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St Vincent senator says St Kitts-Nevis PM undermining legacy
Published on August 27, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

By Ken Richards

BASSETERRE, St Kitts (WINN) -- St Vincent and the Grenadines Opposition Senator Vynnette Frederick says St Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Denzil Douglas should protect his legacy by ensuring that a 20-month old motion of no confidence is tabled and debated in the Parliament.

St Vincent and the Grenadines Opposition Senator Vynette Frederick
Frederick of the New Democratic Party (NDP) in St Vincent and the Grenadines, was in the Federation for a youth conference organized by the opposition coalition Team Unity.

She told WINN FM’s The Bigger Picture that, after 19 years in office, Douglas should do the right thing in relation to the motion.

"Surely there must be a legacy there that people can look to, and it could not hurt for you to do what is right in law, what is morally right, and what is being sought after by the people of the nation. It can't hurt your legacy, regardless of what the outcome is... and this is from one young politician looking at... a politician whose accomplishments could fill textbooks," she said over the weekend.

"To my mind, to leave now or to descend into a... situation where the last thing I remember about you as a politician is the fact that you wanted to subvert, or appeared to want to subvert democracy, really is undermining your own legacy. I don't see the sense in it. I don't see the political sense in it, and it... leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Not just of the young people, but of people in general... it makes us question everything about what we think politics ought to be.

According to the Vincentian politician, Douglas and his administration continue to flout the constitution and parliamentary procedures and rules.

"You govern from a minority position. How do you expect that that can be permitted and accepted, if you're asking people to embrace their democratic right to change their mind?" Frederick asked.

"It just boggles my mind to think that 20 months has elapsed and... that there's no solution being offered. There's no debate, you're not even putting it on the Order Paper, it's not being tabled. Then is... Parliament a farce? What is happening there?" she said.

Republished with permission of West Indies News Network
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Island Watcher:

Ms Vynnette Frederick you make more sense in your statement then I've heard from anyone here locally. Well put, well spoken.

Opposition and sitting politicans take note on what eliquent statements look and sound like.


Now we know who the real Peter Binose is. Only an Internet crazy would go that far.

Imagine the gall of this wannabe politician interfering in another country domestic affairs running off she mouth like that? More thumbs down for this Vynlesss Fredreckless woman.

Mind your business opposition Senator Vynnette... oh but you don’t have any, ah forget the opposition in SVG out ah business. Lol.

Peter Binose:

Vynnette, the problem is, and I can say it, you cannot, is we have been invaded by all that old fashioned Marxist scum, all bred at the UWI at the same time.

The sooner they are all gone the better, they are like a cancer in our society.

Lenford O'Garro:

Vinciman are you “Fo Real”? Political interference in another country domestic affairs?

What do you called this, Gonsalves’ “political HIV” on the eve of St. Lucia’s general elections (Dr Morella Joseph - a black female, educator, first woman president and former leader of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP))?

How about, Kenny Anthony returning the favor with “man versus manicou” during SVG’s elections?

Likewise the late Hugo Chavez’s, “Queen Elizabeth II should relinquish power over St Vincent and the Grenadines” after the people had rejected the move to socialism in the referendum of November 25, 2009?

Vinciman do you have any social and moral consciousness? A minority government have been running St Kitts for almost two years. St Kitts have a “First-past-the-post electoral system,” the political party with the most elected members’ forms the government. Yes, they can cross the floor (switched parties) in St Kitts!


O'Garro, Vinciman is always “fo real”. I shouldn’t expect any good works from you who, seems to get great pleasure in taking things out of context for your own enjoyment, and to prop up your wacko friends in the NDP (Now Defunct Party).

For example you implied that Gonsalves interfered in St Lucia’s affairs...Not true!

Kenny Anthony returned the favor by interfering in SVG affairs...Not true!
The late Hugo Chavez interfered in SVG affairs... again, not true!

Well, three strikes against you Lenford, proves that you happen to be the one who ‘aint have no social and moral consciousness. Want proof? Here it is!

You wrote ”What do you called (sic) this, Gonsalves’ “political HIV” on the eve of St. Lucia’s general elections”... in my opinion just a silly comment! The actual statement was ...“It have a whole heap of man inside here got nice-nice woman but they want to horn them because they believe the grass is greener on the other side. When they go on the other side you find HIV catch you. Well, you can’t leave Kenny and go get political HIV. You think Morella could stand next to Kenny? Morella? Kenny is the intellectual giant of CARICOM!”... Typical Gonsalves style! And Kenny Anthony’s comment which you placed in quotations, about ...“man versus manicou” during SVG’s elections? Didn’t come from Kenny Anthony at all, but from Rick Wayne the writer of the article!

Next! Chavez... “Queen Elizabeth II should relinquish power over St Vincent and the Grenadines”... Chavez never spoke those words; it is the “heading” in an article of March 2010 called “Queen Elizabeth II should relinquish power over St Vincent and the Grenadines” by Patrick J. O’Donoghue ...according to the nut-job Anesia Baptiste who included it in a letter she posted on Caribbean Net News before she got dumped by your party.

I could comment further on the St Kitts/Nevis affairs, but even so I wouldn’t. Here is PM Douglas take on the “minority government” issue.

“And to a large extent I say to people, why we have been able to function in St Kitts and Nevis is because we have a unicameral system in parliament ... If I were in England it would have been very difficult to continue to run a government, because the House of Commons where laws would have emanated, you would not be able to function unless you first determine whether you can pass that law...But here in St Kitts and Nevis where the senators and the elected representatives are sitting in one chamber … we are able to function as normal...

Well there you have it Lenford! Go and relax yourself, and maybe you might want to listen to “Crazy” “Don’t Try That”. Ah know you love your soca! Lol.

Peter Binose:

I believe Vinciman is Ralph Gonsalves, if I am right I for one would not believe a word he writes or says, because he is a self confessed liar.


As I said before Tellus Alie (aka Peter Binose) you are must see PM Gonsalves in everyone, God commanded that it be so and Satan will carry out God’s command....

“Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him”. Your time has come! Turn away from your evil ways or face eternal damnation...your choice.

As I said before if I’m to be a fool as you stated, I’d rather be a fool for Jesus...can’t go wrong.

Whose fool are you Tellus Alie (aka Peter Binose)?


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