the benefit of hindsight, but acted in real time and responded as he saw the events unfold.

There is an issue as it relates to the jurisdiction of the building in relation to the New York City police officer entering the same; this in itself is not an issue. Although the building in question is used to house international diplomatic missions, the edifice is considered a public building. This is so for the simple fact that the building is used by many different entities and the public has conditional access to the building. Therefore, the police going into that building does not constitute a trespass as some are trying to suggest. We must also remember that the police action was taken to restore a security breach in the outer perimeter that advanced to the inside of the building. We must not forget the officer’s objective, in this case, was to ensure the welfare of the occupants of the building.

What constitutes trespass in diplomatic circles?

The event that occurred here, and the nature and use of the building, places this situation in a completely different category. It is different when a sovereign nation takes possession of a compound or property, by lease, rent or purchase, and goes through the correct procedures to set up an embassy within that perimeter. Then the activities that are carried out within the confines of the boundary are no business of the host government and cannot be questioned or investigated by the law enforcement of the host government.

In a similar case, where an embassy shares a building with another entity (commercial or otherwise), it certainly does not make that building off limits to law enforcement; however, only that portion of space which is occupied by the nation for the purpose of and is considered the embassy is off limits.

In such case, it is only upon an official request or a similar invitation of the alien sovereign nation can the law enforcement of the host country encroach onto the premises of that which was declared an embassy (which is considered foreign soil), which means other than an official request or similar invitation, such actions will be considered a serious breach of diplomatic protocol and amount to trespass.

I am sorry to inform the supporters of Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves, the police officer’s actions to meet and take action against the unknown person, who he later found out to be Ambassador Gonsalves, unfortunately for Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves, the police officer acted in good faith and he had territorial and lawful jurisdiction to act in the manner he did.

One person was of the opinion that Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves should not have been arrested and placed in handcuffs. Let me answer this question this way. If you were a police or a security officer and you were assigned to be on duty at a high security risk area, such as a United Nations Mission, and your responsibilities were, among other things, to ensure the security of the mission and those who dwell there, when you see an unknown man (according to the police officer he did not know who Ambassador Gonsalves was) removing the barriers that were put in place to direct and restrict pedestrian movement in and around the perimeter of that building, you shout to that person, who ignores your effort to stop him, what would you do?

1. Would you go in pursuit of that unknown person and apprehend that person then make inquiries?
2. Or would you leave him alone, hoping that he or she was not a terrorist?

Before you give an honest answer, I would like you to consider the under mentioned events and possibilities, which are:

1. Don’t forget there are thousands of terrorist sleeper cells in and around the USA and in New York City.

2. Don’t forget that, the year before last in December, a man parked a car bomb in Manhattan that could have killed thousand if poor electronic skills did not cause a flaw in the mechanism.

3. Don’t forget the underpants bomber.

4. Don’t forget the bombing of the World Trade Center.

5. And don’t forget the fact that, at approximately 10:35 am on Thursday 12 April 2012, NYPD evacuated Number Two World Financial Center (a building in the financial district in Manhattan) because a suspicious package was sent to the building, although it turned out the package did not pose a real threat.

6. The person may have a weapon

7. It takes only a twitch of a finger or dialing redial in a digital or cell phone to activate a bomb and kill everyone within the building, including you.

Now put yourself in that officer’s place, what would you have done? I sure would have erred on the side of caution, as the NYPD did when they evacuated thousands of people from Number Two World Financial Center; which is the wise thing to do.

One person is concerned that, according to Gonsalves’ account of the incident, the manner in which the police officer addressed Ambassador Gonsalves was responsible for motivating the younger Gonsalves to intentionally ignore the police officer’s effort to stop him. My first answer to this is: two wrongs do not make a right and a soft answer turns away wrath.

