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News from the Caribbean:

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Commentary: Trump's anti-immigrant policy exposes racism in the Caribbean and Latin America too
Published on February 16, 2017Email To Friend    Print Version

By Hudson George

It is a known fact that the majority of Caribbean people have conservative right wing political values because of their Christian moral values belief. However, surprisingly they are afraid of President Donald Trump’s political values, which are also right wing conservative too, based on Christian values. On the other hand, due to the love and greed for the American dollar and capitalists’ materialism, they are not happy with Mr Trump’s anti-immigrant policy sentiment against certain groups of people.

Hudson George has a BA in Social Science from York University, Toronto, Canada. He has been writing since his early teenage years and now contributes letters and articles to a number of Caribbean newspapers
However, deep within Caribbean people’s political mindset they support some of Mr Trump’s policies that have biblical values. For example, the vast majority of them are anti-abortionists and anti-same-sex relationship but they are very much concerned about their economic future, as Mr Trump seems to be fulfilling his election promise that will affect almost ten million illegal immigrants, mostly minorities that include Caribbean nationals.

Basically, they are not happy with Mr Trump’s immigration policy, because they are scared that it will affect their traveling movements as a minority nonwhite group that has been migrating to the United States seeking a better life since in the early 20th century. In addition, they love the American materialistic lifestyle that gives them the opportunity, to do the things most of them condemned when they were living in the Caribbean. On the other hand, they fully understand that Mr Trump does not care too much about their economic problem, even though he knows that they are Christian and they are not a political threat to his government and American society.

Most Caribbean people are worried that they will no longer able to fulfill the American Dream, as long as Mr Trump is America’s president. However, due to their ignorance about modern politics, they are not able to evolve beyond the brainwashed teachings of Christianity that has its roots in slavery and colonialism. They are still boxed into religious conservativism. Unfortunately, they lack the ability to understand the pluralistic political culture that is supposed to guide and help them create modern societies in their own Caribbean region.

Unfortunately, they just cannot come to the reality that Christianity never created and promoted equality but only function to save the heathens. Therefore, they accept Christianity but they are blind to see that the colonisers who Christianized them, have moved on to create liberal societies that give citizens the privilege to explore new ideas and create modern science for technological advancement.

In terms of the political system in Latin America, the vast majority of Caribbean people do not know that Latin America has the largest black population outside of Africa. They are not aware of the racism their black brothers and sisters experience in those Latin American countries, where the mixed race Latinos created a system of racial superiority over Afro Latinos and indigenous people. However, now that President Trump wants to build a wall on the Mexican border to stop Latinos from crossing over to the United States illegally, they are showing their sympathy for Latinos.

Unfortunately, most Caribbean people do not know that, apart from Venezuela where black people are treated with respect and dignity, the other Latin countries do not treat black citizens as equal human beings. In addition, those Latin American leaders are very right wing, racist and corrupt. They are not interested in improving the lives of Afro Latinos.

For example, in Mexico, there are black people and the Mexican government marginalized those black Mexicans. They have no representatives in the Mexican parliament. At least in the United States, black Americans have members of their ethnic group in Congress to lobby on their behalf, in spite of the racial problems that still exist.

In the Dominican Republic, the majority mulatto population does not care about their black heritage. They think that they are superior to black people and their elected government does not recognize black citizens as equal to them. As a matter of fact, some black citizens are not even qualified to get a passport because their parents and grandparents are Haitian immigrants.

In Colombia, there is a large black population but the authorities are covering up the census numbers of the black people. As a matter of fact, Colombia has the third largest black population of black people in the Americas if the census is done in the same way as in the United States. For instance, if former American President Obama was a Colombian, he would not have been taught to embrace his black heritage. The system would have indoctrinated him to hate and disregarded his African roots and he would not have been able to serve in government as a senator and later on as the first black president of the United States of America.

