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St Vincent PM booed out of own constituency
Published on July 25, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves (C) with two of E.G. Lynch’s children Keino Spring and Shafia London (Photo: I-Witness News SVG)

By Ken Richards

KINGSTOWN, St Vincent (WINN) -- St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves was booed and jeered in his own constituency, as he tried to pay tribute to a rival and former friend at a funeral service.

Gonsalves was greeted with sustained booing for several minutes as he stood at the podium waiting to pay tribute to the late E.G. Lynch at Saturday’s funeral, and it did not stop when he tried to address the congregation.

"EG has been the point person on radio for the Opposition New Democratic Party's programme called 'New Times,' and he has been there for 11 years. Many people attribute to him the fact that he was the person who helped the New Democratic Party to gain ascendency after... Ralph came into office, because the NDP was decimated in the 2001 elections. So he was very, very, very caustic at times, very aggressive in terms of the way he presented the party's agenda," Kingstown-based journalist Jerry George explained.

"He is a person who Ralph has also sued three times I think, and got judgment against him. The prime minister decided that he was going to the funeral. He said that the family had invited him to come to the funeral. But there has been a lot of acrimony in between all of this, and he was advised... not to have gone to the funeral, because the opposition party supporters made it clear that he would not be welcomed,” he continued.

However, that did not stop Gonsalves. He was though, clearly stunned by the reaction, as video footage of the event showed.

"Well, the prime minister showed up, and when he was given an opportunity to speak, the audience in the church, the majority of them... decided that he was not going to speak... the prime minister stood there, and they refused to relent until he was advised by the family and others to... give it up,” George recounted.

WINN FM asked the veteran journalist whether Gonsalves' popularity is waning, or if the incident had occurred because he was in an opposition stronghold.

"You ask a very important question. This was in the heartland of the prime minister's constituency... he was literally in his front yard when all of this happened and I understand... that when he actually exited the church, he was booed so much that the security literally had to surround him and put him into the car, and he was literally booed out of his own constituency," George told WINN FM.

Republished with permission of West Indies News Network

EG Lynch's funeral marred by anti-Gonsalves protest

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Kay Bacchus Browne:

This has become a political campaign . ULP supporters trying to rewrite what occurred at that funeral. Gonsalves mis calculated and it misfired!!

Jerry George is a respected journalist of integrity and character
It is shameful to attack him personally on his fair article .Who is likely to be more biased? The PM'S press secretary? or Jerry George? Think people!


Mr. George, a lying tongue is an abomination to the lord.

According to José N. Harris: “There is beauty in truth, even if it's painful. Those who lie, twist life so that it looks tasty to the lazy, brilliant to the ignorant, and powerful to the weak. But lies only strengthen our defects. They don't teach anything, help anything, fix anything or cure anything. Nor do they develop one's character, one's mind, one's heart or one's soul.”

I encourage the gentle man to always speak the truth.


I use to look up to Jerry George as a good freelance Journalist, but he has sanked to a new low. He is jaundice by his hatred for the PM of SVG and this definitely clouded his objectivity in this reporting.

The facts are, yes this funeral was in the PM's constituency, but the author 'failed' to mention that the booing came from audience members who are known hard core supporters on the opposition party NDP, the majority of them journeyed mainly from Kingstown to the funeral area in the countryside...just for that purpose.

They never came to pay their last respects to EG Lynch and his bereaved family members. They showed lack of compassion to the family.

Fact - This booing was planned for the entire week leading up the funeral service on social media and on the radio station and certain NDP hacks.

This was a sad day in SVG politics, to stoop so low and display such unruly behaviour in Church, is disgusting to say it nicely.

Also let it be known that NO member of the leadership of the NDP who were in attendance tried to intervene in the obnoxious behaviour of their party followers. FACT..they are a bunch of cowards with no leadership skills and backbone.

I hope I never see this ever happen again in SVG at a funeral.

May God continue to Bless St.Vincent and the Grenadines.


Dr. Gonsalves is beloved by most Vincentians and what occured at the funeral was planned in advance.

He has done too much for St. Vincent for him to lose the next election - the writer of this should know better.

James Gibson:

Mr. George,

does it make you sleep better at night?.... knowing what u said there was written in such a way to deceive readers?...... does it help you accomplish some petty grievance u may have had?...... if so , then may the good lord have mercy on your soul!..... when are you people going to give it a rest.... the truth is the truth, there's no stretching the truth, the moment its stretched it becomes a lie...... Do go right ahead and delight in your lies...

Bryan Alexander:


The headline above states that the PM was booed 'out of' his own constituency.

That is NOT true!

It would have been true if it said that the PM was booed in his own constituency.

Do you see the subtlety in the writer's use of words here?

He told a half-truth, and "spiced it up" by misusing some words.

But this was no mistake.

This was a deliberate and calculated attempt to humiliate the Prime Minister, and the writer took the opportunity.

I will not even get into the rude misbehavior of the NDP attendants at the a church. They brought and drank rum and beer there, and used profane language. They defecated on the bathroom floor, and while at it, ripped fittings off the walls. But that is another discussion.

The writer above DID NOT TELL US that the persons doing the "booing" WERE NOT LOCAL constituents. He made it look like the people from that specific constituency were the ones responsible for this act.

He even went further to deceive.

He DID NOT TELL US that the persons responsible for the booing WERE BUSED into the function.

They were recruited from all over the country, and the qualification was that they MUST HATE Ralph Gonsalves.

Go ahead guy, continuing telling lies, and continue deceiving the readers all you can.

Peter Binose:

What has Gerry George got to do with this article?

I agree with the writer, I was there, in the church and by the graveside.

Gonslaves never went to the graveside, his acting scene was over, so yes he was escorted to his car by armed body guards, pistols in the pockets.

That shows how much love he generates since he fell from grace in Georgetown after the two European factories decided after he was re-elected in 2010, not to invest, at the cost of 2,000 jobs.

He was booed when he arrived and he was booed when he left. Many of those booing were locals.

Peter Binose:

Every word written by the false Byan Alexander is an untrue fabrication and pure fiction.

The only people who caused any abusive problems were ULP activists who were obviously instructed to cause problems that could be blaime on the NDP. Those people have been identified by the searchlight newspaper.


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