We must remember that the ambassador is not a gangster and he was not hired to be a gangster, The ambassador is not from Bottom Town, the place where I was born, or the slum (Paul’s Lot), two areas in St Vincent which are noted for public bad behaviour and people who are defiant of and to authority. We must not forget that Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves was hired to be an ambassador -- one who is endowed with the responsibility to behave and interact on his country’s behalf with diplomacy.

Diplomacy means to negotiate between nations, skillful in the handling of a situation.

• Did Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves act with diplomacy?
• Aren’t ambassadors and other officials who are appointed or hired to serve in the St Vincent and the Grenadines diplomatic missions trained in the art of diplomacy?

There are rumours hinting that the St Vincent and the Grenadines mission, is considering taking legal action against the NYPD and the officer in question. It will be good for them to pursue legal actions, and it will be even more interesting to read the finding of the judge. I think a legal judgment will declare the ambassador’s actions to be wrong and clear the police officer of any wrongdoing. Unfortunately, this is exactly what we needed to set the record straight. What the government and people of St Vincent need is another international embarrassment.

Here are three questions for which we must search for answers; questions as it relates to this incident and they are:

• Could this incident have been avoided?
• Did the person who is trained in the art of and is expected to practice diplomacy in his professional and private life (Ambassador Gonsalves) act with the level of diplomacy that could have brought a speedy resolution to this matter before it escalated into the Jersey Shore style dramatic saga that it turned out to be?
• Should we blame the police officer for being firm and taking action that was a display of courage and vigilance?

Mr Editor, I rest my case.

Allan Palmer
Reads : 13576

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Simon Anderson:


In that letter entitled "Who is Simon Anderson?" you claimed to know me, and that is absolutely...FALSE!

In that letter you claimed that I was born In Dickson Village, Georgetown, AND THAT IS NOT TRUE!

In that letter you claimed that I was a teacher, and that too is absolutely incorrect.

In that letter, you claimed that I later became a Police Officer in St Vincent, and that is NOT TRUE!

In that letter you claimed that I then journeyed to Bermuda and became a Police Officer in that country. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

In that letter you claimed that I later became the COMMISSIONER OF POLICE in Bermuda. That NEVER HAPPENED!

In that letter you claimed thatyou and I had several conversations. That never happened!

I do not know you personally, and you do not know me either. I know OF you, but we have never met -- and I would have it no other way.

You even claimed in that letter that I married a Bermudan woman. That is totally untrue.

In that letter, the lies continued.

That letter was not a simple mistake.

You deliberately and purposefully attempted to LIE TO and mislead the reading public!

That letter was a definite fabrication IF THERE EVER WAS ONE!

ALLAN PALMER, you lied from the beginning to the end of that letter, and have never even attempted to apologize to CNN's readers for your ridiculous stupidity.

After lying so barefacedly to this forum's readers, do you expect them to believe anything else you write?

PALMER, until you explain your motivation for that foolish decision of yours and apologize to the readers, you will be hearing from me C O N S T A N T L Y.

I consider it my duty to inform readers what types of individuals are polluting these columns.

PALMER, every time you open your mouth, I will remind the readers that you are a liar.

Noreen Haydock:

Mr. Palmer,
I do not have the time or inclination to read your entire article on Camillo. However, I would like to bring to your attention the fact that had Camillo stopped to put his hand in his pocket to display his I.D. Card (the cop would have said he thought he went for a gun) he would probably be dead today, since the Police man said he looked like a terrorist and he would have been shot. Think on this and stop being stupid.

D. Markie Spring, MBA, B.Comm:

Hi Noreen Haydock

Because Mr. Palmer's version of opinion did not match your illusions, gives you the right to describe him as being "stupid?"

Noreen Haydock, I am sure by now you would have read my opinion on the matter; therefore, I won't repeat myself on the subject.

I just want to address your "interpretation of the future" You said that it is a "fact" that if the Ambassador had placed his hands in his pocket to remove his ID he'd be shot and possibly killed. While is this is a probability it is not a fact -- it had not happened..Noreen Haydock, since you are looking into the possibility of things, don't you think that if the Ambassador had declared his status that maybe the officer would have apologize and walked away, after verifying the Ambassador's status?

