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Marketing Strategies Today: The top ten reasons to become an entrepreneur for life
Published on February 8, 2016 Email To Friend    Print Version


By Mitch Carson

When you hear the term entrepreneur, it is important to understand what that means. It means that you have a lifestyle as well as options that will allow you to be flexible as well as have access to freedom as well as success that are in your own hands. Although I am a newer entrepreneur and not one of the serial entrepreneurs from the past, this is the ultimate time to get ahead and to begin with this process.

What Does it Mean to Be a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

These are entrepreneurs who are willing to put lifestyle before profit. Profit is still very important, and all of these people are very money motivated. The main difference though is that independence and freedom is the most important thing for this classification of entrepreneurs. What this means is that the lifestyle for all of these entrepreneurs is the goal and that means that it provides a level of success and a level of freedom that is the most important thing to all people who fall in this classification.

Mitch Carson has been a pitchman on Home Shopping Network, CBS Radio host, and is the CEO of Impact Products Marketing in Los Angeles, CA. Reach him at or
What Freedom Means to Us

While we are all digital nomads, it is important to know that with this level of freedom you can run your business from any part of the world. That means that you can have a complete freedom lifestyle that allows you to live, work, play and live completely freely. It also is about having complete freedom to live your life and to do so in the way that you choose.

Not The Easy Road

There are many roads, and this is not the easy one. When you are an entrepreneur, it means that there are always going to be issues. It is a difficult ride that is not for those who are faint of heart. There are many large risks and people fail often. It requires a ton of effort, and many people walk away because it is too hard. Other people end up being able to handle it and get better and better if they have the right level of grit and are willing to commit.

Here are the top ten reasons you want to take this challenge on and make it a part of your life!

1. Your Vision, Your Passion, and Your Purpose
When you believe that you want to be an entrepreneur for life you will spend many times pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. This means that you will have a few sleepless nights and will do whatever you have to do in order to build your business and you will have your life filled with meaning based on the fact that you are doing what you have always wanted to do.

2. You Live With Authenticity
Your brand is exactly connected with you and that means that if you are odd or strange that is okay. The thing that people connect with is the honesty of who you are as well as the honesty of what your brand brings to the table. What this means is that people will respect you more for your oddities and will appreciate the differences between you and other people.

3. You Hold The Key to Your Freedom
It does not matter what your definition of freedom is, when you are an entrepreneur you will have it. That means that you will be able to do whatever you want when it comes to spending time with family and friends as well as you can travel nine or ten months out of the year if you want to. You are completely responsible for creating the lifestyle that you have been looking for.

4. You Have Complete Flexibility
One of the largest parts about the lifestyle is the flexibility that you want, you have the ability to make sure that you can work when you want to and you can decide when you work. That means that you are able to have a level of freedom and of success that will entitle you to have a schedule that has life for you as well as allows you to have access to life in a way that suits you. You can work in spurts or can work in a traditional 8 hours per day, it is all up to you as long as your get the work completed.

5. You Have Complete Location Independence
You want to have the ability to have access to the home and that means that you will be able to be location independent. You will be able to work from home; you can also go to a coffee shop if you want to and work in any location you wish to. The only thing you really need to be effective is to have good Wi-Fi and that is something you will need to look into before you travel.

6. You Will Need to Continue to Grow as a Person
When you own a business or whether it is about personal growth, you need to be focused on growing always. That means that you will want to have a line of work that means that you need to have a job that keep you developing as a person. You will fail, you will grow, and you will continue to have success as a business.

7. You Will Have Financial Independence
Although it is very difficult at times you will be able to know that you are in the beginnings of having your own independence. This means that you will have to pay your own health insurance that you also will not always have a predictable monthly income. However, when you are a lifestyle entrepreneur, you also will have a level of expertise that can be leveraged. You will be able to create many other kinds of passive income as well for it.

8. You Can Build a Team
When you are first getting started you will be doing all alone. However, you may be able to start outsourcing work as well as other parts so that you will be able to have more time to focus on what you love to do with a bit of time. You may also stay as a complete operation yourself but that means that you will have many options for success.

9. You Will Live Creatively
All entrepreneurs have creative lives; you will be able to live in a way that is important to you and not have to worry about anyone else’s rules. What this means is that when you are your own boss, you can have your own company and you can create something that allows you to have the zone of genius out there in any way you wish.

10. You Will Lead a Life of Impact!
What that means is that you will be able to help the world in a way that is really yours. It does not matter what the size is, you will have all of the work as well as the life that is important to you. You will be able to take and choose the work that is important to you and will be able to leave a mark in a way that few others are able to do.

In Summation:

This is more than a small step in a career, it is a life altering decision that will allow you to have an amazing life and live every single moment as though it were your last. What that also means is that you will not be able to imagine living in any other way after you have done it for a while. You will be able to have issues but you will walk through them and what that means is that you will not be able to imagine living your life in any other way after a while. You will love everything about being an entrepreneur and knowing that there is something out there for you.

When you are seeking to live authentically, there is nothing better than owning your own business and knowing that you are able to do it in a way that will give you security, happiness, and life that means that you are working towards your own goals and your own existence.

The lifestyle of a lifetime entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart, however, it is for those who want to have their own lives and own their own destiny. There has never been a better time to allow you to start your own company and to take over the life you have always dreamed of as a child.

These days there is nothing that is more important than knowing that you can have the life that you have always dreamed of as well as the position you have sought. All of these things that you have spent your life striving for are available to you; all you need to do is realize that you are able to take your destiny in your own hands.
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