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St Vincent making progress in quest for alternative sources of energy
Published on November 1, 2012 Email To Friend    Print Version

KINGSTOWN, St Vincent -- St Vincent and the Grenadines is making progress in its quest for alternative sources of energy, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said during a news conference, following his return from overseas engagements in the Middle East.

The prime minister attended the World Energy Forum in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, at which the World Energy Day Proclamation was issued.

Gonsalves said possibilities exist for St Vincent and the Grenadines to benefit significantly from alternative sources of energy, especially in the area of geothermal exploration.

The prime minister said representatives from two reputable companies will be visiting St Vincent and Grenadines next week to follow up on talks relating to harnessing geothermal energy here.

Gonsalves said a delegation from the Clinton Global Initiative will also visit the country next week to provide technical assistance in relation to harnessing geothermal energy.
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To little to late. With all Gonsalves crap now we are asked to believe this.

We all know that thermal power is right here under our feet. Has been for perhaps millions of years. Gonsalves could of done something about this in 2001, perhaps it would of been up and running by now. There is approximately a 10 year lead time to completion of such a project.

Gonsalves only interest is in Petrocarib, that is where he is drawing all the money from for the airport and sustaining SVG in this current financial calamity created by GONSALVES.

Petrocarib, we import fuels from petrocaribe and only pay a portion of the bill. The rest Gonsalves is wasting as quick as he can lay hands on it. So why would he give up this cash cow for thermal energy. Its just further bullcrap and MARXIST rhetoric and lies on the part of GONSALVES.



Here is an idea about the NICE RADIO money that GONSALVES wants to get his little fat hands on. GONSALVES should use it to pay reparations for his ancestors creation of the Atlantic Slave Trade. Antonio Gonsalves a sea captain of Madeira and Portugal was responsible for the start of the Atlantic Slave Trade. Gonsalves is also related to Christopher Columbas.

GONSALVES wants the British to pay reparations, his family is as responible as the British, so let him pay reparations.

Any apologies and reparations should be made by the Portuguese government and in particular the Gonsalves family.
The Portuguese sea captain Antonio Gonsalves took 8 Africans into slavery fro the South West African Sahara coast. He was part of the Gonsalves of Madeira family.
Also a member of the Gonsalves family of Madeira by marriage was Christopher Columbus, who was responsible for the deaths of millions of Caribbean and American indigenous Indians. And thereafter the shipping of African slaves to the Caribbean and Americas.
1418 -
Madeira Portugal:
This was the beginning of the Portuguese slave trading era that much later affected Saint Vincent and changed the World. The official history of the Portuguese Island of Madeira and the following Caribbean slave trade starts with the discovery of the island of Porto Santo by João Gonçalves (John Gonsalves) a Jew (1392-1460). Also called O Zarco “the cross-eyed” and his fellow officers Bartolomeu Perestrelo and Tristão Vaz Teixeira in 1418. The next year they settled Madeira island which was just 38 kilometres (23 miles) away from Porto Santo.
The Portuguese claimed the island of Madeira.
John Gonsalves (João Gonçalves ) discovers Madeira.
As a reward for this Prince Henry nominated him the first donee captain of Funchal. On Madeira, he named a certain area “Câmara de Lobos” due to a number of sea lions found in a cave there.
(Note: In Portuguese, sea lion is lobo marinho, which translates literally as sea wolf.)
[Gonsalves see also p3 1441, p4 1442, p5 1444, p5 1450, p6 1499]
1441 -
In 1441: Off the West African coast, an occurrence that later affected the World this was the year that the international slave trade began with Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal, when his sea captain Antão Gonçalves (written as Gonçalves but pronounced Gonsalves [Antonio or Anthony Gonsalves], in this recorded historical fact Antão can be found both as Gonsalves and Gonçalves, variations in the name due to anglicizing etc. Search the internet under either spelling with the same results. Gonsalves is a recent phonetic spelling of the name Gonçalves, historically there was no such spelling as Gonsalves) kidnapped ten Africans as slaves and delivered them to Prince Henrique (Henry) who gave them to the Pope as gifts.
Antão Gonçalves (Antonio or Anthony Gonsalves), intending to acquire a cargo of animal skins and oil to sell in Europe, landed on the shores of West Africa. The ten Africans he abducted were almost an afterthought. Whilst trading glass beaded necklaces for skins with the Africans, he beckoned to them and said “vindo ao papa” (come to Papa), when they approached they were overpowered and manacled and taken aboard his ship. When he returned to Portugal, Gonsalves delivered the captives to Prince Henry, who in turn presented them as a gift to the Catholic Pope, then as much a powerful political figure as religious leader. The gesture so pleased the Catholic pontiff that he granted Prince Henry licence to a broad chunk of West African territory for slave taking. Hence the start of the African/European commercial slave trade. For some time thereafter, the Portuguese dominated the African/European slave trade with the continent of Africa and the peddling of its inhabitants. Long a part of history throughout much of the world, the practice often enslaving others now entered a new era, the so-called “Commercial Age.” Thousands of Africans during this period were herded into cramped, unsanitary quarters and shipped across the Atlantic Ocean for sale. Within two decades of Antão Gonsalves’ voyage, the African slave trade had become a highly profitable venture for the Portuguese.
Antão Gonçalves (Anthony Gonsalves) a Portuguese captain a son of João Gonçalves (John Gonsalves), abducted ten Africans at Rio do Ouro on the West African coast. Antão Gonçalves (Portugal, dates unknown) 1441: Travels to Rio de Oro and brings the first cargo of African slaves to Portugal. In 1443, 1445, 1447, Anthony Gonsalves makes three more voyages to Rio de Oro.
The first shipment of African slaves were sent directly from Africa to Portugal. With the complicity and blessings of the Catholic Church the Portuguese would come to dominate the African gold, spice and slave trade for almost a century before other European nations became greatly involved.
Portugal: The Gonsalves (Gonçalves) family were Marranos [secret Jews because of Jewish persecution by the Catholic church] they played a leading role in introducing sugar cane cultivation to the Atlantic islands of Madeira
The start of the African slave trade as known in the Caribbean and Americas.
Later that year Portuguese captains Antão Gonçalves and Nuno Tristão capture 12 Africans in Cabo Branco (modern Mauritania) and take them to Portugal as slaves. Portuguese sailors entered the international slave trade, with African negroes at Cape Blanc.
African slaves were sold in the market at Lisbon, the slaves were taken to the market place and openly sold in the market at Lisbon.
The Arabs Moors had delt in Africa slaves for many centuries and possibly thousands of years. They also traded in white slaves, which is often forgotten, this white trade was at one period as big or even greater than the African slave practice.


CHECK OUT THESE SITES AND READ WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY,000-to-drop-rape-charge-against-St-Vincent-PM,-says-leaked-US-cable-7774.html
Policewoman offered US$185,000 to drop rape charge against St Vincent PM, says leaked US cable
Policewoman offered US$185,000 to drop rape charge against St Vincent PM, says leaked US cable
St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves made the ... Policewoman offered US$185,000 to drop rape charge against St Vincent PM
If U.S. diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks are to be believed, the policewoman who in 2008 accused St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves of rape was offered US$185,000 in cash, low-income house and an opportunity to study abroad in return for her dropping the case
Policewoman offered US$185,000 to drop rape charge against St Vincent PM, says leaked US cable
Policewoman offered US$185,000 to drop rape charge against St Vincent PM,


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