Another thing Noreen Haydock if you wanted people to learn what you have to say, why not debate the issue. Mr. Palmer had written a number of paragraphs explaining what he had to say. At least I learnt something from what he is saying but looking at your one paragraph -- you said two things. The first you gave us a "worst fit scenario" and the second you called the man stupid... I have not learned anything from you. Let me say though that I respect you null hypothesis you gave us.

You picked the worst scenario to explain to us and leave professional and best business practices. Where are or organizational skills?

Think about that, think about how you want to respond then get back to us or else you end up sounding like the last word in your paragraph...

Grace Black:

I can see you are trying to draw Allan Palmer into a debate in order to distract him from the addressing issues. The real issues that need his attention, however it seems like Mr. Palmer is doing as he always say; ignoring ignorance. Simon that is all you are spewing ignorance, and that make you nothing short of an idiot with a computer; a slave control by a dishonest master, an addicted to deceitful association. I must comment Palmer for not wasting his breath to address your idiotic comments that you have been cutting and pasting.

Now you accuse this gentleman of lying, I will step in here and speak on Allan's part, Palmer is not one to lie not even to save his own skin. You have been hiding under the ugly disguise of anonymity from since you come onto CNN. If I recall correctly; Allan write and article suggesting that he know who you are, however he just stop short of revealing who he thinks you are, and he did so for reason which he explained, however; he give us some clues to aid in the public to understand who you are. You did not suggest he was wrong but suggest he was lying. How much more stupid can Caca-fo-brain Simon Lie-derson get. Caca-fo-brain Simon Lie-derson you are so foolish you don't know the difference from being wrong and lying. And the world trusts you with a pen. Ha ha ha ha. As country man (whoever he is) say "idiot" Caca-fo-brain Simon Lie-derson, it is better for you to keep that stink box of a mouth you have there close and let people think you are a fool, than to connect it to your brain and open it and convince the entire world that you are a blasted idiotic, nonescopiotic, caca-head fool.

D. Markie Spring, MBA, B.Comm:

I read Grace Black's commentary and personally, I think Simon HW Anderson is dragging you behind him. This is what Simon HW Anderson does best. Have you seen him discussing the issues-- No! He just doesn't have the audacity to do so. His strength is in his defiled tongue while hiding behind false pretences. As a matter of fact, I would tell you that some the letters he sent to CNN were written by others. I fill you in.

Palmer Noreen Haydock comments should be deleted, because she said "nothing" I won't waste my time further with that but it's good to put them straight.

Sometimes I would like to call Simon HW Anderson names but it's not professional or is it going to fix our national problems. I started to call him Mr. Monotonous since he copy and paste the same response every week. A man who claimed that he has so much intellect would know better than what he is currently doing. Mr. Monotonous would be correct but I think Horace will be a better name for him.

My birthday is April 21 and I will unleash a nice gift to Horace.

Another thing that baffles me is the word he kept using -- "Lie" this guy has no shame. He just told Palmer that Palmer accused him by saying that he (Horace) was born in Georgetown and said it's a lie. He (Horace) does not remember that he told me that he (Horace) was born in Georgetown and left when he was 4 years old and that he would whop my behind in an election contest. When someone is untrue it is hard to remember what was said in the past.

Before, I write about him I wish he (Horace) would tell us why we have not seen a letter from him on CNN. Have you noticed that his pal in Winnipeg distanced himself and others like E.T Johnny?

Since you are in Marketing Horace tell us about your recent Marketing duties! I wonder who Mr. "Quick" would be using to post his distasteful sentiments --and if you are wondering who Mr. Quick is, he is Mr. El's son. I hope he does not turn to the DPP to do his dirty work; else, I would have to say he is keeping it in the family.