In Peru, there is also a large black population but there is only one black person in parliament. In Brazil where the majority of people are mixed with black or pure black, yet still, the present government is comprised of all white men in parliament, while the black people have no representation in parliament and they are suffering in the ghettos, where crime, drugs, high unemployment and police brutality are rampant.

Basically, I am not defending President Trump’s anti-immigrant mentality. I do not support his right wing political values. I am only explaining the racism in the Americas that includes the English-speaking Caribbean islands, where there is racism against black people and they are not willing to discuss the issue, even though the majority of CARICOM countries have a majority black population.

Therefore, I firmly believe that Caribbean people are opposing Mr Trump’s anti-immigrant policy because they are worried that they might be the next group to be targeted. They know that, whether they are mulattoes or pure black, they will be treated as nonwhite citizens in the United States, based on the one drop black descent theory.

In addition, I believe that Mr Trump’s anti-immigrant policy against Latinos has just opened up a can of worms and it also exposed the hidden cat inside the bag. For example, when the earthquake destroyed Haiti on January 12, 2010, and the Haitian people became homeless, the other Caribbean countries did not help them as they should have. Some Caribbean countries are under-populated and they should have taken some Haitian immigrants to enhance their population.

However, they imposed visa restriction on Haitians travelers, rather than trying to shelter them as refugees. Therefore, as it is now, Haitians have to get visa to enter CARICOM countries. However, that shows Caribbean people are opposing the Trump administration policy because of the love for the American dollar and the American dream.

However, most of us Caribbean people are suffering from self-hate and we are not trying to cure our social illness. For example, the issue of skin bleaching in some Caribbean countries, where some black women and black men believe that lightening their skin will raise their social status because they observed that the minority brown skinned people are the upper class in society.

Basically, something definitely is wrong within those Caribbean countries where skin bleaching is popular and the majority of citizens are black; and they are bottom of society class. On the other hand, some popular black Caribbean singers are singing songs glorifying brown skinned women and those songs are popular on the radio airwaves. Therefore, while we keep focusing on Trump’s policy, self-hate is rampant in our society.

Based on my life experience as a black person, I believe that racism against black people is a very complex issue. For example, there are some mixed race Caribbean people who never considered themselves to be black, until they migrated to the United States of America, where they had no other choice but to live within the segregated black neighbourhood communities, or else pack their bags and go back to the islands where they came from, they melted into the black community.

Additionally, those Caribbean so-called “brown people” who are racist towards black people should learn a lesson from President Trump’s anti-immigrant policy that is presently affecting brown skinned Latinos. They should realize that they are not white and stop discriminating against black people within their society. However, those Latin American leaders should learn the same lesson too, and dismantle the old racist systems that affect the lives of their black citizens.

In conclusion, it seems as though Mr Trump will build the wall on the Mexican border, if Congress gives him the finance. However, if the members of Congress are wise men and women, they will not finance building the wall because history has proven that those political walls always fall, when the political climate changes. For example, the Berlin Wall came down after the Soviet Union disintegrated. The apartheid system of racial segregation in South Africa was dismantled and majority rule democracy restored. In the United States the black civil rights movement broke down some racial walls.

However, I hope that President Trump’s anti-immigrant policy will be a lesson for Caribbean people to open their minds and think beyond the old colonial conservative Christian values that are similar to a political wall that creates a dividing line. Therefore, President Trump’s anti-immigrant policy is exposing other forms of racism in the Caribbean and Latin America.
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Angelina Fox:

Haitian-Americans who supported Trump “fear the worst” about further corruption coming after their recent election. Roger Stone, political pundit and informal Trump campaign adviser, claims there is trouble on the horizon boosted by White House aide Omarosa Manigault. He questions why Omarosa is advising Trump to help narcotic traffickers in Haiti.

dennis bedeau:

Excellent analysis and exploration on the insidiousness of racism in the Caribbean. It is no secret that the African population is well white-washed based on the damaging legacy of colonialism.

Caribbean nations should take racism seriously and amend the school curricula to begin the eradication, but again the change agents are the beneficiaries of the social inequities.....sadly nothing will change.


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