Palmer and Grace Black I only get off track just to let readers know what Horace is set out to do and that his only goal is to distract the public while creating a divide. I can't wait to meet Horace!

Allan Palmer:

First off let me thank my brother Markie Spring for his continued effort to lift and maintain the level of objective discussion on this forum especially on matters of national importance.

Also, thanks for defending the right to form, hold and express opinion that is different.

Noreen Haydock sweetheart, I do not know you and I don't think you know me I may be wrong. however that is besides the point.

You concluded I am stupid with out giving yourself the benefit of reading the entire piece. I may have very well come to the same conclusion as you have; only thing you don't know that for the simple fact you did not read the article for whatever reason. Are you afraid my argument will be so convincing I may cause you to appear to have betray the blind loyalty you are hold.

If I am stupid because my view on this matter is different, what does that make you? Remember your views are different from those I have. Should we have never travel down that road. Anyway stop being afraid of a different perspective or reality okay my sweet heart have a good day.

Let me ask you this question; when you wrote I am stupid did it help your understanding of the issue, did it change my opinion or did it change the facts in the Camillo Gonsalves issue.

Simon Anderson:

BLACK GRACE AKA ALLAN PALMER, you have attempted to make the same old tired point previously, without much success.


Lying Allan Palmer wrote an article on this forum on June 3rd, 2011 entitled "Who is Simon Anderson," THAT IS A FACT!

BLACK GRACE, have you read that article?

If you haven't, or CAN'T, please have someone read it for you.

And, by the way, have them explain it to you too, as well!

Lying Allan Palmer, as expected, lied from beginning to end...THAT IS A FACT.

LYING ALLAN PALMER wrote 13 paragraphs of absolute lies on me, and I have already pointed them out to you, BLACK GRACE! Can't you get that into your THICK SKULL!

BLACK GRACE, are you foolish...or just simply stupid?

A very clear explanation Palmer but its difficult to explain somethings to the chattering class who have no clue as to security protection.

Now if I am a police officer or some other security guard working in or outside of a mission and I saw someone who I do not know push pass the barricade and enter the building, I too will challenge that person for the main reason is, I don't know who you are and the level of terrorist threat right now in the USA and especially against Israel.

Personally I believe the police do not know who Mr. Gonsalves was and if he do I believe he would have acted differently. However even the Ambassador feels that the police officer method of approach towards him was not pleasant.

I am wondering if Mr. Gonsalves would have said you can't be talking to me because I am the UN Ambassador representing the Country of St.Vincent and the Grenadines Mission and my office is right upstairs.

If I was the Police and I have shouted to the ambassador, I don't think I would have used that language that office uses.

Maybe I would have said sir why did you push pass the barriers or barricade and I was shouting at you and you ignored me and I followed you into the building because you arose my suspicion seeing that this building is on high alert of terrorist threats.

But however both men decided to go at it in a different way.

But like I say Allan the only person will understand you are people with military experience or some form of national security training.

Simon Anderson:


"...When you see an unknown man REMOVING THE BARRIERS that were put in place to direct and restrict pedestrian movement..."


Another Palmer lie.

Besides, didn't the Policeman see the Ambassador exit the diplomatic car bearing diplomatic license plates?

Is that the way a Police Officer should be speaking to anyone?

Aren't they paid by tax-payers TO SERVE AND PROTECT?

FAIRBALANCE and PALMER may have some para-military experience, but they have NO military experience whatsoever!

Even ex-Policeman Markie Spring knows that the Ambassador should not have been hand-cuffed.

Unfortunately, some people have a little experience but almost no education, and still want to lecture the rest of us in the functioning of the LAW.


Besides that, they are both absolutely clueless about THE GENEVA CONVENTION.



@Simon Anderson you are a smart man but when I compared you to my monkey, you are just dumb.

Where in any one of the reports did anyone mention that the police officer in question saw the Ambassador exit a diplomat vehicle?

Don't you think if the police officer saw Camillo exit a diplomat vehicle he would have acted differently or even so he would not have pursued him?

You are so naive about national security or even a simple security job on managing the victoria park gate.

When comes to military security I know what I am talking about. I was trained in America on Amberdene Proving ground Baltimore Maryland, so don't even go there.

it's easy to google the rights of diploma within the Geneva convention, that's what the internet is there for.

It seems to me like you want me to stoop down to your standard but I won't.

Since I read a number of articles on this forum you never one day wrote something constructive on this forum all you do is cut and paste. Show me in any of your responses to Markie or Allan articles you wrote something constructive in response to your negativity.

All you doing is making/writing asinine comments.

You know its easy to say that what ever comes out a foolish man ( Simon Anderson) ass is the same thing that comes out of their mouth.


Simon Anderson why do you think the barriers are there in front of the Mission building? What is it there not to understand about the Geneva Convention? All you have to do is Google it and you will read everything there is to know.

Why don't you run to New york and get on your knees and kiss your master's foot and say master the next time you are going into your office do it the professional and most secure way.

By the way when you stop cut and paste on this forum I will be on your case until you act in a respectable and professional way. Seeing that you are always negative to Mr. Spring and Allan Palmers Article I will critique you until you man up yourself.

By the way in order for one to arrest an Ambassador you have to be unaware that the person you are arresting is an Ambassador but however as soon as that person declared his office, then the officer should be man enough to apologize or his superior or head of the state department should make a public apology or do a press release.

D. Markie Spring, MBA, B.Comm:

The last paragraph from Fairbalance summed it up well

The Ambassador should not be n cuffs. And fairbalance drove home the point I was trying to make a long time now. If the Ambassador had declared his diplomatic status and told the officer his office was right there he wont be cuffed.

The officer only cuffed him because he did not know who the man was.

There are people who cut and past on this forum and have anything to say.

faibalance the only the only reason that he copy and paste is for the same reason he cannot write for himself. I hope Crick would be there for him all the time....

Fairbalance stop wasting your time

Simon Anderson:

FAIRBALANCE, maybe I should teach you an English class or two.

The problem with that, is perhaps you do not even have the basic general educational background for that to be of any material benefit to you.

Even then, your level of intelligence may prove to be too inadequate, and it may be a complete waste of my time.

BWOY, go back to school before you attempt having any discussion with me.

@ Simon Dubce Anderson.

What education are you talking about? You want to teach me about education. Why you think that you cannot post anymore article on CNN. Well here is a hint Jack, its simply because your so called article are not up to standard as a first year secondary school student and they are so distasteful and boring and they teach this forum nothing.

Why don't you run to your master Papa and continue gobble at his feet for the crumbs that fell from his mouth.

Maybe Mr. Spring should give you some evening classes on intelligence.

By the way if you are so educated why don't you tell this forum your qualification and your expertise. Whats your contribution to St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

Ha talking about go back to school. Bwoy I told you I will be on your case anytime I see any response from you on this forum.

@ Markie Spring.

Markie you leave Simon to me. If he want to continue going down the drain of negativity. I will deal with him.

When he respond to you I will respond for you.

You just keep up the good work. I will support you all the way and hurry up come home and start your own political party. I have already earmarked $100,000 to contribute to your party.

Remember St.Vincent and the Grenadines is our country we barn yah and no bady can't run we from yah.

Simon Anderson:

FAIRBALANCE...Please define the third word you wrote above between SIMON and ANDERSON.

FAIRBALANCE what on earth is "DUBCE?"

FAIRBALANCE, I offered to teach you English previously, now DO I HAVE TO TEACH YOU SPELLING AS WELL?

FAIRBALANCE, have you ever noticed that Markie Spring will challenge everybody else EXCEPT me? Did you ever ask yourself why?

Even the great Markie Spring cannot handle me, so he has thrown his hands up in the air, and surrendered to me.

FAIRBALANCE, are you STUPID or what?

If Spring has failed in his bid to debate me, why do you want to make a complete fool of yourself in tackling me?

There is no area of intellect, wit, education or writing in which you could defeat me.

If you doubt that, you doubt John 3:16.

If you doubt that, then FAIRBALANCE, bring it on....

Grace Black:

fairbalance are you really going to dirty your hands with that piece of Caca call Caca-fo-brain ignoramus Simon Lie-derson....he he he he he help me Oye. He is a disturbed child and he is now acting out his hurt here publicly.

Soon Caca-brain will be saying you are Allan Palmer, fairbalance; Palmer is Caca-fo-brain boogieman. I guess those who hiared him is trying to get Sprin and Palmer to go away, but them two boy Sorry men are not going away for heaven sakes.

Any way enough of the goodness, this is time for some Caca-talk lol.

How much more stupid can Caca-fo-brain Simon Lie-derson get. Caca-fo-brain Simon Lie-derson you are so foolish you don't know the difference from being wrong and lying. And the world trusts you with a pen. Ha ha ha ha. As country man (whoever he is) say "idiot" Caca-fo-brain Simon Lie-derson, it is better for you to keep that stink box of a mouth you have there close and let people think you are a fool, than to connect it to your brain and open it and convince the entire world that you are a blasted idiotic, nonescopiotic, caca-head fool.

D. Markie Spring, MBA, B.Comm:
Let sleeping dogs 'lie'

I have started my article about Horace Williams....

coming to a computer next to you. He must shaking in his pants.... read it soon

Simon Anderson:


IF YOU DO NOT...then you will be exposing Palmer as the absolutely ridiculous liar he is from the time he left the womb.

COME, MARKIE...just be prepared to say that your friend not only told one lie, but he sat down and fed someone with untruthful information, and had them write an article for him which was a complete lie.

MARKIE, your problem is that you too have been proven a complete liar...and the readers are aware of it.


@Simon The Dunce Anderson.

You are such a Charlatan don't you know when someone make a typographical error. You know I meant to say dunce.

What you talking about english lesson you pie for brain or I should say caca hole. I told you before you are a smart man but when I compared you to my monkey you are just dumb.

Grace black you are right I need not to dirty my hands on this charlatan.

Markie hurry up with the article.

I am still wondering if Simon does contribute to the development of St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

What the hell am I asking. I am asking a man who feeds off the scraps that falls out of his masters mouth. when you feed off scraps you have nothing to contribute.

Like I said what ever comes out a foolish mans (Simon HW Anderson) ass is the same thing that comes out of his mouth.

Simon Anderson:

I did not know that you make ERRORS? I thought you were PERFECT!

You said one thing which I agree with. You encouraged Markie Spring to hurry-up with his article. I totally support your call!

Unfortunately, you are so ignorantly and so CLUELESSLY DUMB, that you do not recognize that anything Spring writes that is not COMPLETELY in sync with "Allan Palmer's" lying article, is actually confirming my claim that PALMER LIED!

I WANT Spring to write something that does not totally agree with Palmer's article -- since they BOTH CANNOT be right!

Would Spring be right, or would Palmer be right? ...Or would they both be LYING AS USUAL?


E. F. Barrow:

Mr Palmer, you seem to be politically blindfolded or very hateful, irrational and lacking in character. You write on political issues but seemingly lacks political scholarship to do so. Your understanding of the subject in question seems to be limited. Your political slant in this incident is an embarrassment to the nation of SVG and to Canada where you seem to be residing. The United States Government recognized the over zealousness of the police officer and apologized. The United Nation and the New York Police Department are investigating the matter but you so smart to arrive at a conclusion as to who is right or wrong. Please be reminded that an nation's Ambassador does not represents the Political Party in power but the entire population of that nation. As such, this incident should be a concern to you. Stop your political garbage and let the investigation takes its course,or readers would stop respecting your bias opinions


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